wtf who gave you the right

things some girls do that are cute

-scrunch up their nose when they smile/laugh

-long hair: put in ponytails. bonus if the ponytail bounces

-curly hair: just cute no matter what ?? 

-short hair: b e d h e a d

-running a hand through their hair absentmindedly when they’re thinking

-also having short hair but it’s kind of grown out past its shape so their hairs just really floppy

-wear clothes that are too big and the sleeves go over their hands

-flannel shirts

- b l u s h i n g

-get really excited about things they like and their whole face lights up when you mention it

-being happy

-love their pets a lot

-squint when doing makeup like it’s the most complicated thing ever because tbh it is

-sing/hum under their breath thinking no one can hear

-love their friends a lot

- ;) 

girls are such a blessing oh my g o d

You Meme A Lot To Me

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Y/N, Natasha.

Clint: every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break

Natasha: clint, it’s 2 am.

Clint: every step you take

Clint: I’ll be watching you. happy valentine’s day. my gifts will be delivering later on pls do not trash them

Natasha: is that coulson’s song?

Y/N: this explains why my room is flooded with gifts from the others

Natasha: why must tony give us all cardboard cutouts of him every year?

Pietro has joined the chat.

Pietro: couldn’t u choose a better song old man? this is why u have no valentine. even ur wife said no.

Clint: did i invite u? no.

Pietro: today is a day of love so don’t be salty

Clint: Na.

Clint: hahaha get it

Pietro: no

Clint: ofc you wouldn’t

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Hey dear nice Works...!!!!! Please Do a RFA (V+Saeran) Celebrating Birthday of MC how will they celebrate Mc's Birthday and what will they Do to make it special??

A/N: I’d invite them all to my birthday party hell yeah it’d be greAT ~Admin 404
I love them all *sobs* ~ Admin 626

-HE’S SUCH A LITTLE KID AT HEART (and i mean in general come on now)
-Goes FULL. OUT. Does not take it lightly at all
-Sets up a day with your friends so you’re out of the house and busy
-And he decorates the house completely!! Streamers, balloons, he even has homemade party hats for the two of you
-He isn’t a master baker or anything but he attempted at making a box cake for you!!! He decorated it with so many colourful sprinkles!
-Remember how he gets a discount from the pizza place? He bought like three larges and the two of you were eating it for DAYS
-He either has homemade presents for you, or he’s saved up a lot to splurge on pre-ordering that new video game you’ve been eyeing for months
-The two of you watch all the movies!! Whatever movie you wanna watch, he’ll sit through. Scary ones? He might cry but he’ll DO IT FOR YOU!!!!

-More of a classy approach to birthdays
-He did attempt to put a party hat on Elizabeth though MC SHE’S ADORABLE LOOK, HURRY, BEFORE SHE TAKES IT OFF
-But he always makes sure to give you one super special one. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry he had custom made because it reminded him of you, or it’s something you’ve had your eye on for a while, you’ve got it
-He’s also super extra, like y’all know how wedding cakes are super big and beautiful and usually really intricate? Yeah so is your birthday cake. EVERY YEAR. but i mean are you really complaining?? It’s cAKE
-Takes you to the fanciest restaurant for dinner, and the two of you dress up for it
-(Yes, MC, you’re wearing the new dress/suit he got you)
-He’ll also try taking you to new and exotic places as a day trip to see all the sights and watch the gleam in your eyes as you learn the history of the place
-Always has the best wine, but on your birthday he pulls out the rare ones, just for you! (Or if you don’t do wine, he finds the best of whatever you like to drink)
-Not to mention you wake up with like 14 dozen rose bouquets strung around the house that morning, all holding a little note card expressing his love for you because he can be cute too, mc

-We all know he’d wake you up by jumping on the bed and blowing that stupid little party blower in your ear until you chase him out of the room
-But chasing him is worth it because when you get to the living room there are so many loose balloons that you can’t see the floor
-Same goes with the ceiling, completely covered in balloons
-Saeran’s just sitting in a chair, in a party hat, looking completely uninterested, but still plays the party blower when you walk in. Saeyoung tries to hide behind him to avoid your wrath you arent a morning person, are you mc?
-The two of you spend a good while just throwing the loose balloons at each other over Saeran’s head who was not impressed, might i add
-Did you know you can get custom images printed onto your cakes? Because he made a collage of the STUPIDEST pictures he has of you and had it put on top
-Anything you want, he’ll get you. Just name it. You want a pet elephant? He’ll dO IT DON’T DOUBT HIM MC
-He’d probably take you out for a drive, too. You could feel the fresh air and just talk about anything and everything. It’s just really relaxing and he wants you to have a stress-free time

-What’s the point of celebrating another year of life in this shitty world now is NOT THE TIME MR. EDGELORD
-But for you…he could manage it
-He doesn’t go very hard at it though because he doesn’t see the real point
-He’ll get a small gift for you- something he saw and immediately thought of you
-He does get a small cake for you, but a freaking tub of ice cream
-Cuddles cuddles cuddles! He doesn’t hide his affection today! It’s all about you, he’ll put his insecurities away for a while
-He’ll moan and groan at the stupid Disney movies you put in, but suffer through them because the fact that you sing along is the CUTEST thing he’s ever seen are you sure it isn’t his birthday
-CUTIE ALERT: he cooks your favourite meal for you! He might have spent a few days trying to find the perfect way to make it, but HE MAKES IT
-He’s also spent all day pushing Saeyoung out of the room because he’s not about to let him ruin your relaxing birthday by bringing in some stupid little party games hes also smacked a party blower into the back of his throat at one point and you felt TERRIBLE but you couldnt help but laugh???

- you know his hoe ass is gonna try to go all out for you
- like he knows you you prefer lowkey but???
- the world needs to know his love for you
- but after the RFA members managed to talk him down from performing a flash mob, he realized he should respect your wishes
- so he struggles and struggles to come up with something that has a bit of flare but is still something you’d want
- and then he remember you one time mentioning you’d never really been on a trampoline before???
- on your birthday (exactly at midnight), he sings “happy birthday” and then hands you a cupcake up with a candle on it <3
- he had you fooled, you thought this was gonna be it for your birthday
- boy buddy ur in for a treat!
- when you wake up he immediately blindfolds
- you’re just like *sigh* “well at least he didn’t jump out of the cake this year”
- omfg when he takes off the blindfold though, you find yourself at a trampoline park??? And he invited your friends (including the RFA ofc) and family!!!
- He roped Jumin into getting the place to rent out the entire area to then!
- Zen didn’t think you’d love it this much but oh my god he’s so happy because you look so happy!!!
- and he finds that you and Saeyoung both love to push into the pit with all the foam cubes anD YOU TWO START TAG TEAMING
- maybe this was a bad idea after all
- but hearing your laugh was all he needed <3
- after that, you all head to a dessert place and you spend the rest of your birthday talking and laughing with the people most important to you with the love of your life right by your side <3

- you only really expected dinner at a restaurant and maybe cake because that’s just how you and jaehee are
- other people might think it’s underwhelming but honestly, what’s better than snuggling up to your s/o and feeling warm and cuddley on your birthday???
- but you’re surprised when you come home to a note that directs you to Seven’s house?
- and when you get there, there’s another note attached to a nerf gun
- “Happy Birthday, MC! The game starts as soon as you enter the house, every man for himself ~ Jaehee”
- it is all out WAR when you enter
- Zen is playing a defensive strategy, he may have shitty aim but hE CAN DODGE ANYTHING WITH HIS DANCER GRACE
- Jumin is already out, he lasted like three seconds he’s disappointed because he thought he’d win with his cat like reflexes
- Yoosung’s out too, he lasted much longer than Jumin but Saeyoung managed to trick him into thinking they were team and then Saeyoung shOT HIM EXECUTION STYLE
- Saeran is lowkey bitter; he steals V’s portion of birthday cake
- eventually it’s just down to you, Jaehee, and Saeyoung,,,
- you run out in front of him and when he’s distracted by you, Jaehee shoots him!
- you laugh so hard when you see the look on his face bc he wasn’t expecting you to sacrifice yourself
- and then you give ya hot gf a kiss because hello, she’s a winner, she deserves all the kisses
- after that, you all head down to Saeyoung’s entertainment room and watch your favorite movies and eat cake <3
- everyone slowly falls asleep, and you’re cuddled up to jaehee and wondering what you did to get someone as amazing her in your life <3

- honestly he’s such a hipster, he throws a birthday for u every year and it always has a theme???
- who does that smh
- this year???
- murder mYSTERY TRAIN THEME OMMMGG (A/N: 626 doesn’t know what she’s doing here, it’s probably all gonna be wrong)
- V gets you a beautiful evening gown and hE MATCHES U  
- he makes sure the gang is ready too, there’s no way theyre gonna ruin it for u (we’re looking at u saran wrap, das right i’m calling u out)
- he takes sooo many pictures, you guys have to confiscate his camera cause hE WON’T STOP
- when you guys get there, it’s sooo much more interactive than you thought it was gonna be???
- you actually can’t tell who’s an actor and who isn’t?? They’re that good
- you all have your own theories about who did it
- V think it was her husband because hello, it’s always someone the victim knew
- Jumin agrees but he’s also suspicious of the daughter
- Yoosung doesn’t know what to think he’s still traumatized from seeing a dead lady even if it was fake
- Surprisingly only Zen got it right???
- but he graciously gave you and V the prize since it a weekend getaway <3
- Pretty sure V threatened him but whatever
- After, you guys head back to yours and V’s place for cake and chilling <3
- you guys end up on the floor in one weird big cuddled mess but it’s so warm (saran wrap says he hates u guys but he’s a little close to Zen so) (okay in 626’s world the RFA is a bunch of cuddlers youguyscantstopme)
- u eventually get up tho and drag V to ur bedroom bc you wanna cuddle with him <3 (and you ignore Saeyoung wolf whistling in the background)



Alec snapped out of his thoughts as the teacher called his name. Panicking Alec skimmed the page in front of him, looking for an answer. Then he realized he didn’t even know what the question was.

“I…uh” Seeing his panic Magnus who sat besides him whispered the answer under his breath loud enough for Alec to hear.

“217!” Alec yelled the answer as Magnus gave him a glare.

“Yes, Mr. Lightwood you don’t have to yell it.” The teacher glared at Alec while Magnus shot him a ‘wtf’ look.

Cowering, Alec mumbled a sorry as he looked down at his table.

Sighing besides him Magnus shook his head at his classmate’s stupidity.

-  -  -

Drawing the last lines on his drawing, Alec scratched his head as he looked the drawing over. It didn’t look quite right.

A poke in his side caught Alec’s attention. Meeting Magnus’ eyes he realized that once again he had failed at paying attention.

Looking between the teacher who had crossed her arms waiting annoyed for Alec to answer to Magnus who desperately tried to point at the book in front of him without attracting the teachers attention.

The problem was that he hadn’t even opened his book.


“Mr. Bane what do you think you are doing?” Stopping wide eyed, Magnus met the teacher’s angry gaze as he realized they had been caught.

“Detention! Both of you.” Both of the boys dropped their heads on the table groaning simultaneously.

Great. Just great. Alec thought while meeting Magnus’ eyes. At least they were together

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Shit Slytherins Say

Nottgrass, Dransy

Non-magical, college, texting AU

For my wife @daphnegreengrass


Pansy to fuck bitches get money: What in the name of merlin did I do last night

Astoria to fuck bitches get money: Honey what didn’t u do

Pansy to fuck bitches get money: Someone pls enlighten me, all my shoes r in the shoer

Pansy to fuck bitches get money: *shower

Pansy to fuck bitches get money: I need to wash my hair but

Pansy to fuck bitches get money: I cannot move them

Daphne to fuck bitches get money: lmaoo u pushed draco into the pond

Daphne to fuck bitches get money: Hes super pissed at u

Pansy to fuck bitches get money: Whoops lmao is that why I facetimed him at 5am

Pansy to fuck bitches get money: Lil bitch didn’t answer

Millie to fuck bitches get money: He texted me at 7 that he found a small fish in his ear

Millie to fuck bitches get money: I’m p sure he was lying

Millie to fuck bitches get money: But the point stands that he is very mad at u

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I’ve been re-reading this chapter for days, now.
Idk wtf is going on, so here’s my guesses:

•Evil bro (because I still don’t know his name woops) admits to liking Woojin??
•Evil bro was the one who gave out the CD?
•Evil bro says Woojin was the one who orchestrated the cd thing(Woojin you better not’ve)?!
•Taemin is reading him for filth as per us., probably making him rethink his entire existence.(I’m like 110% sure I’m right about this one, though)

Sigh* This is so frustrating.

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Sorry if I bother you and if you've gotten this comment 100x already, but I'm STILL salty about Erwin. I wanted to see Erwin survive and learn how to deal with his demons and overcome his depression, not this whole thing about how he 'can only be in peace in death' and blablabla. And there seems to be no consequence for his death, so what was even the point of killing him off? Help snk makes me sad (and also kinda mad)

Yeah, as of yet there are no consequences and that is making me slightly uneasy, but the whole serum bowl shit was inspired by a choice based game where every decision has consequences, so I doubt we’ve heard the last of it. I hope it’s not a case of yams having some random character say “erwin should have lived!” every 2-3 chapters but never really seeing any come back from it because why bother?

There will be consequences. The whole thing about only those who can make sacrifices are able to bring about change is important. Er/en was unable to let Amr0n go so he’s screwed, and Levi wasn’t able to put the mission above his love/loyalty to Erwin and let his “personal feelings” get in the way.

As time goes by i’ve started to come to terms with Levi’s choice, even though the way it went down was just a damn mess. Erwin could have died by being eaten/executed/murdered etc but instead he died because Levi loves him too fucking much. This is the same manga that people get ripped apart and eaten, where teenage soldiers get their heads smashed to pieces, and where there is a panel showing the mutilated corpse of a child wtf. And then there’s Erwin looking peaceful with the person who loves him best sitting right next to him as he dies.

I would have loved to have seen Erwin live and to achieve his dream and to see his reaction to the truth of the world. He needed to have the chance to overcome his demons but i’m not sure it was fair to ask it of him. He gave up on his dream so that the survivors could make it to the basement, and again it comes back to that shit about sacrificing things that are important to you. But I really wanted to see him be happy again, or at least just get to the basement. He deserved that much.

I’m sure we’ll see him in a flashback though, and probably just before Levi dies.

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I don't ship paperhat but like ??? Your stuff is too good to ignore??? Both writing and drawing wise like wtf who gave you the right to be this talented

aaaaa u are too sweet!! 😊

thank you so much!!

Title: What does this mean?

Length: 1,171 words

Rating: K+

Warning: one swear word in German

Pairings: Kurt Wagner x Reader, some Cherik

Original Request:  How about one where the reader wants Kurt to teach them some German, and asks for certain phrases, and after a while asks for a random phrase to try and figure it out, and he tells them I love you in German? And Kurt is just silently hoping they don’t figure it out, because he just told his friend and crush that he loved them, and oh god it’s really embarrassing (I don’t know if anybody has done one like that before, but I’m too much of a worry wart to write it myself)

A/N: This has been sitting in my inbox for a while and I haven’t posted any Kurt fics so why not!

You were sitting on your bed with Kurt Wagner and you were speaking German. Well, you were trying to at least. He had been spending every day for the past two weeks with you trying to teach you German but it was hard as he was still working on his English and you had never heard a single word of German in your life. So, every day after class you would sit in your room or his room and he would give you German lessons. Considering you had a particularly big crush on the adorable blue mutant and had had one for several months, learning his language had become a big priority for you. It wasn’t going easy though. You were trying, but it was going as well as getting Angel to listen to opera music. Which is to say, not well.

“Kurt, teach me another one!” You begged looking at the entirely blue mutant in front of you. He looked hesitant as had had been for the past hour.

“I’ve already taught you 12 new phrases!” He protested with a smile on his face but was hoping you could stop. He was going to say something stupid at the rate he was going. You two had been spending so much time together and he couldn’t be happier. He had fallen for you months ago, but had been too nervous to say anything. Now, every say you were talking to him and being together was great, but he was afraid he was gonna say something stupid.

“Teach me more!” You begged again. He sighed.

“Haben Sie einen guten Tag.” Kurt said. “Have a good day.”

“Haben Sie einen guten Tag.” You repeated slowly.

“That’s good!” He smiled showing off his pointed teeth. He was happy. It felt inexplicably good to hear the person he had secretly fallen for speaking his language. “Ich muss zum Unterricht. I have to go to class.”

“Ich muss zum Unterricht.” You knew you had mispronounced a word or two but he was patient. You tried again and you were rewarded with a smile. You loved his smile.

“Ich liebe dich, Y/N.” You waited, but he never said the translation. He looked sad for some reason but you didn’t comment on it.

“Wait, what does it mean?” you asked in you confusion.

“I want you to guess.” He replied and you could swear he was blushing as his face began turning purple.

“But I have never heard that phrase before.” You protested wanting to know what he had said.

“Try.” With that last word, he BAMFed out of the room and was gone. You sat there, mouth open, and knew you had to figure this out.

The next day you tried to look up the phrase in the library but there was a slight hitch in the plan as you could not read nor spell in German. You gave up after the words began swimming off the page. You had been wandering through the mansion trying to find one of the other mutants who spoke German. You knew of only two others. You eventually located one of them in one of the lounge rooms.

Warren was laying on one of the couches with his wings thrown over the edges with no shirt on his body and lounge pants on. You hadn’t spoken to Warren much considering his wings scared you and you still didn’t trust him but you had heard him on more than one occasion speaking to Kurt in perfect German so you figured he was a good bet to figure this out. He watched you walk up and he looked at you.

“Can I help you?” he asked in a curt tone.

“Ich liebe dich.” You said and you watched his eyes go wide in shock.

“Excuse me?” he said sitting up wondering why you would suddenly profess such a thing to him.

“What does it mean?” You asked before he could say anything else.

“What does what mean?” he asked confused. You pinched the bride of your nose.

“That phrase, ‘ich liebe dich’? What does it mean?” you repeated. You watched a smug smile appear on your face.

“Who told you that?” he questioned staring at you.


“Oh. Well, kid, that’s your problem. Why are you asking me anyway?” he held up the magazine he had been reading.

“Because you speak German.” You said like it was obvious.

“Well, I’m not helping you with your homework. Go ask someone else. Verpiss dich!” You had a feeling you knew what that one meant. You turned and walked off not seeing the sympathetic smile her threw your way.

You had one last option. You were gonna speak to Erik Lehnsherr.

You found him sitting in the Professor’s office playing chess with Charles. You knocked on the door.

“Come in Y/N.” the Professor beckoned. Erik looked up. “Erik, I believe Y/N has a question for you.” Secretly, you were still scared of Magneto but you were willing to do this if it meant figuring this out.

“What is it?”

“You speak German right?”

“Ja, ich spreche Deutsch, warum fragen Sie?” he responded. You looked at him in delight.

“What does ich liebe dich mean?” you responded. Erik stared at you. “I know the first word is ‘I’ and the last one I think means ‘you’ but I don’t know the middle word.” He looked at Charles and gave him a very clear WTF look.

“And, who said this to you?”

“Kurt. I already asked Warren and he told me to quote ‘Verpiss dich’. So will you please tell me what it means?” you asked ready to give up.

“Erik, tell her.” Charles said looking at him.

“I don’t know Charles. It might be more than she can handle.” Erik gave him a shark like smile

“Please tell me. I can handle it!” you begged and Erik and Charles exchanged smug looks to each other.

“I love you.” Erik said and it took you a moment to register this.


“Ich liebe dich mean I love you in German. Ich liebe dich auch means I love you too.” Erik smiled as your eyes widened.

“Thank you Mr. Lehnsherr!” You turned and bolted out the door. Erik looked at Charles and smiled.

“Ich liebe dich, Charles.”

“Ich liebe dich auch, Erik.”

You found Kurt sitting on his bed reading and walked in. He looked up in shock and saw you with a fierce look on your face. It was now or never.

“Ich liebe dich auch.”


“Ich liebe dich auch. I love you too.” You plopped down on the bed and planted a kiss on his cheek. He looked at you in pure shock. You waited for him to move. Finally he grinned wider than you and ever seen him grin.

“Ich liebe dich, Y/N.” he moved closer and kissed your cheek as well.

“Ich liebe dich, Kurt.” You two smiled and closed the gap, this time however, you stole his first kiss and he stole yours.

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Low key chants: sick fic sick fic sick fic (maybe with one trying to hide it and fainting?)

i am Down For This !!! for some reason in all my drabbles dex is always sleepy. i mean, what a Relatable Guy. this one’s a bit shorter but i hoPE YOU ENJOY

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hey >:)

1. First impression: Oh man, that was be quite a while ago. I do remember that I’ve always thought your game dev stuff looks cool as hell and you’ve had some funny URLs, including one involving Wario.
2. Truth is:
3. How old do you look: 25, but if you wore really formal clothes I’d maybe think you were 27 or 29. 
4. Have you ever made me laugh: OH definitely, you post some funny stuff sometimes. 
5. Have you ever made me mad: No? No.
6. Best feature: your WHOLE ENTIRE FACE BINCH!!!! you’re so pretty… wtf Who even gave you the right. 
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: UHHHH, How Honest Do I Have To Be Right Now? Ok look im not gonna say “no” but i don;t want to be weird or make you uncomfortable by saying “yes” because I REALLY DIDN;T THINK THIS THROUGH. YOU’RE JUST REALLY PRETTY!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!
8. You’re my: Friend Rosalie
9. Name in my phone: I dont have your phone number but I’d give you mine if you asked for it tbh
10. Should you post this too? YES

my fecking cousin

Oh, you’re just voting for the party that gave tax cuts to the rich, cut the number of tax inspectors, gave big corporations tax breaks, cut NHS funding, cut police numbers in England accused the police of scaremongering about terror attacks and then had to put the military on the streets, made cuts to said military, saw a huge increase in food banks and number of homeless, actively discriminate against the young, take part in anti-immigration rhetoric, saw huge cuts to the disabled, hounded jobseekers, declared people who died weeks later fit for work and is most closely aligned with the DUP.

You’re right, I really shouldnt judge you because… that’d be mean…


To summarize my thoughts on Cherry Bomb:
  • Mark is too talented for this earth I think we should start a petition to send him into space like Matt Damon, He’s too capable
  • rip Yuta Haechan and WinWin
  • Johnny on that couch… Goddamn 
  • Johnny with black hair… Goddamn
  • TY Track with pink hair was something I always needed but didn’t know how much I needed it until it was there, right in front of me and I cried tears actual tears.
  • Ok now I’m not a Taeil stan but for those of you who are, I see it.  And rip to you guys because that was so uncalled for DID YOU SEE HIS HAIR WTF LIKE HOW and his EYES.  Somebody needs to put that boy on a leash he’s out of control.
  • (also Yuta was too fuckin pretty someone lock him away)
  • Doyoung, baby, I’m so proud.
  • WHO GAVE THEM THE RIGHT to have the borders be that shade of purple?  
  • tbh I thought there was going to be a debut but there wasn’t so rip sm dungeon babies.
  • that part when mark raps something something cherry bomb had me shitting.
  • Why tha fuck were they dangling from cranes and the ceiling and shit like was that necessary?
  • Anyway I’m crushed, my soul is somewhere and I probably need to go find that shit, I’m tired, I’m probably going to go sleep till KCON NY