wtf u doing styles

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Can you draw Cas grooming his wings, maybe he has a whole kit of grooming tools and he lays them out around himself and he's just so cute doing it and Dean is like sneaky watching him, or helping him. maybe?

boyfriends being domestic

Okay I tried to draw Medd in a minimum of time… I’m sorry I tired ;;
Okay it’s suppose to be Medd in a cute kitty hoodie… By ya know, i mess up lol wtf
I’ll probably make this digitally
Here you go @layuki12!!
Hope it’s good enough fanart for Medd owo He’s so precious and deserves some love!!

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florence welch was at the drunkie party - imagine harry having a drunk sloppy chat w florence - honestly this is breaking my brain

really??? it’s Rude that there are no snaps of them together then. i cannot believe the universe let us down like that. god i know, they’re both such strange, lovely people n they both go hard when they party. it’s almost too much to think about? harry’s drunk ass would be like, “so earlier i almost ate a cigarette for snapchat? and i… like… i hate snapchat? because life is a snap already, you know, of a photograph? or not. but it looked pretty and bright and i sort of wish that i had eaten it,” and florence would be like, “i understand completely…. one time i did mdma glastonbury and i became every cigarette butt on the ground all at once” gfkhjrs you know?? legit (but delightful) fucking weirdos.

BUT THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THEY’VE PARTIED TOGETHER?? remember harry and florence looking chic and precious and drunk as shit with the london crew at alexa’s 30th birthday?


I am so upset it’s not in cinemas here in Denmark before April next year but that won’t stop me