The ‘I deserved better’ squad

meanwhile whenever I smile I scare my dog away

                                                   so you say we are damned.
                                                              so what? I ask.

                                           so the sun dies in five billion years.
                                                           so we die in fifty.
                                        what is five billion years to an eternity?
                                              what is a lifetime to an eternity? 

                                                      so they are the same.
                                                       so we are damned.
                              so our stars will die long before the end of forever.
                                                    so I love you either way.

“R-really, Tendou? ” 

This is a (super SUPER I AM SO SORRY) late birthday present for @iwachann. I’ve always thought Tendou actually plays on the same college team, too. And when Semi comes to visit, he never misses a chance to make out with him in the equipment room after practice. The team manager, Clarence, has the worst luck in the world and keeps finding his players in compromising positions. 

Kat, I hope this fulfills your several requests of tensemi+intense+clarence, hehehe. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and also for being responsible for Clarence’s creation. He now has a special place in my heart!

An update to a drawing I did in July of ‘14 to fix some minor things that were really bugging me. Despite some (admittedly minor) stylistic changes I have an endearing fondness for this piece and wanted to put even a slightly better version out there. Of note, I still have no knowledge on Alice in Wonderland.

(Updates to prints and things coming shortly.)

While I was proud of making the original of this, I was never quite satisfied with it. Decided to change it a bit and ramp up the glitter in order to sell this as a print and phone case. I also really, really just like ethereal floating.