wtf was that portugal


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For centuries, residents of Monsanto, Portugal, have lived in houses built under massive boulders. These rocky roofs give their village the aesthetics of a Tolkienesque hamlet, or perhaps a medieval town that incurred the wrath of a stone giant with severe bowel problems.

Tabling all discussion of the scatological habits of fantasy megafauna for the rest of this article, it’s good to know that Monsanto is committed to preserving these strange houses for future generations, so that they too can stay awake all night, fear-sweating over that one hypothetical weak stone in the masonry.

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The Hungary Portugal match so far
  • Hungary: *scores a goal*
  • Portugal: Ok, that won't do. We've gotta score a goal as well.
  • Portugal: *scores a goal*
  • Hungary: Um, nope. We can't accept that. Gotta score another one.
  • Hungary: *scores a goal*
  • Portugal: No, no, that is unacceptable. We need another goal asap.
  • Portugal: *scores*
  • Hungary: Are you kidding me? Well, another one then, eh?
  • Hungary: *scores the 3:2 in minute 55*
  • Me: I bet this game's gonna end 8:7 for Hungary
  • Portugal: *scores the 3:3 while I am typing the tags*