why you don't meet dudes off the internet.

There was a time when I dated the infamous Micah Smith. I was in a shitty situation and I really didn’t care about much. Here’s our story.

I met Micah while living in Orlando. I thought he was fucking HOT and couldn’t believe a guy like him was into me. Girls didn’t bother to tell me that he wasn’t the best dude. I had just gotten out of a 2 year relationships and my brain wasn’t right. I was still living with my ex and wanted to be wild.

Micah and I would get hotels near the parks and stay there for weeks. I didn’t want to go home and Micah is a lot of fun. We went out to dinner every night. We loved the movie theater at city walk. We shopped and partied.


Micah would meet girls off of random social networking sites. He would charm these ladies. Write them, call them, even take them out. Most of them lived out of state, so it was easy. He would tell them that he needed gas or plane money to come seem them. These girls would then western union him the money. Then we would go play.

I know it was wrong, but seriously. Why are girls so dumb? Never send anyone money that you don’t know!!

My part in this came to an end for a couple of reasons. First, Micah was sleeping with other girls and got one of them pregnant. Second, I was into this dude, Dan Thompson. He and I were pure trouble, but at least it was just he and I!