so sick of tumblr with its moral absolutism like what the fuck

“don’t watch Avengers because Whedon is sexist and Jeremy Renner said some stupid stuff” wtf wtf wtf

does tumblr know that most people are capable of differentiating between real life and fictional universe, can tell right from wrong, and watching/liking a movie about “problematic” stuff won’t make them problematic? (what’s so horribly problematic about AoU anyway??)

and all the Whedon hate… I don’t really like the guy, he did a lot of questionable things, but holy fuck, he makes decent entertainment so??? can I enjoy his work without being labeled anti-feminist or something?

and on that note, get off your high horse, tumblr, we’re all problematic. I don’t know what fandom is for you if you want something morally pure, because, newsflash, there’s no such thing