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Sample for Joker Game drama CD, A Parody Box Full of What Ifs

第1話「RPG Parody~ What If Sakuma-san Became A Hero~」

Hero!Sakuma: Enough of this chitchat, it’s time to battle! I’ll be the one to face you!

Demon!Hatano: Uwah! What the hell is with that sword?! Isn’t that a beginner’s equipment?!

Wizard!Miyoshi: He looks surprised…

Hero!Sakuma: Are you overwhelmed?!

Sage!Jitsui: He probably is overwhelmed… by how old your equipment are.

Hero!Sakuma: What’s wrong?! Aren’t you gonna attack?!

Demon!Hatano: Yeah… I mean, I didn’t expect that the hero would be such an utter failure, so I’m wondering how to report this to the Demon King… AHH!!

Wizard!Miyoshi: Demon King, huh…

Sage! Jitsui: I see. So you’re an underling of the Demon King, huh?

Demon!Hatano: Ah–… no! What I said just now was just an expression–…!!

Hero!Sakuma: Capture him–…!

*Miyoshi casts a spell without warning*

Hero!Sakuma: MIYOSHI!

Demon!Hatano: Cold!


Wizard!Miyoshi: You mean like shouting the spell’s name beforehand? So uncool.

Sage!Jitsui: Let’s tie him up with this rope!

Hero!Sakuma: Where did you get that from?!

第2話「Zoo Parody~ What If Sakuma-san Became a Zookeeper~」

Tazaki: Two humans, one mouse and one dog. I wonder what we can do…?

Amari: What about something like “Pom and SherryTom and Jerry? I’ll chase you, so you run, Hatano!

Hatano: Is that even interesting?! Besides, isn’t that a cartoon about a mouse and a cat?!

Amari: Well, the cat is Miyoshi but… I doubt he’ll ever do it.

Hatano: Well, there’s that.

Sakuma: A dog chasing a mouse might be a little interesting, but it’s not exactly show material. We need something with more impact…

Amari: What about a dolphin show?

Sakuma: Hm?

Amari: A dolphin show! I can call dolphins by whistling~!

Sakuma: T-that’s amazing! But unfortunately, we don’t have dolphins in our zoo…

Takuma: Also, it’s being done by other zoos too…

第3話「Restaurant Parody~ What If Sakuma-san Is The Part-timers’ Shift Leader~」

Sakuma: Welcome~! Table for one?

Amari: No, there’s one more…

Sakuma: Ah-! S-sir, I’m sorry but we don’t allow pets inside the restaurant…

Amari: Eh?! Is that so? What do we do now, Frate?

Sakuma: Ahh… you didn’t have to look so disappointed…

Kaminaga: Is anything the matter?

Sakuma: Ah, Kaminaga. This customer here would like a seat with his dog, but we can’t possibly allow them inside the dining area–…

Kaminaga: Then why don’t we set up a table outside? Just like a terrace seat. The weather’s warm today too, so I bet it’ll be perfect outside!

Sakuma: Well, that’s–…

Amari: That sounds great!

Sakuma: Eh?!

xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx  xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

Fukumoto: So, it ended up like that huh?

Odagiri: Only that part looks like an outdoor cafe overseas.

Fukumoto: It’s stylish though.

Kaminaga: Also, bringing the dog along, he’s drawing in the girls.

Odagiri: By “girl” you mean, that little girl?

Sakuma: Well, the customer looks satisfied. It’s all fine then.

What the hell?

I posted a pic of Alan Turing because it’s his birthday today and it gets marked by tumblr as NSFW?! What the hell is up with that @staff? Really? Because he’s a gay icon? He is way more than just a gay icon, though that is awesome too. But he was also a genius who came up with algorithms that paved the way to modern computers, lap tops, tablets and cell phones, not to mention all the other things he was interested in. But to my mind the most important thing about Alan Turing, he is a true hero who saved thousands of lives during WW2.

As for my post, there is NOTHING NSFW ABOUT IT. It is a tribute to a great, and good, man. I find tumblr automatically tagging posts like mine as NSFW just because it is about an openly gay man offensive, especially ON HIS BIRTHDAY. You should be celebrating Alan Turing today, not labeling posts about him as NSFW.

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

People who only like post Awakening Fire Emblem games and cut down people who like the older games

People who only like Pre Awakening Fire Emblem games and cut down people who like the newer games

People who like and appreciate all the games whether or not they played them because without them we wouldn’t have the great strategical RPG game series we have today.


OLD SONIC ART from my old sonic blog….boy i sure do love me some sonic the hedge. these are from 2013 i think…i was going to go back and re-watermark all of them with my current url but i only did the first one and then got too lazy. go figure. please dont repost!

Creepiest Ardyn line in the game and I didn’t know it existed until tonight. Saw a reblogged post and naturally had to see/hear for myself. It was not easy to get! He very rarely says it (or only does in 1.0?). Turned off music to really freak you out. I absolutely love Ardyn as a villain- he is just so sinister and hellbent on vengeance. I always wondered why he hadn’t considered killing Noct’s friends or turning them into demons, but apparently he did consider it!! My guess is that he didn’t because Noct would have nothing left to fight for if they were gone. He definitely tortures Noct every chance he gets towards the second half of the game, from Luna to Prompto to the final battle when he asks, “Does it hurt? It’s proof that you’re mortal!”