wtf voldemort

Good versus evil. It’s time to pick a side my friends. Who are you fighting for?!

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HPCC thoughts

• Scorbus is endgame and you will not tell me otherwise
•Scorpius is the smolest of the beans and none of us deserve him
•Hermione and Ginny were both amazing
•The Drarry
•Scorpius deserves better I will protect my child
•The pigeons tho
•The trolley witch
•Where was Teddyyyyyyy?????
•Scorpius Malfoy is the purest thing
•Draco made the whole thing 38964 times better
•wtf Voldemort and Bellatrix I’m so out of here
•Seriously I’m traumatised what did I do to deserve this
•Scorpius Malfoy is the best human being and the ultimate cinnamon roll
•S C O R P I U S M A L F O Y

  • Just had a hilarious conversation with a goth dude on omegle
  • Goth dude: will u kill for me
  • Goth dude: I need souls
  • Goth dude: for dahok my master
  • Goth dude: he requires a blood sacrifice
  • Me: of course I've heard of dahok. Sure I'll kill someone for u
  • Goth dude: u look like the sort that wud kill so I employ ur help
  • Goth dude: who is dahok then
  • Me: He was the one guy who did that one thing now everyones scared of him for that one reason
  • Goth dude: no
  • Goth dude: he is the dark lord
  • Me: Voldemort
  • Goth dude: no not that one he will bring the end of days
  • Goth dude: and he will lay to rest all the Christians and Muslims and other religions
  • Goth dude: he is coming
  • Me: Ooooooooh THAT dahok
  • Goth dude: what does he look like then
  • Me: he looks like a mix between Obama, Zalgo and Marilyn Monroe, with the body of Taylor Lautner and the penis of a hugely hung black man
  • Goth dude: no he looks like david cameron
  • Me: same difference
The Cursed Child spoilers

Voldemort impregnated Draco’s wife?
He also had a daughter with Bellatrix?
Time travel?
Cedric Diggory’s a Death Eater?
The Scorpion King?
Voldemort Day?
The Blood Ball?
Harry being a shitty father?
On a side note, Scorose and Draco liking taking orders from Hermione made me go YAY. And a Slytherin Albus.

Just finished reading The Cursed Child

And honestly, i’m so disappointed… I mean, i didn’t have high expectations to begin with (sequels are always bad), but this?? I don’t know if actually watching the play in theatre gives you a different feeling, but the script was absolute shit.
It literally seems like a bad fanfiction, only worse because there is no gay (also the amount of queer baiting is just to much??).
Like seriously can we talk about the plot?? (MAJOR SPOILERS FROM HERE)

  •  Voldemort’s child??? Seriously?? That’s just bad fanfiction material, really. (Also voldemort/bellatrix?? Wtf?? This literally sounds like A Very Potter Musical)
  •  Way, way too much playing around with time turners. I mean, it could be a good idea but not when you use it SEVEN times!! Seven!!
  • Doesn’t matter how much people hate Slytherins, Harry potter’s child will not be bullied. It’s just not realistic.
  • That scene with the trolley witch: WHAT THE HELL??? that was just bad, there are not other words for it. It was just bad writing.
  • I didn’t like the characterization of pretty much every one. Scorpius is unrealistically scared all the time, Albus seems to be in his emo phase, Harry’s a dick, and they completely destroyed Ron. He’s a fundamental part of the trio, and they just made him the useless stupid comic relief. I feel so bad for him.
  • The original characters were so… fanfiction-like. Delphi just didn’t make sense; her motives, how she acted, how she managed to live in secret for 20 years… again, bad writing.
  • What about the other characters?? Lily, James, Hugo, TEDDY??

All in all, the second part was slightly better than the first, and there were some scenes that i didn’t despise (the alternative realities were cool, even if completely unrealistic. Like, blood ball? Scorpion King? really?).

In conclusion: if you are going to see tcc in theatre, go for it, when the actors and the effects are good even a bad script can be amazing. But if you want to just read the book, don’t waste your money. It’s not worth it.

btw, that’s just my opinion, if you liked the script good for you, I’m not trying to push my ideas on anyone.