Join your host Charlie Chaplin as we look at why nothing in the 1920s roared as loud as the films.

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New video!

Ah, yes, the fedora. Worn by fine dudebros everywhere. Named for the lovely princess Fedora played by an actress who carried on several lesbian affairs…. what, you didn’t know that?

Please note that Grendel is really under the weather, so sorry for the scratchy voice.


New episode!

Why do you have red hair?

You’re not going to like Grendel’s answer…

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A little more serious this week…

Everyone knows about Rosa Parks’ refusal to move to the back of the bus… but what about the fifteen year old girl who did the same nine months earlier?

Grendel will tell you all about it.

Check out Grendel’s interview with The Toldeo Free Press! :


Weapons countdown 2.0!

Allow your lovely femme history princess Grendel gleefully recount horrible things people used to kill each other in this week’s episode.


Behind the scenes info:

Grendel has been an avid cosplayer for many years, and has also been known to do drag. So these costumes were a piece of cake to pull together!

Everything Charlie is wearing was directly from Grendel’s closet. The wig is actually a “Greaser” wig Grendel uses for drag. Also the mustache is just eyeshadow.

The 20s flapper outfit is actually REALLY cool, because some of that stuff if literally from the 1920s! The champagne glass and the dress were both inherited from Grendel’s grandmother - it’s an honest-to-goodness flapper dress, and the glass might have even been used at the tail end of the Victorian Era! (There’s a lot of stuff in Grendel’s house like that.) The wig was borrowed from Grendel’s sister, and Grendel’s mother made the headband for Grendel to wear to her Senior Prom a couple years ago.

Also - that thing Grendel’s waving around dressed as a flapper? She’s fanning herself with a copy of The Great Gatsby!

(This is why you follow the tumblr, right? Behind the scenes junk?)


Grendel could go for a bite…
Let her give you a lovely overview of anthroprophagy!


Grendel puts her face on while telling you all about the history of cosmetics!

Tune in next week for part two.

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Emu: Australian for getting you ass kicked.

Looks like Grendel is back with another episode of WTFhistory.

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(I told y'all I’d get an episode up tonight if it killed me.)
McGinnis: College student educates and entertains on YouTube | Toledo Newspaper

“Bloodbaths. Sadists. Nobility. 16th century Hungary. The only thing this story is missing is vampires. Oh, wait — we got those, too? Aww, score!” —

WOW! Have a look at Grendel’s newspaper interview with The Toledo Free Press!

(And yes, it is the same people as the radio spot, but a different interview.)

Huge thank you to the darling Jeff McGinnis and The Toledo Free Press.

And look for it on news stands in the Toledo, Ohio area starting tomorrow.


Makeup is fascinating, Grendel will tell ya’ - so let her tell ya’ in part two of the makeup episode!


When people ask Grendel to tell them something about history, this is what she does.

Why you’re lucky to have a GPS and shouldn’t be a dick to the countries you conquer! (On pain of starting World War One.)

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New episode!

The notes all say “disregard holidays; kill each other”. That’s funny.
Let’s see why they disregarded killing and partied together in this week’s WTFhistory.

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Ok, so you pranked all your friends all day. Maybe did a few Rickrolls. But WHY do you do that? How did April Fools Day begin?
Leave it to Grendel for an interesting explanation!

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Hey guys! I was in the library… Still am. I’ll be here a while. Possibly forever, depending on how finals go.
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So who wants to name my plant?

PLEASE don’t be shy. I honestly can;t think of a name, and you might get to pick an episode topic if your name is good enough. (Bonus points of you justify your name choice.)