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So I was sitting on the roof with my cat, and I was eating donuts and having coffee because why the hell not? First tiny Robin swings by, stops, pets my cat, compliments me on taking care of my cat before looking behind him and took off. RR then swings by, swips the coffee from my hand, grab 3 donuts and drops a 20 dollar bill before yelling "ROBIN" and ran after Robin. Nightwing comes by next and apologizes, grabs a donut then goes after them #onlyingotham #wtfguys #mycoffee! #why? #whyme?

Go fuck yourself otherkins.

Now that I have your attention, it seems as of late that so called “fictionkins” have been running amock trying to be total asshats by doing shit like reblogging a piece of art of a character and saying;

“That’s me.”

And to you I say. No, it obviously fucking isn’t you because you are not a fucking fictional character. Let alone if that particular fiction character be an ORIGINAL work of an artist, or even characters from TV shows and others. If you were a fictional character, then how the fuck did you manifest in the real world and how sure are you that you are THIS particular fictional character??? Do YOU yourself have the same thought pattern as that particular character??? Did you only realize you were a fucking fictional character when you first saw it on TV or on the internet?

Give me a break.

That also goes for all other kinds of kins out there like, seriously guys? You believe you’re some kind of animal in the wrong species??? Or some kind of historical figure??? Or whatever chalked up shit you got under your sleeves, I doubt any of you people actually PERFORM your respective mannerisms outside Tumblr or your room.

There was a video of some Norwegian chick on Norwegian television saying how she is a cat and acts like a cat indoors. And yet whenever she is outside where people who DO NOT KNOW HER can see her, she is not doing her particular animal mannerisms.

She is walking like a person, she is talking like a person, and she is dressing up like a person. So how are you a cat if you aren’t even acting like one outside your own fucking house?? That would entail to you knowing that the shit you doing WOULD LOOK CRAZY to people from the outside world.

So before trying to reason with me, give me all the proof you got to say you are any of this shit. Until you give me PROVEN evidence to support your case, just don’t. Because ya’ll bullshitting in the end.