Greetings new followers

I don’t normally do this, but since I’ve obtained 7 within the past month. I thought I might make a nice little post for you.

So thank you to the following (also, I’m so sorry about how shitty my tumblr is that you decided to follow it):

  • haiban-hollow
  • drdandy
  • shinracupycake
  • sno-weh
  • wtfcharms
  • sour-back
  • penopyl

I know at least 2 of you in person. The rest if I do know you, please let me know so I can hassle you in real life. And by hassle, I mean give you a back massage so you can unwind and let the stress go. <3 Seriously I love you guys. And I think you are all crazy for following me. So here’s a picture of my face describing how I feel about all of you following me.

wtfcharms asked:

I'm crazy in love with this blog. Also I found you because of the hits I got on my own etsy page when you featured me, so thank you for that as well <3

I am so glad! That’s exactly what we want to happen. Nerdy people being able to find really cool things they didn’t even knowing hey wanted, and awesome nerdy shop owners getting more business so they can keep on making nerdy stuff for us to enjoy. <3


Another wonderful Fandem.

Cons are always quite stressful for me, but in the long run I’m glad that I go. Talked to a bunch of old friends and some very interesting new people (shout out the the couple that let me read their copy of “walking your octopus” that was really great!)

So many wonderful costumes. Sorry I’m too shy to comment on most of them but I just want you to know that I’m impressed so much while I there.

Thanks again for being both wonderful customers and friends. Hope to see you next year and possibly to AO or Tomo as well.