When people I’m out to talk abt periods & long hair & make-up & they’re like ‘’You wouldn’t understand because you’re not a girl’’ it’s like… Wow gosh golly I appreciate that you actually see me as a guy but also you’re full of shit lmfao

  • twenty one pilots performing during concerts: gods among men, no one can touch their talented greatness
  • twenty one pilots performing on live t.v shows: two weird potatoes ready to be boiled

some reasons why ppl are annoyed by idols on smtm4:

  • theyre trying to prove themselves as legit when they already have a foundation in mainstream
  • underground artists work hard to be heard yet few get recognition
  • underground artists that arent mainstream often have to work other jobs
  • mainstream is where all the money is
  • idols are trying to prove themselves
  • they dont need to prove anything
  • it doesnt matter if they are legit or not
  • ppl will still buy and listen to their stuff
  • mainstream has radio, khh does not
  • underground artists do not get the same opportunities
  • when smtm4 is over idols have a safety net to fall back on
  • theyre trying to prove themselves for no reason
  • no one gives a fuck about how good or bad (legit) idol rappers are
  • we literally dont care
  • and its annoying that they keep trying to show us how legit they are
  • we simply dont care
  • some were underground before and went mainstream
  • we really dont care
  • idols trying to prove themselves is just redundant and annoying

not reasons why ppl are annoyed by idols on smtm4:

  • bc underground artists are better than idols

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the world’s next biggest J-Pop boy band….. KNIFE. OF. RAMEN!!!!!!

Taichi- The leader
Yamato- The pretty boy
Koushiro- The smart one
Jou- The responsible one, aka the “daddy”
Takeru- The one everyone assumes is gay because of that pose………jk., he’s actually the ladies man 

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