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what would each of the chocobros' reaction be to their s/o applying makeup on them in their sleep?


  • He wakes up long after the damage is already done
  • Lopsided winged eyeliner, cherry red lipstick, the works
  • Of course he doesn’t even notice any of it until halfway through the day, when Prompto can’t even look him in the eyes without laughing and you refuse to let him kiss you
  • “What’s going on? Did I do something?”
  • “No Noct you just….. have something…… on your face…….”
  • So he goes to wipe his face and just smears his lipstick right across his cheeks
  • Makes you help him take it off immediately
  • “I can’t believe you let me go in public like this”
  • “I trusted you”
  • “Noct, it was just some makeup”
  • Gladio tells him he was a pretty girl
  • “Damn right I was”
  • “Highness, it was a good shade of red for you. I believe that Y/N truly had your best interests in mind”
  • wtf Ignis you can’t take their side”
  • He vows to never fall asleep near you again
  • You’re sleeping together again within the week

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Hi I'm new can you tell me what allegedly happened at Leeds and Dallas?

“Take it Harry take it! Just like you took it a few hours ago”LEEDS FESTIVAL

right, so what really happened in leeds.

the leeds festival which both louis and harry, (and only louis and harry) went, started on saturday August 27th, 2011. it is the last public and happy appearance of HarryAndLouis before Louis is allegedly “dating” Eleanor, and this event is the last of Larry before it got closeted.

(this is in chronological order, ignore the time on the tweets because they are screencapped by people from different timezones)

before leeds fest, louis tweeted this. i cannot really say what it means, but it is highly believed that this is the end of larry being openly seen together, and the start of eleanor, because we know too much.

it is believed that, judging by their clothings, they went to leeds together right after the boys filmed this in London on 27th Aug, 2011 morning. (the video is posted on 29th)

here are some updates on that day

right before leeds fest, harry keep tweeting these tags

so after they arrived, of course they are immediately spotted by people, and here are some pics. i didn’t put too much because we already got enough proof they are together, so i’ll juts go straight to the point.

that’s the night on 27th August, then harry tweeted this

thus louis tweeted these

then at the silent disco, we spot the lovebirds

it is said that they shared a yellow tent, god knows what happened there (hence inspired many fanfictions)

here is an interview of harry and louis on Radio 1

noticeable transcript here

Fearne: (…) Right, so talk to us about Leeds Festival, what was your highlight Louis?

Louis: D’you know what it’s… The vibe at Leeds - I’ve been to a few festivals this year- I went for a day at Wireless, and then I went to V festival as well,  but the vibe at Leeds is so much… I don’t know what it is. It’s just like really reallyfun, and everyone’s like friendly and like. For me the highlight was probably Two Door Cinema Club or the Bombay Bicycle Club.


Harry: How are you Fearne, you alright?

Fearne: I’m good are you sleepy tired?

Harry: Good. I’m very tired…

Fearne: Why are you at the gym?

Harry: …I pulled a muscle in my bum as well.

Fearne: IN your bum?

Harry: Yeah.

Fearne: Well at the festival?

Harry: No I did it on Saturday morning before we went.

Fearne: Right. We won’t talk in details about that Harry, let’s just talk musically about Leeds. What was your favorite, Louis was saying Too Door Cinema Club or Bombay. What d’you recon?

Harry: Yeah yeah Too Door Cinema Club were really good actually. I thought Madness were really good. That was really cool. They were like really funny. (mumbling).

Fearne: Did you guys camp. Were you in a tent?

Harry: Yes, yeah. Some of my friends were there so I camped…with my friends.

Fearne: guys were in a tent, no way!

Harry: Yes, Yeah why?

Fearne: Really? Yes way!

Harry: Yes way.

Fearne: Wowzas! Look at you two! Doin it propa, gotta be done! I can’t say the same, but it’s gotta be done. Well done chaps.

(louis also tweeted the one who interviewed them later on)

and then we’re now at the morning of 28th August, 2011, which they’re still at leeds together.

louis tweeted this

after that it is the silent disco night 2 again

the coat on harry is given from louis, as we see here in the morning

and at night

why leeds fest get so many attention, is not merely because louis and harry are seen publicly and happily together, (coz we know they are always together), it’s because this is the very last time they are seen together like this, and because right after leeds fest Elounor is rumoured to be together. it’s so fucking important to us larries because it is what we could never get over with and what we cling on, why we believe larry is closeted. 

this is louis on the day before Elounor news came out, as we may see, he’s still wearing the shirt.

in an interview in Sweden later on, louis is seen doing this. he stared at harry and fumbled at his leeds fest bracelet.

oh, harry had one too.

before it is broken and he replaced it with this tattoo. (I CAN’T CHANGE)

extra: “born me, i can’t change” is a lyric in the song “Make it stop”, which is in the playlist in leeds fest. the song is to support LGBT kids who gets discriminated.


what happened in Dallas is another legend, it’s like wellington which we all have to investigate.

here is what happened.

about dallas, this is so fucking important because we can see the closest to their sex lives, uncut. it’s practically freshly fucked harry and subspace harry, plus a smug louis and sweaty bodies.

first of all, this is what happened in the interview (i believe it’s one of those “genuinely” interviews again). can you see them??? look at zayn’s smirk??? all coupley and cuddly and fucking adorable ahhhh. 

i’m thinking of what things is louis hoarsely murmuring into harry’s ears. call him daddy, would you, lou? oh but maybe harry bottoms this time.

and shortly after what louis has apparently roughly done to harry, we came to this.

so fucking hot???? flushed cheeks???? glassy eyes???? swollen lips????

he is so lost and unfocused and startled like a lost bambi i have enough proofs that i call it he is floating in his pretty little subspace. not sure if he really bottoms, but it’s, like, 99.99%.

conclusion: freshly fucked in the ass. believed more than one orgasm.

louis??? wtf did you do to him?

here we have this smug kid

sweaty body???? glassy eyes??? overall smug face????

be sure your boy can function noramlly okkk?

this is also what happened in the red room.

“Take it Harry take it! Just like you took it a few hours ago”

well i’m not suggesting watersports…but apple juice does resembles, uh, you-know-what

kinky much, huh?

fancy round two, harry?

later on…

GOOD THRUST you got boy!!! now i wanna know what else would you ride???


did you just casually roll up his shirt sleeves??? Harold??? are you biTING YOUR LIPS????

let’s recap

conclusion: i’m done, i’m gonna go write some larry smuts now.

“did i tell you that you’re hot- I MEAN GOOD AT DANCING?”

scenario/summary: you’re debuting in your group for your company brand new music, and you’re struggling with dance and you of course, had to ask the dance god park woojin.

person: park woojin / y/n!trainee au

  • so it starts off like this:
  • a couple of months ago you decided to become a trainee in brand new music
  • you realise youre debuting a couple of weeks
  • and youre hELLA scared
  • like
  • you seem to struggle with dancing
  • even tho youve basically stayed up every night just to learn the routine
  • because everyone talks about it
  • you yoURSELF decided to watch p101
  • and you noticed how skilled woojin is, who you know
  • you both dont talk often
  • you see each other in corridors, and stuff
  • i mean u did vote for him lolz
  • so
  • SKIP to nOOOOw
  • managers, and staff around congratulate woojin
  • and you smile as you hear the praises
  • once he’s left alone, you quickly tap him on the shoulder
  • “a-ah! oh, annyeong, y/n” woojin bows as he smiles
  • “annyeong,” you bow
  • “why are you here?”
  • “well uh, i sort of.. need your help..”
  • “with what?” woojin smiles as he scratches the back of his neck
  • also this boy kinda likes to pretend u both ‘bump’ into each other on purpose lol HES SO HAPPY TO FINALLY TALK TO U
  • “d-dancing.. if youre free- i mean, youre hella busy-”
  • “nONONO”
  • “y/n im totally free rn!! i was gonna have some break but its totally fine since ik you’re debuting :))”
  • “h-how-”
  • he turns red (like his hair. lmfao bYE)
  • “when do you want to start?” you ask, as he chuckles at your shyness
  • “i dont mind, anytime”
  • “how about we can both have break before we start? im uh, pretty hungry..”
  • “sure!”
  • time skip: u both are too cute beans getting shy and getting to know each other
  • “lets see how your moves go.”
  • AYYY WOOJIN GOTTA SEE UR MoVES wait i gotta chill
  • you dance, carefully not trying to fuck up lol
  • “Y/N!!”
  • woojin begins to clap, a hugE ASS grIN forms on his face
  • “you’re really good! you have clean moves, i know the footwork is hard, but i’ll help”
  • “thanks!” you smile
  • woojin then gets up as you both play the music, slowly going through each move
  • you can tell he’s really passionate
  • he’s concentrated
  • and u like it. wtf y/n
  • you werent going to lie, you couldnt concentrate yourself
  • not only did he just finish his smol cute shy bean time, hE TURNED INTO A HOT DANCE BOI
  • anyways
  • “okay, should we both try together and see how you do on your own?”
  • you nod, he picked the choreo up pretty easily
  • then, you did it on your own
  • hella supportive, loves to praise u
  • you begin to blush
  • “hehe, thanks woojinnie!!”
  • and there we go. u both became dancing buddies and best friends :::))))) 
  • also wtf was i writing?? thIS WAS SHIT SORRY BYE
average day

I feel so bad for Ivan. Like he has to deal with so much. I mean i’m pretty sure this is his daily life:

“Estonia, this is an important. Got off your laptop.”

“Belarus. Personal space, please, I’m not asking again.”

“Wasn’t Ukraine supposed to be at this meeting? Where is she?”

“Lativa, we were talking about economies! How the hell did you get on the topic of goth music? Stop rambling!”

“Liet, you’re giving everyone that ‘i’m scared for life’ look again. Is that expression permanently on your face or?”














“Wow, you actually punched me in the face…”

“Great, Poland declared war and Lithuania is dead.”

“I blame all of you. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

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I loved that stub arm s/o ask! But imagine they have a prosthetic arm and whenever someone asks, "Can you give me a hand?" they just take their whole arm off and toss it over. Which skellies do you think would laugh and which would groan at the lame joke? X'D

US!Sans, UT!Papyrus: They think it’s a little disturbing. Not that the s/o can remove their arm, but how quick and suddenly they can do it. I think skeletons could remove their limbs too, but it would hurt a lot. And they’d have to re attach it quickly so their hp doesn’t go down to 0. But just seeing their s/o do it mixed with the lame pun (it quickly gets old to them) It’s just UGH.

UT!Sans, US!Papyrus: They think it’s hilarious, and they always look forward to people’s reactions. Sometimes they’ll try and get someone to say the phrase ‘’Can you give me a hand with this?’’. Just so that their s/o can give them the prosthetic and be like ‘’Yea here you go’’. It never gets old.  

UF!Sans: The look on everyones faces is what really gets him. You know that horrified WTF expression. He’d probably do it himself if his hp wasn’t so low. His sense of humor is pretty dark, to be honest. So he would totally do that to people. Or let people pull his arm off just to see how scared they’ll get. Sometimes he actually pretends to pull your arm off in front of people (only with your consent). It’s especially funny if he senses that some anti monster jerk is there.

UF!Papyrus: First time you did this, he actually forgot that you had a prosthetic hand and he freaked the fudge out. Then he quickly got mad and started yelling at you for scaring him like that. He’s used to it now, but he hates it because it always spikes his adrenaline.

SF!Sans: He doesn’t mind the pun, to be fair it’s pretty funny in his opinion. He likes how people freak out for a few seconds. And this means that you’re comfortable with the prosthetic, so he sees no downsides to it. He instantly regrets thinking that when you’ve pulled the prank for the fourth time. He almost loses it completely by the sixth time. 

SF!Papyrus: He’s a mixture between Tale Sans, Swap Papyrus and the UF!Bros. He thinks it’s really funny when you pull the prank on other people. But it always scares the crap out of him when you do it on him. Even though he knows that it’s your prosthetic. The act of pulling your freaking arm off is just too much. He knows what it feels like for skeletons, he’s lived through it and he couldn’t use his arm for a month after that. 

Jealous! au - Wooseok

Hey guys! It’s been a while! College is difficult and very time consuming (as a lot of you know) but I finally finished something for once! This scenario kinda seems all over the place cuz I was inspired by multiple things, but couldnt fully elaborate on just one. Nonethless, I hope you enjoy it :)

Originally posted by yeo1

(god i miss wooseok so much and this gif has a bf feel im dead)

  • Ok so lets just jump into this u and wooseok are a new couple
  • Like lets just say about a month there’s some substance there but not what it could be
  • How yall met was actually a funny story
  • (not important to the actual plot but let me live im inspired)
  • Ok so u guys met when u both were checking out at a convenience store, u were behind him in line
  • And u know hes tall af so ur like looking up like wtf whose mans is this why he so tall
  • And he just feels someone looking at him so he looks back and see u just looking up at him with a half puzzled half annoyed expression
  • So being the piece of shit that he is he decides to mock ur expression which makes you shook
  • You didnt realize that 1 you were making that face and 2 you were making that face at a very cute boy
  • And so ur first reaction is to just laugh and say “sorry I didnt realize i looked that ugly looking at you”
  • And his response is “ugly? I thought it was pretty cute”
  • Now both of yall are shocked u cuz wow is he just super nice or a fuckboy and him because wtf did he just say why did he say it out loud
  • So his cheeks get really red and based on that u decide hes just super nice and you give him your number instantly lol
  • U basically force him to take it but its ok he couldn’t say no
  • So u guys have an instant attraction which starts it all lmao
  • Ok so now to the actual plot
  • So u guys dont live together yet cuz that would be weird & he got pentagon
  • But he still is at ur apartment a lot so u guys do a lot of the long-time couple things like going to the grocery store together
  • And yall lazy af so these count as dates cuz then afterwards u cook something and watch a movie lol
  • Anyways so u and wooseok at the store being cute af you’re pushing the cart and hes holding the cart behind you trapping you and thats how yall walking cuz you’re embarrassing
  • And so yall are just walking through the aisles just shopping and picking out things to buy and he stops you for a second and grabs a certain snack and is like “i havent had these in forever! I didnt even know they sold them anymore!”
  • And without thinking you just say, “my ex used to love those so much. He would wipe out stores when they came back in stock he spent so much money on them.” and ofc youre laughing while youre saying this because its a funny memory theyre fucking snacks
  • And wooseok just stops, shoves the box back in its spot, and is just muttering, “nope. Were not having flashbacks. Not today.” while he’s gets back in his position behind u and pushes you away from them lol
  • So u decide to make this a game because its fun to mess with wooseok
  • Whenever he is about to pick up something you just mention something about your ex lol
  • Like wooseok reaches for milk? You instantly say “thats the kind he liked. Never drank any other kind”
  • and wooseok gives you a look cuz he knows what you’re doing but still ends up picking a different kind lol
  • Then when yall get to the eggs you pipe up “he lovedddd eggs”
  • And hes like “r u fucking kidding me. We need eggs tho…”
  • And is being dramatic af looking at u and the eggs deciding what he should do
  • And ur trying to hard to not laugh and ur like “wooseok just get the eggs”
  • But hes still fighting with himself lmao
  • So ur just like “we need them…if it makes you feel any better i’ll start thinking of you when i see eggs…”
  • And that has his attention and as he grabs them he’s like “why?”
  • “Because you look like an egg”
  • And he gives u an annoyed look but u know he’s secretly grateful lol
  • And after placing the eggs in the cart he returns behind you, kisses you on the cheek, and stays quiet lol
  • So weeks pass and you think the situation has blown over you basically forgot it happen
  • And wooseok doesn’t hold grudges, but he never forgets lmao
  • So u guys are just making breakfast one morning
  • And I would say wooseok would jokingly pretend to hold a grudge
  • So out of nowhere he will pipe up and be like “my ex used to make eggs soooooo well”
  • And youre just like “do they wanna come over and make them for us then? We both know I cant cook”
  • And his jaw basically drops on the floor and hes like “…youre…not jealous?”
  • So youre like “what? Why would i be?”
  • And hes childishly like “this is similar to the market incident…”
  • So youre like “oH…are you talking about when we bought these eggs that my ex used to love oh so much”
  • And hes like “sTOP” so 2 for you, 0 for wooseok hes not good at making you jealous lol
  • So ofc sometimes pentagon are gonna see this in action and be concerned…like are they in love or do they actually hate each other? Why do they constantly insult each other? Lmao
  • So one time u and wooseok are ruthless when insulting each other and some mentions of exes are brought up just to joke with each other
  • But ofc pentagon dont notice this theyre dumb and dont understand relationships obvs (jk u and wooseok just confusing and childish)
  • And so as u guys are at each other throats and play fighting yeo one is like “hey, Y/N can I talk to you for a moment?”
  • And youre like “sure?” and follow him out of the room
  • And hes just like “is everything ok?”
  • “What do you mean”
  • And he takes a deep breath and hes like “just so you know if things with you and wooseok arent going well I’m on your side and I’m here for you”
  • And ur problematic af and ur just like “oh really? Thanks for letting me know :)”
  • So u go back in the room with wooseok and tell him what he said and after being slightly offended he goes along with ur plan to prank pentagon
  • So at dinner you all are eating around the table and casually youre just like “hey guys wooseok and I are fighting without any context whose side would you be on?”
  • And instead of throwing themselves under the bus theyre all like “oh no tell us whats going on whats wrong”
  • And wooseok is just like “answer the question”
  • But ofc everyone is still shook and just trying to get answers and ur dramatic ass *improvised* plan is to pretend to start crying and start walking out the door
  • Moments later wooseok comes to you and yall are giggling like idiots thinking u fooled them and made pentagon feel guilty
  • So he brings u in acting like you made up and youre done crying
  • And pentagon all of a sudden start clapping and are like “Woo! You should be an actress Y/N!”
  • And you hear shinwon quietly shade you by saying “you should work on the crying tho….”
  • And yours and wooseoks faces fall and youre both like “you guys knew?”
  • And hui is just like “if the crying didnt give it away, the obnoxious giggling in the next room did”
  • And e’dawn is just like “yall aint slick”
  • And trying to defend your ass you’re like “well u guys should feel guilty yeo one actually said he would be on my side”
  • And everyone is shook and he’s trying to frantically explain himself
  • While all of this chaos is ensuing, wooseok wraps his arms around you from behind and mutters “just remember I’m the more attractive boy always on your side”
  • And in moments like these you cant insult him its not possible hes so loveable so u just cuddle him back
  • Therefore jealous wooseok is rare but joking idiot wooseok isnt

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How did gabbador's first kiss go

Okay so, first of all: in the “alternate canon” we’ve created, Francesco is the popular extrovert kid who loves clubbing (he’s a PR, not sure if I can translate that) and he invited Salvo at the school party (Salvo was still a misanthrope at that point so he was like “yikes humans”), and Salvador said no at first.

Then they grew closer and became friends, and (this part is like a vague hc) Ciccio tries to invite him to the party again, promising he’d give him half of his sandwich every day for the rest of the year if he came. At this point Salvo was like “Yeah, I’m totally coming just because you wanna, no second purpose or anything” while inside his head he was like “OMG DID HE JUST ASK ME OUT IM SCREAMING IM SO GAY *curses in Portuguese*”, so he ends up going to the party.

Then at the party Salvador actually is having fun, he’s had some drinks (”NATHAN CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS” “NO WAY BRO, WE NEED TO DOCUMENT THIS”) and his brain-to-mouth filter is… how you say? andato a farsi fottere. So before you even know he’s rambling to Demy about how much he loves Francesco while she’s gesturing her gf Diana (the only sober one gdghghjvh) to bRING HIM THE FUCK HERE DEE NOW IS THE FUCKING MOMENT

And then the two finally arrive and Demy and Diana disappear to make out God knows where, and Francesco’s like “So, are you enjoying the party?” smirking and Salvador dies for the 75587698 time since the beginning of the story, and ofc he can’t let him know he actually is liking it a lot so he’s like “Yeah, kinda… Though I gotta say, it’s a lot better now that you’re here” and Francesco melts because this dork ghjgsdhjfk 

And they’re making small talk and then Ciccio’s like “So, do you like anyone in our school? ;) ;) ;)” and Salvo just blurts out “I’m into guys” (because did I mention his brain-to-mouth filter gone to hell) and Francesco’s like “Cool, me too” and Salvo’s confused because “wait did you just come out to me” “Dude, I’ve been acting queer around you for like the whole year, I thought you’d gotten the hint by now” “Oh” *long ass flashback compilation of Ciccio acting queer around Salvo, starting from the infamous kiss on the cheek* “Yeah, I should’ve noticed that”

And then Francesco’s like “So, well… do you like any guys? ;) ;) ;)” and Salvo’s like *facepalm* because he can’t tell him he likes him but also he sooooo wants to and plus he’s gay (?) so there’s a tiny possibility that he likes him back???? And everything is so confusing this poor guy’s lost someone help him pls

and he says “yeah, there’s this guy and he’s really smart and deep but also really funny and pretty and he sings so well and he’s great really” and Francesco’s like “:/” because he also likes him and he doesn’t want him to get Hurt By The Straights TM (but let’s be real is anyone even straight in that school)

but then he says “He seems cool!” because he wants to be Supportive and Salvador’s like “I bet he does, it’s you” and then goes on to die again and bury his face in his hands because wtf was that Salvo you didn’t really just say that to your crush did you and then he looks up and Francesco’s beaming (Manel, Nathan and Slavko high five in the background) and then ???? they’re kissing ???? and Salvo’s lowkey freaking out but he kisses him back and Demy&Diana come back from their alcove and probably cry with the Bro Squad because “Holy shit finally!” and that’s basically how I think their first kiss went lmao

This is so long tbh I thought it’d be shorter I’m sorry XD

Inspired by @u-r-a-n-i-a 

So I run the customization machine at our phone case company and I sometimes print cases for myself when I have an open spot on the template and like, of course I’m going to put my current obsessions on my phone.

Anyways, we also started a buddy system at work so they picked a couple of veteran employees to pair up with new hires to help get them acclimated to the office since it can be pretty intimidating and they may have questions that they might not feel comfortable going to their superiors with. 

And like, my buddy asked me “so what do you do at the company?”

and I told her “oh I do some product development and custom case creation.”

and she’s like, “what do you have on your phone now?”

Me: *sweats nervously*


We both just kinda poker faced at each other for a couple seconds before I yelled “IT’S BECKY G FROM POWER RANGERS”

and now she’s probably like wtf what did I get myself into.

REQUEST: Hi can you do an imagine of The reader telling her feelings to Peter Pan but rejects but then overtime he truly loves her and end up getting together (Fluff please) Btw I love imagine so much 😍👌
A/N: insp. light me up - the pretty reckless, sweetie little jean - cage the elephant. the course of true love never did run smooth - william shakespeare
[gif is mine] hid face tho when he realizes he’s in love. “wtf no.”
PAIRING: Pan x Reader

You didn’t know what good could ever come from you telling someone like Pan how you felt about him. Him being him of course, rejected you. 
The feeling you got when he moved close to you and smiled that crooked smile of his, sweeping you off your feet with a gentle touch against your cheek, then said what he said. It lit you on fire and burnt you to the core and unlike a phoenix, you were never going to get up again.
No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t forget his face when you told him that you loved him. It was a mixture of disbelief, like it couldn’t be happening, and ridicule, like you didn’t matter shit. Stupid little girl, what did you expect? Pan wasn’t capable of any real emotion. He was only a power hungry little boy, who never grew up. Childish and selfish, incapable of any remorse or love. And none of that was ever going to change.
But you decided not to brood in it, instead, push your feelings aside and concentrate on the one thing that mattered, getting the hell off that cursed island.

It had been a couple of weeks since you had left the main camp. You’d been moving yours nearly every day, in case Pan decided to come after you, but he never did.
The air was still cold, it had just rained, stormed really, and so the earth was damp and smelled so fresh and alive. You felt like the rain had washed away all the pain and filth that was your love for that demon, and you were ready to go home.
Sitting under a tree, with your legs coiled up against your chest, you watched the thin branches in the trees move in the wind. It was still cold, and the sun was hiding behind the branches that covered it from you.
Actually, you had no plan as to how you were going to get off the island. You didn’t have a magic bean, or Pan’s shadow or a ship for that matter. You didn’t have any pixie dust either, and even if you did, it probably wouldn’t work. Not to be pessimistic or anything, but you had no way out.
About to go to sleep, you suddenly heard a noise from the woods. Thinking it was an animal, you prepared your weapon. But it wasn’t an animal, it was something else. Someone.
You wanted to get up and face Peter Pan, but didn’t want to give him the advantage of your fear. You just laughed at the sight of him as he smirked and walked closer to you.
»What do you want?» you asked him boredly, putting away your knife. He already let you leave the camp, why would he come after you weeks later?
»I want to talk», he said, and you shook your head with a smile of disbelief.
»What about?» you asked and Pan moved closer, kneeling on the ground before you.
»Well, funny thing», he said with a laugh. »I need help, with emotion things.»
»You don’t have any», you said and he smirked.
»When you left the camp, I found myself missing you, and thinking about you, all the time», he said it like it was the most repelling thing in the world for him. But also, he seemed to only then have realized it, and your lips parted in surprise. »And, I also have this heavy feeling in my chest, and I don’t know what it is.» His guard was beginning to lower, almost to the point of vulnerability.
»I think it’s guilt, Pan», you said as you got up to leave. You were just as surprised as he was. Psychopaths don’t feel guilt. He looked up in disbelief as you collected your things in a small bag you made from a deer skin.
»And», he began, taking your arm. The smugness in his voice had vanished, and he seemed like an actual human being. »I was wondering, whether you still felt that way», he said, looking down, like a little kid trying to tell his mother he broke her China.
All those feelings you tried so hard to forget came rushing back, and you felt the tears burn in your eyes, because you realized a person does often meet their destiny on the road they took to avoid it. You never meant for yourself to fall in love with Peter Pan in fact, you were trying your best not to. Because you knew, you knew the dark side was tempting and that one way or another you’d step on it.
»I do», you said quietly, trying to hold back the tears. He looked up at you and his expression changed once he saw a tear fall down your cheek. He clearly didn’t know what to do, he just looked into your eyes.
You wiped the tear away and then looked at him. »Because,» he said and broke eye contact, »I realized once you left, that I didn’t act fairly and that I should’ve told you the truth.», he said. »And I think the feeling I have in my chest, is the weight of the fact that I never told you that–, I, I loved you», he paused. »And I’m sorry, love, for all the damage done», he added quietly.
He slid his hand from your wrist to your palm, and interlocked his fingers with yours. You felt another tear roll down your cheek as he pulled you close. 

»I love you, Y/N», he said as he wiped away the tear from your face and then lightly kissed your lips, and you knew, there was no telling how much more pain would come from this, but then again, the course of true love never did run smooth.

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Did a Bernie and got complemented? Wtf?

So i only realised i had a lecture 10 mins before it began and me being me having grown my hair to practically thigh length, had ZERO time to brush it so ran a face cloth over my face and ran out without brushing my hair or putting on make up and omg. Like yeah fine, when i put effort in no one notices but fuck when i dont brush my hair or put on make up everyones just like omg you look so pretty today! Did you do something with your hair it looks amazing!

Bernie was on to something guys! Ditch the hair brushes!

canis-zenith  asked:

Okay, but you know how there's that option at the first chat to say 'but I'm not a girl'? What if the RFA met MC and she actually did turn out to be a he?? (Lol, 707 probably knew the whole time, tho.)

im so sorry this took so long!!!!!!! can u imagine their faces omf :’) this was a hard one to do so im sorry if its not my best rip

• the first time he sees you he realises how stupid the entire rfa had been to just randomly brush off your gender ????
tf were we doing guys wha t
• hes a little confused but tries to not let it get in the way of anything
• seven wtf why didnt u tell us

• hes actually pretty delighted !!
• i mean like he wouldnt mind if you were either gender! its canon hes bi after all!
• cool!!!!!!
• is like !!!THATS MC!!!! THE PRETTY BOY OVER THERE!!!! OMG!!!!
• v v embarrassed for assuming you were a girl and apologises literally years later
• probably yells at V for not telling anyone

• ho o l y s h i t
• excited bc she has a cute boy to love !!
• gets v flustered for assuming ur gender and apologises profusely

• Humin Jan:
• doesnt care
• what
• okay youre a boy…and??
• youre still MC sooo *shrug*
• barely even apologises for misgendering you, just a quick ‘oh, so you werent joking. im sorry.’

• was probably dropping hints at the rest the entire time
• when he does the background check hes like “….????”

(im sorry if you also wanted V/Saeran, just send another ask and I’ll happily add them in!!!

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What's so funny about Wolf? I miss out too :'(

Not to be rude but did you guys even watch Wolf like

What even is this dance move I want to say Kai’s the only one doing it right but idek if he is

Not to forget about the teasers like

Are you guys good or?

okay um

Kai wtf r u and those nasteh dreads doin

Ohmygod what is going on

Lay is your face okay are you okay, Suho looks pretty concerned in the back there

What the actual fuck are they doing in the back what’s happening

why tf they all jumpin wolves don’t even jump like that


Honestly I don’t think they even know wat they’re meant to be doing the director probably left for lunch halfway through filming this

Why isn’t this in every cringe compilation ever like he has a tattoo that says “Raised By Wolves” I’m-

Oh and don’t forget about the lyrics

Okay but what the fuck

And then there are the famous lines:

“I’ll take you in one mouthful like cheese.” - what even

“I’ll eat you up with more refine than (drinking) wine.” but what does that

“Ah, but the strength in my toenail weakens, so my appetite yeah is gone.” why your toenail what the living fuck???

These are all real lines from the actual song

And, if you’re still doubting if Wolf was meant to be a joke or not, here’s the demo version actually sung by EXO:

EXO-Wolf MV (Demo Version)


I literally hate Wolf so much to the point that I love it with all my heart like I’ve just accepted it as my religion now, this is what got me into kpop and I regret nothing like literally nothing. Appreciate Wolf but like also realise it’s one big joke in the EXO fandom and probably even to EXO themselves.


I was tagged about a billion times by a lot of amazing(and hella beautiful) people to post some selfies but I never did because, oh well, my face is shit. But I’m finally posting them now so yaay ._.

So I tag you guys to post some prettyful selfies because you’re all beautiful lil’ creatures: agwith perunathor yggdrasill– your-basileus immortalxwitch d-e-r-n-h-e-l-m skallenknuse metalnshit s-a-o-r-s-a valhallawaits 0oncanvas metalnshit misscurse anneissleepingwithsirens bitte-totet-mich and pretty much anyone who wants to do it<3

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we drunk-kissed and now i don't know how to act around you wtf and bellarke PLEASE

I think this is a normal length?? omg I did it?? Hope you like this anon!

Here’s the thing about growing up with your best friend: you can’t help falling in love with them.

There was no sudden, dramatic moment of clarity or a mad scramble to declare his feelings. One day he’s looking at her, pretty much the same face that he has looked at for the past eleven years, and he thinks, I could love you forever. And that’s it. That’s when he knew.

Octavia tells him to grow a pair and just tell her already, but what difference does it make, really? Clarke could be with someone else and he would love her all the same. It’s not like that with them- it’s not pining and jealousy and confessions- it’s easy. It’s simple. He loves her and he wants to be with her, and one day, she might feel the same. If not, he takes what he can get. Having Clarke around is better than not having Clarke at all.

(This feels like acceptance, Octavia tells him, all accusatory. He doesn’t know how to explain that it feels a lot more like hope.)

Then he fucks it all up the night of Octavia’s engagement party.

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something i really hate about unpretty rapstar is the constant hate for idols and the whole “oh well, Jimin’s just good at this charisma thing” and all the comments that turn into “SHE’S JUST ON IT BECAUSE SAN-E/SEULONG/THE PRODUCERS/KANGNAM/ECT WANT TO FUCK HER”

No, just no. 

Jimin is television gold, because yes, she’s fantastic at being charismatic and getting a crowd going, but also she says things that are amazing.

[no, zico is not that interesting \o/ go jimin]

Jimin already went through a survival program. Just because it wasn’t broadcast on television, doesn’t mean it was any less intense. Getting into AOA would not have been easy for any of the members, and she became the leader of the whole damn group. 

Guess what? being a leader is difficult! Essentially your team members get to blame their problems on you, want you to advise them when things go wrong for them, blatantly ignore your advice if they don’t like it, and then you catch the blame from the company if they get in trouble. Not to mention multiple leaders have said it’s really lonely being the leaders of their various groups, because they don’t have that support system within their team. [Not gonna bother to source this shit. Look it up yourself. The ones that I can specifically remember talking about these things would be Onew from SHINee, J.R. from nu'EST, Leeteuk from SuJu, N from VIXX, Eunkwang from BtoB and Zico himself. I know there’s more i just can’t think of it. Oh, Yunho of DBSK gets talked about for having to solve problems and stop fights when db5k were together 28/7]

Also keep in Mind Jimin’s group is the first female group out of FNC AND the first (most of the time) dance group. That’s pretty obvious, considering their costumes almost always are tailored incorrectly, are the wrong cut or fabric to look good while dancing, are just WTF a lot of the time. The same could be said for their shoes DID YOU KNOW PLAT FORMS ARE JUST ABOUT THE WORST THINGS TO DANCE IN? Yeah, you can’t move your feet at all in them, they’re heavy, clunky and make you about 129837198237x’s more likely to snap your ankle or fall on your face, even if you are an experienced dancer.
Sucks to be Jimin, ChoA and Mina, because you know, the company couldn’t bare to put the girls on stage unless their heights all matched????? idk how the short memebers survived Miniskirt promos, I mean, with the pencil skirts, the getting down and back up within the choreo, and doing it in those shoes?!?!?! Is that even humanly possible (no, Jimin’s an Angel, us mere mortals do not compare).
 I’m the last person to complain about sexy concepts, but for real, all of their choreo for the past year can be summed up in 1 photo. 

It’s not even simple sexy choreography, a la girl’s day something or sister’s alone. No, there are stances in just about every one of their singles that I wonder how any of them can even balance. Even before they did the sexy specific concepts, some of Jimin’s moves are literally painful, because I can’t figure out how she did them without hurting herself. 

then lets take all of that, and have the group perform in the rain

  because their lives aren’t difficult enough. [praise the lord for good fancammers, bless]

p.s. their company head still prefers Yongwha over his other idols, lol

Being an idol is no joke. From bad costumes, hard choreo, long days shooting music shows to creepy hosts, news sites just waiting for you to fuck up, to sasaengs who claim to “love you” and Jimin does a great job. Even as the press try to find any fault they can (such as AOA’s win’s only happen when no one else is promoting, they’re too sexy, too many mistakes, trying to copy “insert any other group who has done a sexy concept before”, ), Jimin’s kept her head up so far. And that’s JUST her career as a leader in a regular idol group. 

On top of having to learn their songs and choreo, when the company handed her raps that she couldn’t complete Jimin started writing her own raps for these songs, which are very different then what other idol rappers are offering (playing with tempo and style, not just shouting her way through verse, as some “more legit” idol rappers do during stages). Then, let’s just add that because of the fact they have line up changes from aoa white too aoa black, they all memorize two versions of their songs, when many idol groups have proven on variety they barely know the lyrics to parts that are not their own, in their group’s songs. Oh, and never forget that she does play guitar for half of their stages

So while most of the girls of unpretty rapstar have have the last 3 or so years to hone their craft as writers, performers, and rappers, Jimin has been slaying everyone on stage, maintaining her image, winning awards, writing raps, dancing ridiculous choreography flawlessly, not pissing off the creepy older male mc’s who hit on her, and somehow surviving a near impossible schedule. And she does it without complaining. 

What I’m saying is, Jimin is not a part of the show just because she’s popular, she is one of the few who could handle a career like that, so when rappers like Jolly V come in and try to rip her apart for the fact she is an idol, they sound like idiots. Just because someone is cute, doesn’t mean they’re fragile. Just because they’re an idol, doesn’t mean they can’t hold their own. 

Jimin is such a gift.