wtf was that portugal

My whole country is burning (yes again!), there’s a hurricane passing by near the coast heading to Great Britain which is not helping, temperatures reached 35C in the middle of October only to suddenly drop almost 20 degrees tomorrow and half the country is facing a severe drought.

  • Portugal: *only smug around his little bro* how does it feel to be in…last place?
  • Spain:
  • Spain:
  • Spain: Fan-fucking-tastic!! Yes!!! I just wish I didn't get those five points! Holy shit yeah!! I lost!! Suck it!!!
  • Spain: *happy dance*
  • Portugal: ……
  • Spain: and uh yeah congratulations…
  • Spain: *more dancing*
Eurovision RANT Portugal vs Italy

From a singer/songwriter to the world: Ok, first and foremost! Congrats to Salvador, his sister and Portugal for winning eurovision 2017, it is well-earned. However it is not ok, to say that “we should bring back real music”, when all music in Eurovision and all the work behind is outstanding. It is insulting! There are also countless of song-writers and musicians fighting to participate, but cannot, even with the highest public vote, but whom are brought down by an unfair jury, just because they want to “sell their country”. This happened for example in Sweden this season and it is becoming more and more common as juries get more power. I am happy that non-english songs are doing better, but there are still limitations in which we should solve. Again, Salvodor, You’re cute - but what Italy - Francesco Gabbani with Occidentali’s Karma managed this year, you cannot top. He composed and wrote the lyrics himself and performed them! Furtheremore he based the themes on something very important; e.g self-worth, and still managed to make it refreshing, fun and trendy. Also he based it on some form for equality: everyone when stripped down are just naked monkeys, which Europe should have understood by now, also partly due to him bringing the Gorilla on stage in the first place. He perfected serious lyrical themes, with a fun and an amazing melody! Furthermore Francesco is an also an amazingly sweet and funny guy him self and 114 million people whom watched him on youtube in contrast to your 3 million views on youtube also seem to support that notion. Yet, we cannot change people’s opinions, but don’t insult the music world, and especially those whom made cathcy songs WITH important messages :P (and also with funny stage concepts and dance routines for that matter)

- Mela out

european people: Ah, the motto of eurovision this year is celebrate diversity, but, gosh, everyone sings in english….

european people (after knowing that Portugal won): WTF??? How could such a boring song win the contest???!! Sure, it can have a deep meaning but the guy speaks in portuguese, so how the hell is supposed to other people, aside from portuguese, know it???? Unbelievable…..

me: ???? wtf….

ask-mafia-romano  asked:

Hi there! I've only recently started following your blog, but I love your art so much! Since I'm not too great at drawing I wish I could draw like you ;^; Anyways, I also wanted to request (if not too difficult) if you could draw the Tomato Gang? I don't really mind what colour palate you use, just as long as it's the Tomato Gang, ty~

I hope you don’t mind it’s not digital ;7; Sorry this took so long by the way, but I’m really happy to hear you like my art <333 

PortEng is the most wholesome England ship out there tbh

Like usuk is still my favourite if I had to choose but their relationship is full of rocky roads and competitions and drama and bitter cries from England from no longer being The Guy With Biggest Dick In The Room (which is also why I like it so much I guess)

But PortEng?? Supportive, mutual relationship, incredibly wholesome. Arthur is the drunk white boy on his gap year and Portugal (Wtf is his name) is the local friend. Arthur forgets his sunscreen but Portugal’s got it covered. I also have an au where Arthur’s the rich man™ and his wife is an art collector and they’re basically the cliché Bohemian Couple who drink wine too much and

Like it doesn’t even need to be romantic!! Could even be like high school crushes turned into lifetime friends!! I just love them but I can’t draw!!