rusliet problems

1. Too many abusive fanfics. (yup, I understand that it’s fun to make angsty shmansy stuff, but please. Don’t. Over. Do. It.)
2. Making Liet a timid little damsel, who protects the other two Baltics.(well, in almost EVERY fanfic Liet is the one whom takes all the punishments and so. Okay, look, that’s pretty bad. I know that a lot of you don’t learn the Lithuanian history, but the thing is—- all of the Baltics were like strangers.
Maybe with Latvia there is something now, but with Estonia? -insert slow cousin Estonia joke here.)
3. Historical errors. (again, not all of you ace in East Europpean history, but don’t make fatal flaws.)

wayfarerwrites  asked:

on ship names: i'm not all that familiar with the prequel triology but i am with nardo, and for the longest time i read obikin as obito/anakin


No but seriously I got like twenty people slamming into my inbox the first time I said obikin going OBITO/ANAKIN WTF KAT SIGN US UP and just. Okay. So that’s a thing now. A thing I am writing. Oops?

anonymous asked:

WTF HOW DARE?????! I SHIP TOBIMINA NOW WHYYYyyyyy!!!! (i have a feeling i shipped this before bc of you but forgot until now) i can't believe you, you reblogged that just to make us suffer didn't you.... that ship is equal parts genius and terrifying, can you imagine them putting their brains together and inventing new jutsus? (and the disasters that result from allnighters with copious amounts of caffeine) ugh *cries in rare pair*

On the one hand I’m sorry for your suffering?? On the other…

I ship them so hard please come and cry over the lack of content with me. 

I wonder if, in the future, Peridot would talk about Lapis taking the barn the same way I speak about my dad stealing my fridge.

“AND SHE TOOK, THE FUCKIN BARN! *starts laughing* ALL OF IT, EVEN WITH MY MEEP MORPS INSIDE! like… not even Pumpkin, just the morps!”

-wait, she took your barn? how do you even steal a whole barn!?

“I DON’T KNOW BUT SHE FOUND THE WAY, my favorite Camp Pining Hearts episode was there! she fucking took it away it was MY favorite episode!”


From my black garden: Giant Mammoth Black Sunflower. 🖤 Since I can’t reach high enough to take a photo of the tallest black sunflower, here’s a shot of one of the short guys - everyday we get closer to them finally showing their sweet faces! Notice the deep black veins compared to regular yellow sunflowers who’s foliage is a solid green. Can’t wait till these black sunflowers bloom! #gothgardening#blackthumb #blackflower

From my black garden: Black “FloraMia Nero” vine. 🖤 Same family as the “black heart” vine I posted a little while back, but these guys have tiny lavender trumpets that bloom every now and then. If you can look past the lavander flowers, this vine is perfect for your black garden! 😉🖤 #gothgardening #blackthumb #blackplant

From my black garden: Black"Landini" Lily 🖤
These black beauties I grew from bulbs. After seeing them bloom for the first time this week, they are quickly becoming one of my fave lilies. 🖤 #gothgardening#blackthumb #blackflowers

From my black garden: Black Cosmos [cosmos atrosanguineus] 🖤 Ok. So, this little guy is just about to bloom and I’m so fucking excited!! Cosmos are native to Mexico, where sadly, they are now extinct in the wild. But get this, they are said to have a chocolate fragrance!! Wtf?! 😮🖤 #gothgardening #blackthumb#blackflower