Alcoholism in teens as a punchline was just barely tolerable the first 500 times, but it starts to get old really, really fast. I get it. Reliance on alcohol is entertaining. Teens not having self control is amusing. Teens sometimes drink a lot more than they should when encountering stressful situations. Why show a teenager realistically and painfully responding to a stressful situation when you can lighten the mood and show them hilariously drunk off their ass instead? 

Comedy gold. 

Woah there, uh, uh, Homestuck? Me? No. No way. Casually tosses computer out the window. What gives you that idea? Just, just normal things going on here. Sets wardrobe on fire. Normal things for the normal me. You know. Throws phone on the ground and stomps on it. What even is Homestuck, anyway? Some…some kind of, uh, uhh…game? Why would I…why would I uh, what…uh….u-uhhh….

Anyway, do you want to go on a date later or what

You want to experience history? You have to make everyone think you are part of history. You want to fit in? You need to know what styles are popular. You want to go explore? You need to know what fabrics are durable. Want to convince others you are their ruler from the future? You need something catchy. Something threatening. Something universally recognizable as representing power. That robe needs to be top notch. Want to get on the good side of a ruler? You need to dress like someone wealthy, and avoid using colors and designs that signify royalty. That is insulting. You need to know what to wear, when to wear it, and how to wear it. Clothes communicate. Great clothes command.

Plus, somebody needs to design the god tier costumes.