im laughing so hard imagine alec calling jace into his office and he says with such a serious voice “we need to talk” and jace is like ‘shitshitshit think jace, what did you do this time’ but then alec asks “so, are you still into clary?” and jace sighs and replies “no” then jace starts smiling softly and says “I actually really like maia”. and there’s a silence and he looks up to see alec leaning back on his chair, expression blank and jace is waiting for a sarcastic comment or something but then alec starts smiling and pulls out two glasses of champagne he had in his desk drawer and jace is like “???wtf did you have those in there the whole time” but he’s laughing and reaching out for a glass anyway and alec tells him he’s happy for him but then alec pulls out his phone and calls clary to tell her she’s moving to a different institute now that alec doesn’t have to put up with her for jace anymore all while jace is sitting there with an expression that screams “damn he really did that”.

What the hell?

I posted a pic of Alan Turing because it’s his birthday today and it gets marked by tumblr as NSFW?! What the hell is up with that @staff? Really? Because he’s a gay icon? He is way more than just a gay icon, though that is awesome too. But he was also a genius who came up with algorithms that paved the way to modern computers, lap tops, tablets and cell phones, not to mention all the other things he was interested in. But to my mind the most important thing about Alan Turing, he is a true hero who saved thousands of lives during WW2.

As for my post, there is NOTHING NSFW ABOUT IT. It is a tribute to a great, and good, man. I find tumblr automatically tagging posts like mine as NSFW just because it is about an openly gay man offensive, especially ON HIS BIRTHDAY. You should be celebrating Alan Turing today, not labeling posts about him as NSFW.

UPDATE: Okay, thanks to @obotligtnyfiken, who shared with me this post from tumblr @staff, I know they know there is a problem and are working on fixing it. and hopefully the nsfw tag will be removed from my Alan Turing post soon. Thanks to everyone who has liked or reblogged this post though. And also to everyone who liked and reblogged my post about Alan Turing, a remarkable and wonderful man and a true hero.

Otayuri Art College AU/ Part 3:

Otabek Altin moodboard.

Hard work before inspiration, Mozart’s greatest hits, scribbled black cover diary notebooks with ideas, secretly loves museums, DJ-ing is actually art, on the way of trial and error. Cold blood. Warm heart.

otabek is an audio production major with smoldering eyes & a reputation™.” © @otayuriism 

Part 1: Intro

Part 2: Yuri Plisetsky

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So i had a weird dream. I was in the atla universe and somehow got trapped in the spirit world. And I almost got eaten by like 5 different creatures. And then I ran into Roku and he was like "woah wtf are you doing here??" and i was like "idk fam. I'm tryin to get home." And he just like sighed and was like hold on a minute. And then Korra came to save me, but like it was you?? Idk but you lectured me about letting myself be tricked by spirits and I felt like I let you down. I'm so sorry mom! 😭

this is the single most greatest thing ive ever fucking read lmfao

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The other night I was closing host. And someone had put a green scrub pad and lots of toilet paper into one of the toilets. Clearly an employee had done it because unless you know where to find those pads you're not finding them. Plus no customers had been in for a half hour. Like seriously wtf you know that I have to clean that asshole

Thoughts while in Manhattan

1. Enough with the honking.
2. It’s great to be able to walk everywhere and interesting to see so many different people.
3. What is that smell? I prefer barnyard smells over the stench of the gutter puddles.
4. NYC demonstrates that cars and people are truly a toxic mix. Amsterdam, with its absence of cars, is a much more pleasant place for pedestrians.
5. Seriously, stop the honking. WTF is wrong with you?
6. T-Mobile is useless. Not sure if any of the other carriers are better, but T-Mobile definitely sucks.

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WTF CASSIE YOU GOT ENGAGED WITHOUT TELLING ME! But I had this awesome speech planned, all about your time as a fledgling. Remember when I helped you learn how to fly? It only took you being thrown off a couple of mountains for you to get the hang of it! I was so proud. Does Dad know you got engaged? Is he even around? I heard that he showed his face for like a minute. When's the wedding btw? -Gabriel

How could I forget?

No wedding. We’re both technically legally dead.

I would’ve told dad if he stuck around long enough.