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I follow you because I like debate. Unlike you, I don't surround myself with only people who agree with me. I like that we don't agree and I'd like to talk more about this. If you only listen to people who agree, and block people who don't, your view of the world is going to be very distorted.

(ask got through before the blocking)

This is not a debate blog this is a Safe Space for marginalized people. You are not one.

and honey I don’t surround myself with only people who agree with me, I’m surrounded by people who think that I and people like me are less than human for a number of reasons and certainly don’t agree with me about the things we blog about here. I’d argue that my view of your world (the privileged one) is quite clear indeed, and I obviously don’t like what I see. If you really must impose on people I’d rather not inflict you on our followers. I bravely volunteer to be the sacrifice here.


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I think yourmomsfavoriteson might be missing the point that for people who deal with actual -isms, the problem isn't that they're offended. The problem is, they're dealing with -isms and their consequences. There's really no comparison between "People think unfair thoughts about me and I'm offended" and "People and institutions commit systemically unfair acts against me, and my life suffers for it."

Yeah, pretty much. 


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You've done it! Your incredible wit, intolerance, and withholding of information has all contributed to a successful crusade against the crackers. Way to go! Way to be progressive! Way to promote equality!

omg withholding of information YOU KNOW HOW TO USE THE INTERNET I EVEN GAVE YOU A SEARCH TERM TO USE i’m done here and i’m sure our followers are too

sending you off with a red panda as an apology to our followers who read your bullshit

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Actually, I don't think everything should cater to me, nor am I used to having my opinion be "most important." In fact, I try my damnedest to hold everyone's opinions in equal regard. I was just stating my own observations. I'm sorry if they were percieved as "Oh, I'm better than you because I'm x, y, and z," but it's what I've seen in the SJ movement, as an outsider looking in.

Perhaps it seems like we in the SJ movement hate and dismiss those people with privilege, and that their opinions are worth nothing, and in fact people who are privileged in X, Y and Z ways are giant jerks and gosh do we hate them.  SO MUCH.

That’s not how it is though.

It’s more like we live in a world that consistently values us less than people who are privileged in X, Y and Z ways.  Our voices aren’t considered or listened to as much or as consistently.  We aren’t as valued.  Nobody will mind very much if we disappear.

So we build our safe spaces where we can talk to one another and support each other, and we know that these people understand what we go through, and we can feel safe and understood, like people.

That’s the thing - it’s not that privileged people totally suck in all ways and we just HATE them. It’s that they can’t understand what it means to be ______ in this day and age.  But because we live in a world that as a whole values them more, they get the impression that their knowledge is the sum of all knowledge and their experiences are universal. So when marginalized groups tell them “Actually…” they react to maintain the status quo.  They’re doing just fine. It must be our fault that we’re discriminated against.

Being privileged does not guarantee happiness, nor does being marginalized guarantee sadness. It’s just another thing we have to deal with, that privileged folks don’t. And we really dislike it when privileged people give us the same shit in our safe spaces that we deal with every day.  And that’s why privileged peoples’ opinions don’t matter as much - because they don’t have the lived experiences we do and they’re talking out of their ass.

I don’t know if I did the right thing in speaking so generally, like we’re a hive mind or something.  These are my observations, from the inside of the SJ movement.  The generalities I wrote in order to try to simplify this for you do not apply to everyone and I hope the people I’m speaking for don’t find this presumptuous.  I hope you realize there’s already volumes written to educate you, much of which is available for free on the internet, and that I’m in a giving mood for writing more for you.

This blog is beyond your current level of education about SJ.  Come back when you’ve learned more.  


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I was just wondering, who get's to be defended from being offended and who has to just deal with it? I am offended that people think I'm a racist, sexist, ignorant asshole, because I'm a libertarian. But I know that you have would respond that I just have to deal with that because privilege, bla bla bla, cis, white, all that stuff. So where is the line?

The question is, are you a racist sexist ignorant asshole?  Do you take into account the way that -isms and prejudices interact within your philosophy, or do you ignore them? Do you confront people in your movement who are racist, sexist, ignorant assholes and talk about social justice (which is called being a good ally, seeing as you’re so blah blah blah privileged, cis, white person) or do you focus on more ‘important’ issues?

Cause one of those makes the people who call you a racist, sexist, ignorant asshole correct.  Feel free to be offended when people understandably lump you with the rest of the asshole libertarians.


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You are right, I don't make an effort, because make sure I don't offend every possible person on the planet is not my job. My job is to drive a truck, so that is what I do. That's a shitty job to a lot of people (I like it) so a lot of people give me a lot of shit for it, and you know what happens when I get offended? I shrug it off and have a beer. I'm not saying ignorance and oppression are okay, btw, or that I don't have privilege, but I just think you aren't helping anyone, at all.

It’s not offending people I’m worried about.

It’s hurting people.

If I can cut out of my own attitude and thoughts those harmful beliefs that society makes us believe about certain groups of people I can avoid hurting them. And if I can help others see that those beliefs are harmful and to convince them not to keep perpetuating them that’s that much less hurtfulness in the world and we’re that much closer to an equitable society.

That is the entirety of my rationale for being a “”“”“social justice warrior.”“”“” Also being pissed at having to face -isms all the goddamn time.


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Don't you want me to learn, though? To see the error of my ways? What's stopping you from giving me the most useful, accurate resources to do this? If I look it up, I'm sure I'll just get nonsense written by those dreaded whities.

ok fine you’ve convinced me, now i’m not a clever person but i’ve heard there’s this thing called google

admittedly searching “help i’m a huge [insert your axis of oppression here]ist how do i stop being terrible” wasn’t very helpful but then i searched ‘racism 101’ and it turned out it was a great start in letting me understand why i’m answering your asks with reaction images

but if u wanna noe the answer u better go look it up yourself

xoxo T

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Too bad you can't slap all the idiots who don't understand cultural appropriation through the Internet.

If only I believed in physical confrontation and that slapping was a valid method of education!  

I’ll just have to make do with reaction images and slightly confused snark.


also please don’t actually slap people

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What casual -ism do you practice, unintentionally or otherwise? Since I am apparently an everything-ist, without knowing or trying, I find it hard to believe that anyone can be perfect about that sort of thing and still go outside.

Of course I make mistakes. That’s the downside of being born into and growing up in an everything-ist culture. Apparently unlike you, I make an attempt to cut down on those mistakes and to apologize and do better when I make them. And I do it outside as well.

It’s pretty simple really.


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No, my question is, "where do you draw the line?" Maybe I am all of those things by your standard, but we aren't talking about me specifically. Unless to you, that is the line and that's what you're saying, that the line is "Anyone who offends, whether aware of it or not, should not be defended." Mind you, I don't have a problem with what you do, it's good that some one is getting the word out and educating people, but I wanna know who you deem "worth it" who is human to you?

Getting offended that people think you’re -ist is not the same thing as getting offended because someone said something that perpetuates discrimination and prejudice against marginalized groups. One is the reaction of a wounded ego that is shocked that people might not think they’re good people. The other is reasonable anger.

As to who I deem ‘worth it’ - I’m assuming worth defending when they are upset/offended over something - those are people who have good reason to be offended. Unlike, say, you.


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Are you fucking kidding me? Removing functioning sexual organs from either sex is genital mutilation. You cannot tell me that my mourning for the robbing of my foreskin is not wrong. I will not sit idly by while you trivialize my pain.

what????? is this in reference to???????? we never said any such thing?? i am not in favor of circumcision??????