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Previews, For whom do you stand for?

So I’ve been re-reading ‘For whom do you stand for?’ And I must say that I thought I was gonna feel the strong need to edit everything!

Now I’m surprised to see that I only want to make small changes in grammar and flow of the story.

Epilogues are almost done! Should be done soon if I set myself to write down for a couple hours more. I will need to revise them though hehe.

I’m thinking on editing the story (doing those small grammar changes) before posting the epilogues, so just hang on a little while.

Still! I will give you a preview of both epilogues! This goes for @jadeoccelot and @shadowtsukiyo who were the first ones to support me with this story and had showed me an incredible amount of patience. So thank you guys! And this is for you! (The previews wiill be under the ‘Keep reading’ link so I don’t spoil anything about the story to other readers)

[Haven’t read ‘For whom do you stand for?’ yet? Here is Chapter 1 on tumblr and here you can find the rest of the story through Ffnet]

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I'm honestly so fucking tired of the taurus stereotype.

I used to laugh, because yes, i DO love food but wtf?! It’s gotten to a point where when people post things like “why the signs feel depressed” they state actual reasons for EVERY OTHER sign, and then for taurus, post something really fucking stupid like “don’t have food in their fridge” or when they post “how to cheer each sign up” they fucking post long ass nice ways to cheer each sign up, and then for taurus, simply say “give them food”.
like no. Fuck YOU. If i’m sad, i probably won’t have an appetite in the first place, and all we want in life isn’t food. We ALSO (even if it’s fucking hard for most stupid “astrologers” here to understand) would like emotional support, people making us laugh and letting us lean on them. Also, I and many Tauruses may struggle with their body, and the LAST thing we need is idiots like you posting stuff about how fat Tauruses are because they’re always eating. I DON’T CARE if you meant it as a joke. It’s not funny. Making jokes at others’s expense is not funny if you do it repeatedly.
So if you’re one of those ignorant ass “Tumblr astrology blogs” that post that kind of stuff, i’m not only unfollowing you, but also blocking you.