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Nothing I do is going to fix this… Is it? Terra feels hopeless, guilty, this is eating him alive, because it is eating Isa alive. Why are you sorry! Quit being sorry! It’s not… It’s not… He sniffs, jerking his hand up near his eye to brush the sting of tears away. What would it take…? Did he… Have to… Prove he was the worst out of the two of them for this to be fixed? Did he have to act like… Was that what this was going to take? 

If this is that bad for you then I-I… You need to get away from past memories… Then… A hand cups his neck, and he swallows, taking a few steps closer. You’re not sleeping. You’re not eating. I can’t… I can’t watch you do this to yourself anymore… Bile burns in the back of his throat as his stomach twists, but he takes a deep breath, and tries to remain calm. 

I can’t stand it… I can’t… Terra tightens his grip a little on the sensitive skin of his neck, and ow- dammit that hurts; but doesn’t try to loosen it up. I love you… I can’t let you do this to yourself… Just… He can’t breathe, and he’s not sure if it is from the paranoia pounding with each beat of his heart, or the fact that he is pushing against his own diaphragm. 

If you’re so worried… About what your hands can do… Can’t see what good they can do, how the can be gentle, and they can heal, and they can save… Then you won’t try to stop these… 

He brings his other hand up near his neck, fingers clenching tightly around it. Oh, now this was crazy. But he was willing to accept that insanity if it meant Isa would have to pry his own fingers away from his own neck, would have to actually get close to him- would actually have to realize how HE had never hurt him! Not intentionally! 

This was what something intentional was! This was what it meant to truly want to suck the life out of someone, and for no reason! No purpose! Not because of nightmares, and paranoia, and because of fear that other people, like Xehanort had implanted into minds! This was not trying to kill someone, because they were presumed as the enemy! This was doing it just because! To hurt someone for no reason, but for satisfaction! If you were doing this Isa, with absolutely no other purpose than to kill him- Not in defense, not in fear! 

Then, and only then, would you be that monster you see in the mirror. 

Terra doesn’t believe that you are that monster for a damn second, and oh this was certainly not the smartest thing, because his head is spinning now, and he might snap his own neck this time, but lights be dammed-

He smiles anyways.

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Can someone please explain why on kpop group member profiles that I’ve seen they display the blood type of the idols? I mean I love them and all and I like learning new things– but isn’t that info a little more personal cause it’s tied to health info? Plus I don’t even know my own blood type, is that just common information elsewhere in the world? Maybe it’s just where I’m from but I don’t think I’ve met anyone who actually knows their blood type like ????

**On a side note I’ve thought maybe it’s something to do with compatibility with the idol, but it has always struck me as odd.


On another unrelated note, here is a boy who is ruining my life. Thank you, Kim Yugyeom, I appreciate it greatly. DId I saY yOU COULD COME IN MY LIFE AND WRECK EVERYTHING LIKE WTF- BOI YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO. TF.

That is all.

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