[Image: Rep. Steve King at a podium, with the quote beneath: “For every one who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there that weigh 130 pounds and they’ve got calves the size of canteloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.”]

Folks, I give you Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and what he actually thinks about DREAMers. Stay classy, guy. Stay classy.

Barack Hussein Obama

First off, Mississippi, he’s not.

Second, even if he were, it should be no problem. But this just shows the Islamaphobic, discriminatory nature of many Americans, not just the crazies down South, but all across the country and even in our “leaders” in Washington. I’d be proud to have a Muslim president, just as I’m proud to have an African-American, Christian president, or a Catholic president, or a Southern or Midwestern president. Nowhere in the Constitution does it specify that our president has to be Christian. We are not a Christian nation. We may have been guided by some Christian morals throughout the past, but those morals I’m sure could also be found in Jewish, Hindu, or Muslim teachings. And I’m sure atheists and agnostics could’ve come up with those morals without any religious guidance. It’s disappointing that they see Obama’s possible Islamic-identity as a bad thing. newsflash: there are Muslims in America. They are no different from you, me, or Obama besides the fact that they believe in the Qu'ran and not the Bible. Engaging in such hostility towards them makes us no better than radical Islamists who hate the West because of our way of life. You can’t expect peace if you fight hate with hate. I hope one day, we will have many Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, atheist, etc leaders, and no one will care because faith shouldn’t be a factor in our government. That hope may never materialize, as discrimination runs deep in our country, but we should at least try…
Cruz the overwhelming favorite in conservative straw poll

Though his approval rating may be slipping nationally, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz received an overwhelming nod of confidence from conservative activists on Saturday with a decisive victory in the Values Voter straw poll. The Texas firebrand received a whopping 42 percent of the vote at &

Wonder why Ted Cruz keeps up the crazy in the face of insurmountable odds? It’s called playing to your base.
Don't like how people vote? Don't show them how, obviously

“If Iowa Republicans have their way, the state will no longer require schools to teach voting statutes and procedures in high school government classes. Supposedly, the idea behind the bill is to increase students’ learning when it comes to American citizenship, the various levels of American government (from local all the way up to federal), and how those levels interact and work together.”
Tell me more about the GOP "rebranding" itself

“A bill making it harder for couples to divorce was approved by an Iowa state House subcommittee on Monday, with a supporter of the legislation arguing it is necessary to prevent young girls from being more "promiscuous.”

The bill would make “no fault” divorces illegal in Iowa for parents of children who are minors. Now that it has been approved by the three-person subcommittee, it is ready for debate by the full state House Judiciary Committee, according to NBC 13 Des Moines.“