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What about narry?(I know lots of people hate narry but I feel like it's a parallel of lilo, where they're literally each other's best friend, if that makes sense)

I don’t hate any of the friendships in 1D, to be honest. I quite enjoy Narry’s dynamic. They’re just so endearing and entertaining. Like, I don’t know WHY they do half the things they do, but they just do their thing.  I don’t even think Bill Nye the Science Guy could explain it. NO MATTER what it is, Niall will go along with whatever Harry is doing or encourage it.

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favorite poems?? :))

i don’t know about favourites, but these are the poems that feel like home. the ones that i find myself in when i wake up in the middle of the nights. the ones that are constantly crowded under my tongue, in my cheeks, under my fingernails. these are the poems i keep coming back to.

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