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❝on any other day, you’d take care of yourself. for jungkook to take over for this day, was rather refreshing.
►1238 words // mini scenario
♡ for the love @kookingramyun(you would know what kind of shitty hole i’m in to not be able to even write a decent sentence but i really wanted to write something for you, thus, this. happy birthday, love! <3)

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More often than not, coming home from work tired the living life out of you. Mail after mail seemed to drain out the bars of energy you’ve refilled over the numbered hours of shuteye and cups of coffee. Stacks of paperwork gathering on your desk like the leaning tower of fuck you, sleep seems to get in the way and the one day you get to come home early… it’s when your spirits have deflated with your features being weighed down by gravity much stronger than you, showing you whose boss.

Yet, you’re trying. Trying to prepare yourself for - “Y/N!”

For a moment, it felt like you had been sleeping with your eyes opened and his voice gave you a good shake to stay awake. With eyes widely stretched, you nod when Jungkook bursts out from the bedroom, messy hair and all but in clothes that remind you of home when comfort seeps through his voice of a large t-shirt with his boxers lining his hip.

“Y/N,” He breathes, hooking an arm around your waist and he drags you into his arms, his warmth and his scent engulfing you as he nuzzles his face in your neck. Relishing on you and only you, he sighs and manages to plant a soft kiss, which gets you relaxed, so close to tipping your forehead forward and knocking the fuck out but you restraint yourself from doing so when he pulls back.

“Tired?” He searches for an answer, but he doesn’t need to when y is lined up over your cheeks, the missing radiant glow he’d feel when he’s around you; e is circling your eyes, under the bags enough to brew tea of hard work along with s that spells out on your lips for - “Yes. Yes. You have no idea,”

“I think I do,” He chuckles, gently smoothening his thumbs at the space below your eyes, above your cheekbones and you shake your head, brushing him off (nothing out of rejecting his affection, but more of-), “I really need to sleep,”

Jungkook only snorts when you try to make your way towards the bedroom without face planting straight to the wall or crash through the plastered bricks or take those paintings hanging on the wall down with you. He quickly checks for the doors being locked properly and he flicks off the lights, leaving the smaller bulbs plugged to the wall illuminating certain corners before he darts to your way. He’s swift to push the door open so you don’t hit it with full force and Jungkook’s biting back a grin as he catches you before you fall to your knees.

Dragging your chin up lazily, you meet with his gaze and you chuckle sheepishly, proceeding to press your face to his arm and he shakes his head, “Gosh, I think I need to talk to your boss,” He holds you up effortlessly, then directing you to the bed for you to sit on.

“Just make sure you hand in the files first…” You start to mumble and Jungkook knows that tone anywhere. The few minutes before you fall asleep or start to lose conscious is when sleep is heavy in your system, swimming at full speed as it drags you from the realm of reality but he can’t let that happen just yet. So he keeps talking to you, the only way to keep you awake - even if it doesn’t make sense.

“Woah, not yet, not yet,” Jungkook gently tips your head forward before it lulls back when your eyes roll like your shoulders ready to fall back. “Hm?” You hum, eyes still leisurely shut and Jungkook licks his lips, planning out his strategy in his mind, “Y-Y/N, count to sixty and sit up straight for me,”

A pout forms, in between a frown and discomfort twisting your face around as you whine, “But I’m sleepy…”

“Start now, baby. I promise you can sleep then,” Jungkook still doesn’t let go of your face until you comply with one… and Jungkook bolts. Within the first few numbers, he’s all over the place finding for something comfortable so you can breathe in properly compared to the clothing you have on now. He yelps when he kicks the edge of the dresser but has no time to live in pain when fifteen…

Jungkook’s hands move at the speed of lightning yet with a hint of delicacy because he can never be rough with you. Well, unless you asked for it but it usually occurs when you’re laying beneath him with sweat dripping down to your - never mind, back to the current.

He’s able to rid of your jacket and your dressing shirt that follows after. He’s seen you naked more than the times you can count on your fingers so this was pretty much nothing. Emphasis on nothing because you love to sleep without the restrict that comes with undergarments. Just as you reach forty, Jungkook’s pulling the shirt over your head and it stutters your counting. You’re chewing on your hair a little and Jungkook laughs, pushing it out of the way before he apologizes and he starts to work on your skirt.

This is where it all gets handy. With much expertise, he unzips the side and unclasps in less than five seconds. When you reach forty-seven, he’s able to get you to move to how he wants when - “Scoot up, babe,” It’s like you’re hypnotized, following accordingly and he’s able to pull up a comfy pair of cotton shorts that slip over your thighs the same time - “Sixty,”

On cue, you’re falling back but Jungkook catches you, so he can direct you to a proper sleeping position that won’t have your neck bitching on you the next morning. He pulls up the blanket and watches as you curl into your side of the bed, already succumbing to sleep and he exhales deeply before taking a seat at the end of the bed. He gazes to the floor, noticing the scattered articles of clothing. Scoffing a laugh, not quite believing what had just happened in sixty seconds, he gets up and gathers your clothes before ditching them into the laundry basket.

Then after, he does one last round in checking the place, making sure everything is in order before he returns to the bedroom. Closing the door behind him, the lights go out and he joins you in bed. In which, automatically, you start to roll over to him when he tries to adjust your blanket and it’s no surprise there. He, instead, smiles in awe when you press your cheek to his chest and he welcomes you with both arms and stares at you for a bit as you take calm inhales of air, already catching up on the missed hours of sleep within the past week.

You may not say it, but your face shows everything. As hard as Jungkook works, he would pledge that it seems like you’re showing him what hard work truly is. The nights of not returning home shows on the dark lines on your face, screwing your eyes tight and Jungkook sighs, reaching down to stroke your cheek before he rests his hand by the nape of your neck as his lips press to the side of your head.

Then he closes his eyes (with a little bit of hope to meet you after he does).

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Hunk and Keith giving each other the craziest hairstyle they possibly can when bored. Keith end up with his hair up looking like a palm tree covered in an assortment of clips while hunk has about 10 mini pony tails sticking out all over. The longer ones are braided but Keith couldn't get the short ones braided.

Hunk always has extra hairbands around his wrist (they snap all the time with his thick hair… he needs them) so Keith will just walk over to him sitting on the couch in the common area and plop down in front of him. Hunk will smile and gently run his fingers through Keith’s bangs and sit forward.

“What’s it gonna be today?”

“Just fuck me up.”Keith huffs, and Hunk laughs.

Lance walks in later. “Oh my God…”


“What’s up Lance?”

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unpopular(?) opinion: I didn't buy haru's choice to go pro. They should've spent more time on making his choice believable

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I still hate this idea lol xD it’s still hard for me to imagine this after what we saw in s2…………. I hope s3 will convince me more :/

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4. Self harming

   Dull eyes watched the blood trickle down the side of his arm; barely even able to feel the pain through his drunken state. Then again, his pain threshold had always been very high. Why was he even doing this? To feel something in his dull and numb life? Even pain didn’t seem to stimulate him anymore.

   Well, that’s what you get after downing a bottle of whiskey. Maybe he should cut back…

   The thought of being sober wasn’t a feeling Simon wanted anytime soon. He wasn’t even aware of Alex’s presence as he pressed the sharp edge of one of his keys into the already nasty looking gash. Wondering how far he could sink the metal in before he could actually feel something. 

   He hated this. Wanting to be numb to the world; but at the same time desperately wanting to feel something. It played tricks on his already troubled mind. 


*thinks about how similar leo and april’s relationship dynamic is to anakin and ahsoka’s in s.tar w.ars: tcw* ah yes. perfect.
*remembers the violent confrontation between her and d.arth v.ader in the s.tar w.ars: rebels season finale* *imagines it with shredder!leo and ape* *starts choking back tears* ah,,,,,yes,,,,,perfect,,,,