wtf turkey

I know we talk a lot about what will happen in the US and how we are scared about some of the things that might happen, most prominently the discriminations coming with him.

I fear though we overlook that there is a country partly in Europe where worse is happening right now. Right in front of our eyes and the whole Western world does close to nothing. Thousands and thousands of people are imprisoned on false claims and have to fear for their lives as they might get executed. 

Kurds all over the country are imprisoned on the claim of being terrorists. Just because of their ethnicity.

Since the failed coup in July more than 50.000 journalists, teachers, scientists, policemen, soldiers, kurds, etc. have been imprisoned in Turkey. All based on the false claim that they are revolutionists and enemies of the state. Erdogan wants to re-establish the death penalty just for them.

There was another party than his own in parliament, an opposition that very tentatively spoke out against the things he did, but he declared that all of them are terrorists and imprisoned them as well.

Erdogan gave an amnesty to all prisoners (beside rapists and murderers) in July just so that he could imprison journalists that might write about what is happening in Turkey. He let all criminals go, so that he can clean the state of people that are speaking up or simply think for themselves.

By now every newspaper and all other media are only writing what Erdogan wants, all others have been closed and their journalists either fled or are imprisoned. 

The official reaction from the Western world? We are worried but don’t want to impose on politics of a foreign country. 

Why? Because Turkey is an important partner in the war against ISIS and in the refugee crisis.

My agility trainer is the best???? 

The other day she and her husband went to some organic butcher in Wisconsin for their weekly haul of raw meat for their dogs. So she texts me that they’re picking up raw stuff and asks if I want anything. I said I wasn’t sure if I wanted the chicken necks or not bc they were out of duck necks…so then she literally decided to buy me a 30 pound box of turkey necks without a second thought. Tells me I can pay her and pick them up whenever I see her next.

And dear Erdogan, dear Kurtulmus, dear representatives of the Turkish government,

are you now totally nuts. You are calling a simple “poem” where someone says nasty stuff about you a “crime against humanity”. Do you even have any idea what that is? The phrase was coined when the allies found out what the Nazis did in concentration camps. It was coined because no words or legal terms could describe the systematic horrors done to Jews, homosexuals, Roma, communists and all other people who suffered and were murdered by the Nazis. That’s what a crime against humanity is. You actually dare to compare your wounded pride with that? You even call it a big crime against humanity, so worse than 10 million killed and even more tortured people? Do you have no shame at all?