A million people seem to be convinced solely of the whole “kids and fun” thing, but Jane has not seen her dad in months and for all she knows he is dead, and for most of the other kids, their guardians are actually dead, and they know that because they saw their bloody, lifeless bodies.

Jane is staring at this dusty picture in an empty house, amid unhealthy relationships with those she thought were her best friends, a universe of loneliness, on the day before her birthday thinking, “this is all I have left”. 

The other kids in this timeline mostly grew up on their own, but until recently, Jane had a loving father who wanted nothing but the world for her, and was used to being greeted with a hot meal, encouraging words, and jokes. Her house is empty, she feels alone, and tomorrow is her birthday, a day which her dad definitely made special for her every year. This year is the first time she will spend it without him.