rusliet problems

1. Too many abusive fanfics. (yup, I understand that it’s fun to make angsty shmansy stuff, but please. Don’t. Over. Do. It.)
2. Making Liet a timid little damsel, who protects the other two Baltics.(well, in almost EVERY fanfic Liet is the one whom takes all the punishments and so. Okay, look, that’s pretty bad. I know that a lot of you don’t learn the Lithuanian history, but the thing is—- all of the Baltics were like strangers.
Maybe with Latvia there is something now, but with Estonia? -insert slow cousin Estonia joke here.)
3. Historical errors. (again, not all of you ace in East Europpean history, but don’t make fatal flaws.)

anonymous asked:

hey kat wtf why was the latest hobo tord update so wholesome, this is unnatural-- pleasantly so, but unnatural

Well hey, let them be happy for once. Let him smile!