• friends: hahah these pictures bring out my ocd so much!!!!hahahsg
  • me: *shows actual ocd symptoms like hitting myself, touching all the walls of a room, picking at my skin*
  • friends: wtf are u doing
  • me: :(
  • friends: omgggdhgd im so ocd!!!!!!!!!!!1wow this picture is so symetricallllllll

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relationship status: single pringle
last song i listened to: come on eileen by dexy’s midnight runners 
last book read/listened to: the circle by dave eggers
favorite color: purple and teal
top three shows: oh that’s hard!!!! Riverdale, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Grey’s Anatomy (in terms of what I’m currently watching!)
top three characters: Veronica Lodge, Peggy Carter, Alana Bloom (this is so hard wtf)
top three ships: steve rogers/peggy carter/bucky barnes, veronica lodge/archie andrews, veronica lodge/betty cooper

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