If anyone wears this costume, I will give them a lecture on transphobia. 

People say that this costume is “funny”. But it’s funny in the same way blackface is funny: IT’S NOT FUNNY. 

People say that costumes like this have been around since before Caitlyn’s transition. But I bet that if Caitlyn were a cis woman, this costume wouldn’t even exist.

This costume is just offensive to transgender people, and if people wear this they obviously don’t know shit about the struggle Caitlyn’s been through.

  • Friend at university:I'm so jealous! You look like a true model
  • Friend at university:*actually does look like a model*
  • Friend at university:*is requested by every photography and fashion design student in university to be their model*
  • Friend at university:*has people turn around to look at her on the street*
  • Friend at university:*manages to get a terrible bruise on her knee one day before a photoshoot and somehow makes it look beautiful and fashionable in a short dress and high heeled boots*
  • Friend at university:*is like all the sex fantasies of all the lesbians in the world incarnated in one person*
  • Me:????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anyone ever feel like they have so much love around them, but yet you feel lonely inside? Ever have those days when everything’s going good but someone always has to ruin it? When you don’t ever go out anywhere because you feel like you’re a burden to other people? When you put on a smile every damn day but inside you know it’s just for show? I feel like that all the time. I’m so blessed and grateful but I’m just not 100% happy.

Delilah slipped her hands into the pockets of her stiff dark blue slacks, glaring down through the dingy blinds of her office window at the grimy streets below. A cop car idled in front of her building, and there was nothing any cop could say that she would want to hear.

Especially not today.

“Is Williams in yet?” she called, not turning from the window.

“She got here a few minutes ago,” her secretary, Miranda, answered, voice muffled from the other room. “Said she’d pick up the coffee duties?”

I started writing this a couple weeks ago while I was at home bc basically

what if you took racist, homophobic, sexist ~gritty realism~ hardboiled detective novels and made it about lesbians

“gabourey sounds like beyonce so of course shes automatically a bad bitch born for stardom!!!!” uuuUUUuuummm…

gabourey is a bad bitch and born for stardom cause she earned it and shes confident and amazing and idk how yall manage to relate every single thing to beyonce like yall literally lick this womans ass and call her god and its high key annoyin. beyonce aint the default for success. beyonce is beyonce - successful and talented beyonce. gabourey is gabourey - beautiful, successful, and talented gabourey. gotdamn.

literally how do we get it through cis peoples heads that using a cisgender woman as a transman in an acting role is transphobic idu why that wont get through their head

and btw that role COULD have gone to a pre-t trans boy, representation could have been beautiful AND a transgender actor could get a job but cis people just wanna ruin shit 24/7

My Thoughts On Sansa Season-by-Season

Season 1, Part 1: Why would you even fancy that Joffrey douchebag, he doesn’t even look like a Disney Prince like his Uncle/Dad… WTF, woman! Why d’you lie?! Now Lady’s dead!

Season 1, Part 2: Stop being an arse, please. Like now. And, oh fuck Ned’s dead… Woah, badass response! You tell that blonde bastard, Sansa! No, don’t murder-suicide him, that’s not clever. The Hound just saved your bacon. NB: The Hound is even more awesome than I thought.

Season 2: Oh you poor, poor little bird… Can Joffrey die now please? Preferably painfully. Oh and the URT between you and the Hound is killing me, am I the only one who kinda ships it… (Checks internet). Nope, no I’m really not. WHAT?! Y U NO GO WITH SANDOR?! STANNIS IS NOT GOING TO WIN AND I WOULDN’T TRUST HIM IF HE DID!!! But, aw… That little smile after you were dumped publicly was adorable.

Season 3: Yes, go and make friends in the rose garden, let Natalie Dormer and Diana Rigg make it all better, - but don’t marry Loras. ‘Cause you don’t have a gaydar, honey, I can tell. Yeah, don’t trust Littlefucker either… Hey Tyrion’s a (relatively) good man, it could be worse - you could totally be frie- *Red Wedding happens* Or not.

Season 4: Hurrah, the King is dead! But Dontos, seriously?! Oh, hey Littlefinger! You’re being creepy as hell today. Well done on swapping a crazy, brat King for a crazy aunt, and a brat cousin - but hey, no Meryn Trant! Thank you for slapping the child, (am I a bad person?) Ooh, hel-lo creepy ship! And psycho aunt! Wow Sansa, you’ve gone all dark and learned to play the game; I’m so proud of my political little bird! It look’s like next season is the Dark Sansa Saga, awesome!

Season 5: You’re going to kill them, right? Some poison, or… Wait, no. No… No… NO! This isn’t happening to my little broken bird badass, she can’t get married to him ‘cause he’d… Okay, NOW would be a really good time for Sandor to be alive and burst through the door! Okay, Ramsey needs to die. And this Myranda (sic?) bitch. GO! Run away and go lead the Northern Resistance! Go and have an awesome destiny! (Who am I kidding… This is GoT).