wtf what kind of muscles do they have

Aaron capernter smut !

Aaron Carpenter smut

                “Truth or dare (y/n) “Matthew carter yells out excessively loud. You and the boys where sitting in a circle playing a very interesting and dirty game of truth or dare. Quite frankly you really didn’t know how you got dragged into this, you WERE sleeping in yours and Aaron’s room. Yes you guys share you didn’t plan it, it just happened but  you weren’t complaining he was perfect. That’s kind of the problem to perfect you never had a boyfriend he deserved someone with experience. Aaron came rushing into your room kneeling by your bed “ hey hey hey princess please wake up” if you ignored him long enough hed shut up right. “I would hate to have to scream” he said. Your eyes shot open to be met with Aaron adorable little face. “Oh great your up come play” he said literally pulling you out of bed and dragging a dazed and confused you behind him. He plopped you down next to him and then well you ended up here. “Solo truth or dare” “umm truth” you said you could always just lie right nothing can be worse than one of their dares. “Are you a virgin?! “ Matthew asked. Your body tensed up all eyes were on you. FUCKKKKKK you where such horrible liar why did you agree to this. “Yea” you mumbled. “What was that “Nash said. “ Yes” you said a bit over a whisper this time. “I didn’t catch that sorry “Carter laughed. “ Yes fuck next question” you said. Your face was blistering red their faces got kind of serious. “Wait what no way “Aaron said “yes guys haven’t even had a boyfriend now drop the fucking subject” you said getting more angry than embarrassed. The game went on as normal but you were still tense from before. Everyone went to their own designated room. You went first to the showers you let the water relax your tense muscles. “Um (y/n)” you heard. Wtf you could have sworn you locked the door you hurried and gabbed a towel wrapping it around and shutting off the water. “Aaron what are you doing get out “you yelled. “ I have a question though were you serious you’re a virgin” really is this idiot brining this up now. “Yes my Lord why do you care”. You stepped out of the fogged shower passing Aaron on the way. As you were about to lay out your close Aaron flips you around to him getting less than a millimeter of pace in between you guys. “cause vie liked for a while now like a long while but I figured you would never go for a guy like me I have barely any idea of what I’m doing when it comes to relationship but then you said that and I figure this is my shot” he says finally exhaling “yes I mean I like you to I figured you wanted someone with experience and –“he cut you off with a kiss gently placing you on the bed. The kiss got deeper you were lost in this fantasy world. It felt absolute euphoric. “I don’t want to push you into anything really I’m satisfied you said yes” he says. Your heat was going a thousand a minute. Where you ready? Would you regret it? What if you were bad at it?! Oh no what if you were so bad he wouldn’t talk you anymore? Apparently you face spoke your emotions. “You will be fine I promise and I know your worried about being good or not, sweetheart whatever you do you succeed” he said with a smirk. I nodded my head as to give him permission. He stood you up facing him slowly and quite teasingly. His body was so perfect it seemed as he was a mannequin his body was rock hard and you can tell. He began fiddling with his belt buckle.You looked down he was rock hard somewhere else also. He slide off his pants and boxers leaving him in nothing. Holy Wow he was big which at this point kind of scared you kind of turned you on it was hard to decipher all the emotions running though your body. Now on to you, he asked once again if this was ok. You nodded again you wanted him now more than ever before. He pulled the towel off of you his eyes widening. Shit where you not what he expected. You used your hand to cover yourself “what no “Aaron says pulling your arms to the side. “Your fuckin perfect I didn’t expect that body oh my boobs “he said absolutely mesmerized by your body. He played you down again getting on top of you His hands wandered all over your body. Getting to you boobs he grabbed them and began to play with them. You tried hold it back but you let out a small moan. “That has to be the fucking sexist sound I have ever heard “he said in a deep voice. You have never seen this side of Aaron but you had no problem with it you liked it actually. He flipped you over so you were on top. You were nervous but you tired everything to make him happy. “Can I umm give you an umm” you where nervous to say it. “A blowjob “he said giggling at your innocence’s. “um yea one of those you Sid looking everywhere but at his face” hey look at me you do what you’re comfortable with ok” he said giving me a reassuring smile. You bent down and began kissing the tip. With the sudden contact he moaned it was sexy aft. You continued doing what you had heard was the right thing to do and he kept moaning. Hey maybe you weren’t completely horrible. He flipped you back over and rolled a condom on. “Baby girl I can’t lie to you this will hurt at first but after a while it will feel ok I promise “he said. You nodded in understand he began pushing in. You held back tears and screams as much as you could but every now and again a loose term would stray and Aaron would wipe it away. Once he was fully in he kept talking to you to distract you from the pain “Hey gorgeous you’re absolutely perfect to me thank you for this privilege your perfect” slowly but surely the pain turned into pleasure. He began moving in and out you were a moaning mess and s as he. You finished first your body had shockwaves of pleasure everything felt perfect to you. He hadn’t so he kept going nice he hit his high he gripped the pillow next to you so tightly that his knuckles where white his arm flexed every muscle possible it was heaven. Once you were both done and cleaned off you played down in your bed Aaron coming in right behind you whispering in your ear “I don’t know if this was implied our not but id really love it if you were my girlfriend” he said going back to the adorable childlike personality he had. ‘Why of course “you said. He kissed you again promising tomorrow that you and he would have a cuddle and movie marathon him knowing you were going to be sore. So maybe having experience really meant nothing to him but for you experiencing it with him is what mattered.

wow okay defiantly one of my longer one this was meant to give you the feels sooo hah hope it works send me ideas for imagines or preferences ! also feedback on my writing if you can lol thanks for reading love you guys -gabby

imagine that alteans are generally quite loose and dont need to stretch before training. so after allura notices the paladins are really stiff in the beginning of training and “pull their muscles” (which to her is like wtf lmfao???) she’s like… “paladins im sorry i do not know how to prevent this”

keith is ready. fuck. he’s been ready for years. he wears yoga pants every day for this moment. “i have a solution” he says. they dont know yet, what kind of hellish yoga instructor keith is going to be. they will find out soon enough