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I’m writing this because I’m sick and tired of the shitload of stupid hate Jared Leto is getting on this website. First of all, I can’t understand how you could hate someone you never actually met and that has never had any influence on your life. Just… How? Why? But whatever.

1) The “gifts” he sent to the cast of Suicide Squad, and that triggered you so much, were nothing more than marketing to make people talk about the movie, and no one looked seriously annoyed by them. They took them for what they were: pranks, jokes. Half of what you read online is fake or exaggerated: he didn’t send any bullet to Viola Davis, the rat was alive (and Margot Robbie even kept it), the condoms were not used and it was the director’s idea to make everyone call him Mr. J. Oh, and he sent cute gifts too, such as jewls and cupcakes, but nobody talks about it. Furthermore, Viola Davis and Will Smith never stated to hate him. In the infamous article, she said she was scared by the Joker and Harley together (I think in a positive way) and Smith’s article was fake. There is also someone claming that he said something racist or misogynist during San Diego Comic Con because of Viola Davis weird faces. Well, no, he friggin’ didn’t. At least watch the video before making assumptions. 

2) During Camp Mars, he didn’t say “fuck ‘em” to Warner Bros regarding his deleted scenes in Suicide Squad and NEVER stated to feel tricked into playing the role. Of course, he was clearly annoyed, but he always expressed his opinion in a polite way. The “fuck ‘em” referred to a part of the contract that prevents him from doing dangerous activities (he loves climbing) and it was not said in a serious way. This whole thing came from a Tumblr post by someone who wrote a bunch of personal opinions without saying they were opinions and not facts.

3)He is not a transphobe. Yes, he played a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club and, yes, he is a cis man. This doesn’t mean he has something against trans people or LGBT+ people in general. According to this logic, gays or lesbians shouldn’t play straights parts. Personally, this is one of the dumbest things I have ever read: you can play anything, this is the point of acting. 

4) He did not rape anyone. Of all the stupid, asinine, reasonless displays of hate towards this guy, this is by far the most hurtful. There is no proof of him actually having raped someone, and do you know why? Because this story came from a forum of fanfictions. Yes, you’re accusing a man of such a horrible crime basing your statements on a teen girl’s wet dream. 

Sorry for the long ass wall of text and for my english, I hope there aren’t too many mistakes. Jared Leto is a multitalented performer who has done a lot more for the LGBT+ community, the environment and society in general than most of his haters will ever do, so, please stop, your arguments don’t even make sense. In conclusion, my point is: stop bashing someone you clearly don’t know anything about.