Muñecos que… disfrutan solos como idiotas

Magisterium: The Bronze Key more like Callum Hunt and the Quest to Build The Ultimate Harem ™

Remember The Iconic Interview™ that exo did where everything was normal until they started touching each other’s crotches, Yixing kissed Ksoo and almost got his arm ripped off because of the hold that Ksoo had on his arm like the boy escaped death simply because they were on an interview, all the innuendos, the poor interviewer that was so done with their shit and how sm had to take down that legendary interview from the internet because the whole world was like “what the fuck”……. Like that mess really almost ended their career yall lmao


[푸마] 슈가의 빛나는 순간ㅤ BOG SOCKㅤ X BTS: ISSUE 1. 슈가

[PUMA] Suga’s Shining Moment BOG SOCK X BTS: ISSUE 1. SUGA

[Video] JK - G#. What else needs to be said?
[Writing] Your Shining Moment. BOG SOCK.

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