wtf whyyyyy

Grenda is NOT offensive. All the jokes that the show has involving her that you claim to be transphobic is just   you being way too sensitive. All the weird stuff that she does that some people can claim is Alex being transphobic is just Grenda being Grenda. She’s silly, rash, emotional, and boy crazy. Those traits of her’s can make some pretty funny moments in the show, but she’s not just comedic relief.  That’s shown in the episode, Northwest Manor Mystery.

In that episode, Mabel, Candy, and Grenda go into the mansion and meet Marius von Fundshauser. All 3 girls are infatuated with him but, they decide that he’s out of their league and vow to not flirt with him However, Mabel and Candy break the vow and flirt as a team, leaving Grenda out because her flirting is too aggressive and it might scare Marius away. Grenda also held to the pact, she never betrayed Candy or Mabel. Grenda finds out and is outraged and demands to know why they broke their promise. They tell her that she’s too aggressive and Grenda, offended, flicks Marius’ nose (which is how she flirts). Later, the girls make up with a hug and Marius confesses his sudden crush on her, saying that he finds her personality to be bold and daring.

In the episode, we find out that Grenda is proud of who she is. She refuses to change who she is no matter what people think about her, as shown by flicking that Austrian hunk’s nose even though that might scare him away. She also values her friendship with Mabel and Candy way more then she will never love boys. Overall, that episode shows that Grenda is what Marius said about her, bold and daring, as well as caring about the people who really matter, her BFFs. Northwest Manor Mystery isn’t shittly written, it developed characters and left you at a heart shattering cliffhanger. Also, Grenda got the love interest because she didn’t change herself, she was liked for who she is, which btw, is a great message to send to anyone, especially those who are transgender.

Finally, In the episode, Love God, this was Love God’s original design

His necklace has the transgender symbol on it. Alex fought to have that design stay on the character but, unfortunately Disney forbade it.

Now, can you please stop making false accusations?