I don’t get fans??????

like when I was in new york namjoon posted a kimdaily from literally ??? a block away. my ass liked the tweet, retweeted it and went back to eating my food at the restaurant down the street

in korea, literally 3 ‘spotted namjoon’ posts were made and one of jimin and each time they were like RIIIIIIIIIIGHT by me, one time I was literally like a street beside where namjoon was, and my ass stayed where the fuck I was 

when I saw bts’ dance teacher randomly out of the blue in gangnam, my ass did absolutely nothing but internally freak for .25 seconds and then was like k cool done keep walking

why you feel the need??? to seek them out???? jungkook shouldn’t have tweeted those images while they were still there, but the fact that he did means he sadly has a lot more faith in army than he should. and even after deleting them people are still trying to find them like??? wtf is wrong with you

Although I love watching BTS and I’m happy they’ll be performing on Sunday, watching all of the interviews they’re on make me remember why I stopped watching American television and went to Korean shows instead LOL the boys are handling the questions well and I love BTS so much but damn are the interviewers asking dumb, shallow questions

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At 12, my niece would sit on my lap & grind into me, making me very uncomfortable. At 16, she would wear close to nothing whenever I was around & she was a really endowed girl. Now she's in her 20s & asked me why I was never the dirty uncle who took advantage of her.

Probably best you weren’t lmao


These lyrics are from svtfoe original songs “Too Little too Late” and “I Don’t Wanna Know”
Shit calligraphy in English.

Actually, I think that Star and Marco are messing up each other. First, although Star want to become a better princess, it’s no reason that to dump Marco out and ignore him, she even dated with Tom and kissed each other ‘publicly’ without thought about any Marco’ s Feeling. But most importantly is Marco even celebrated Star’s birthday and she have done nothing to him. Oh…Poor Marco……

On the other hand, Marco’s foolish destroyed two loves, Jarco and starco. OK, it’s fine… But how come you become a man-whore “MASTER”, WTF???You almost tried most of the girls, Kelly, Hackapoo, almost janna. Come on, you are messing up your life and your dick…

I wish don’t have heart attack anymore, and and see the Starco finally before the end of the world(or my fking life).

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Random idea, let's imagine the saiyan kindom au, and Veggie the prince and Kaka the low class warrior in love, the people just don't accept their relationship and when they are running away mounted in a calavary horse, the soldiers start to throw arrows to them, veggie is conducting the horse and kaka, he’s hugging from behind his prince, a while passes and when they are safe Veggie notices kaka has passed away long ago to protect his prince from the arrows.....*Dies*

Excuse you my mans is bulletproof you bess get this sad shit outta my ask box i got receipts. (I may or may not be crying that’s so sad wtf are you doing I’m too tender for this shit xD)

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The thing that bothers me about people calling ambrollins abusive and manipulative is no one every explains how. they always say "if you dont see it, thats on you" like wtf??

Oh man, how come you don’t know it?? Ok imma tell you how Seth manipulated Dean to be forgiven. He promised he would have allowed him to eat his pretty thick ass, and since Dean is a dumb dude who can’t tell a carrot from a dick, he immediately fell into the sneaky weasel’s web. Also, there’s a footage on the WWE network that shows how Seth, while blowing him in the locker room, convinced Dean to deposit all his money into his own Cayman islands offshore account to buy the statue of Mona Lisa… little did Dean know that the Mona Lisa is actually a painting and not a sculpture! But by the time he had found it out, Seth was already gone with the money on his Lamborghini (yeah, I know you thought he owned a Tesla but that was only a travesty… an evil asshole like him could never care about the environment and buy an electric car) :O

(sorry m8. but usually their argumentations are way less serious than mine)

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WTF?! Thomas you know that Alex is with Laurens. You can't take him!

Jefferson: I-I’m sorry!!! His lips just looked so soft and I missed the feeling!

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wtf i think you broke my tumblr why does my dashboard show three different icons for you and any of them is not even the right one

one time it glitched and only showed the square hairs ALL over the inbox



uhhH lemme just say

@parkerroos LYSS I LOVE YOU SM??!?!?/! 

@lovelyimagines tori you’re an angel i love you lots!!!

@arachnid-kid wow isabel thank you you’re the light of my life! ily my sweets!

@hollandazing maddy GOD I LOVE you!!! also yes I need parking validation when I drive on over to you and give you the biggest hug

@loverholland becca wtf you’re my fave i would give you everything and anything??? 

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waiT WTF, YOU'RE BIOLOGICALLY FEMALE??? Holy, I would have never guessed. If it were up to me, you'd pass as a man ANYWHERE.

The term you’re looking for is assigned female at birth, but I appreciate the sentiment. Sadly, I don’t think I pass that much IRL, because I constantly have to correct people