Who The Fuck Are You? || Elliot & Sami

Sami clenched and unclenched his hand as he turned the corner, surprised at how punching Tavien hadn’t been too painful on his part, but knowing that it must have really hurt on Tavien’s part. Examining his nimble fingers, he sighed, shaking his head and pushing all the thoughts away. Sure, hitting him hadn’t made sense before, or even while he did it. Ultimately it wouldn’t change Tavien’s decision, would only make the other hate him even more, and possibly amplify how serious he was about this, but the darker haired boy felt like his words were bold and harsh enough to leave a stronger mark. The middle Malik wasn’t one who got physical often, but he could probably take anyone, and almost everyone knew that. The thing was, after he’d hit Tavien, he’d actually felt a whole lot better. The kid deserved it and well, he got it.

Rushing into the place that he’d shared with his brothers only days ago, he tossed off his jacket and slipped on some sweats, deciding to go for a jog. Jogging had become his obsession as of late, resulting in Sami often going on a jog up to four times a day. He ran around the neighborhood for a bit, his mind racing on an endless loop of thoughts. Zayn and him had bad blood, and now he would with Miki as well. But Tavien knew better than to tell him, didn’t he? Deciding to cut his jog a bit short, he wandered into the mansion that was now his along with some random named Elliot whom he’d only spoken to a few times. Walking in, he saw the other brunette laying on the sofa, walking directly past him and into his bedroom, slipping out of his sweaty clothes and into his boxers and a plain, high quality white tee. He wasn’t in the mood to socialize with his new, overenthusiastic roommate, but he knew he might as well, since he’d probably be the only person Sami would have soon enough, even if it was by force. “Hey mate.” he said, paining on a pathetic, small smile, taking a seat next to Elliot.