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Url Tag: Spell out your url in k-pop song titles

S: Save Me by BTS
U: U by Super Junior 
G: Good Boy by GD X Taeyang
A: Agust D by Agust D
S: Stop Stop It by GOT7
H: Her by Block B
A: Arirang by BTS 
R: Run by BTS
K: Knock by KNK

Relationship: Single
Pets: Four dogs
Favourite Colours: Blue, red, white and black
Wake Up Time: 5pm or 12am
Cats or Dogs: Both
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Call or Text: Text
Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick
Last Song I Listened to: Give it to me by our lord and saviour Agust D

Because I am a dick I tag @hobihun @sugakookiefactory (good luck with that one) @timestopsatmidnight (and that one) @liquidsuga @fuckuimgod and @sugakookie

Sombra is 30.

She can be 30 and still be perky and energetic.
She can be 30 and still be youthful looking. 

30 is not old. 30 is not the cryptkeeper. 30 does not mean wrinkles everywhere and/or being unable to be athletic. 

Can we please stop acting like she can’t be 30 because she’s active, sarcastic, and Millennial-esque and also stop acting like you have to make her wrinkly to make her look 30?

Your friendly, neighborhood 33 year old meme-loving, video gaming Millennial.