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Omg I just had to read this fan theory with my own two eyes: Sam, acting as a maester, will inform Dany that she’s pregnant next season. Dany will name her Targ baby “Dickon,” and Sam will be thrilled.

Because, you know, Sam and Dany will be besties and Sam’s gonna be so happy that the woman who burned his brother alive decided to “honor” his brother that way…

hello Floriana Lima took a role specifically “latinx” knowing she’s not one (taking the role from an actual latina that could’ve gotten it) and just did a whole episode centered on a cultural and ethnical background she does not have and her dad is played by a non-latinx too (as if there weren’t latinx actors in need for roles) so like if you stop defending that shit it would be awesome

Asexual Awareness Week 2017: Trending on Tumblr for a few days, constantly pumping out art, supportive posts and comments, headcanons, countless people participating in different events for the week

Aromantic Awareness Week 2018: Only blogs specifically about aro-spec people make posts, maybe one or two other people make a post about it that’s more than just “Happy Aromantic awareness week!” Not even #9 on trending.

People for ages: We need to see more of Aaron bonding with Seb, they should show Aaron happy to be a parent to Seb, it’s the only way to help people come around too it

Me: I absolutely agree

The same people when Emmerdale give us exactly what we asked for with Aaron/Seb: ugh Seb’s there again 😒😒 they’re forcing it too much


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You know I'm really glad that the actors don't see a lot of the bad stuff the fandom says about them. I honestly cannot believe the people today who literally called Jensen arrogant/superior because she asks to change lines he thinks are OOC. Like imagine shitting on someone for caring about his character integrity. These same people would FLIP if you said something like that about Misha, it's so gross.

Luckily I’ve blocked, muted, sent to oblivion a lot of extreme fans on twitter, so I wasn’t really aware of the drama until one of my mutual told me. And she was really upset about it.

What can I say? People are bored? Need to get laid? 

I mean, hellooooooo guys???? Jensen plays Dean since DAY 1. I think he knows a little about HIS character. He read 286+ scripts, filmed 286+ episodes. Doesn’t it give him more credit that writers who write what? 3, 4 episodes a year? (Don’t get me start about Season 13 writing) 

Anyway, I don’t know where the drama came from. All I guess is that Jensen doesn’t fit some peeps agenda. 

For me he is & will always be the one & only Dean Winchester. Jensen is a terrific actor & the one who adds all those layers in Dean. 

I don’t know if he’s aware of the drama. Even if he is, I don’t think he really pays attention. Unfortunately, bullshitting comments are one of the bad side of celebrity, especially on SM. You think those “fans” would be that condescending in front of Jensen? I don’t think so. 

Now I’m just gonna ignore that crap & focus on season 14 cause I miss my boys real bad. 😉

xoxo Nat

Today, Christians are becoming increasingly vulnerable to a worldview that certainly resulted in the persecution of the Jews under the Nazis.  And whether you had Nazis celebrating the Aryan race and denigrating the Jew, today you have multiculturalists celebrating the feminist and the gay lifestyle and denigrating the white European male.

Pastor Scott Nelson, Salem, Oregon, USA, quoted in Waiting for Armageddon

I have no words other than WTF. 

Okay I have some more words so here they are:

I have never figured out how American Christians have managed in modern times to persuade themselves they are persecuted or oppressed in some manner.  Like… I get irritated when people treat them like they’re stupid, but even being treated like your religion comes from stupid and irrational beliefs isn’t remotely close to the scenario described above.  And acting like they are somehow the same, just alienates from your cause anyone who can tell the difference, because I can pretty much guarantee anyone who knows the difference will find the above quote pretty damn offensive.  Especially since gay people were among those actually persecuted in the Holocaust, and he’s comparing accepting gay people, to the Holocaust itself.


Especially in winter when it’s cold!

Domestic rats are not the same as wild rats, so the argument about “how easily they can adapt to surrounding environment” is a bullshit.
Pet rats are usually descendants of lab rats, which people kept in captivity for a few generations, so they lack specific abilities, traits, physical strenght, immunity for low and high temperatures and parasites.
Just for the sake of your beloved animal friends, keep them at home. They don’t need grass or direct sunlight to be happy. Just let them run around your room, play with them etc. That’s the type of entertainment rats need.

Hunter X Hunter world is so wild…I mean, a guy could just go:

- Hey man, would you like to watch a perv 28 year old clown and a 12 year old boy beat the crap out of each other at Heaven’s Arena?

- Yo dude, that sounds amazing, hEll YeAH!!1