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“Okay..And done.” Connor pulled away from Evans face, putting down the mascara on a side table, giving a satisfied smile. A painful 2 hours of work and it turned out just perfect. Evan smiled softly, looking at the mirror next to them, chuckling quietly. “It looks great Connor. But why’d you do /this/ much? Seems like a lot.” Evan questions, turning back to the taller. “Oh nothing, Ev, I just wanted to make you look extra great today.” Connor winked and grabbed a rose from the side table and put it behind Evan’s ear. “W-Well Okay” Evan responds, having a swell time. “Well it’s about time for you to go to work and I can see Zoe pacing around so you should probably get to work.” Connor states, looking out the window as Zoe walks into the flower shop and flipping the sign near the front to OPEN.“Ah, Yeah I probably should get going. Thanks a lot Connor, and keep up the good work!!” Evan got up, kissed Connor’s cheek, leaving a very faint lipstick mark, and left.{Connor and Evan have a good friendship,,they r good bros mkay,}

 Once he walked into the flower shop, nearly tripping on the mat on at the entrance again, Zoe looked at him and threw him a bouquet of various flowers,  a few iris’ and dandelions, and requested him to sort them out and to go ask Jared and Alana, at the Lush across from the shop, if they want any flowers to decorate the place. He nodded, making his way towards the door. “Also, nice makeup. I’m guessing Connor is still using you as his model.” Zoe teased, Evan laughing softly. “Y-Yeah, I don’t know exactly why he d-dolled me up so much this time but it looks great so I r-really don’t mind.” Evan explained, with hand gestures of course. Zoe just chuckled and turned to go to her small office. “Alright, don’t forget to come back and please tell Alana I said she looks quite pretty today.” Zoe mentioned before closing the door. “Okay so you want me to tell her all of you gay ramblings with that?” Evan teased back, Zoe flipping him off pass the door.

 Evan quickly crossed over to the Lush, doors opened, and walking up to the counter that Jared was cleaning the surface of. “H-Hey Jared, I uh have a q-question!” Evan exclaimed stuttering a slight. As long as he doesn’t notice it, it won’t get worse. “Oh?What’s up Ev-” Jared went to pause his cleaning and answer Evan but instead he went wide eyed, his cheeks flushing quick. Evan wasn’t paying attention to Jared, just looking around the store, but he was talking and Jared couldn’t hear. While Evan was asking his questions and talking a bit, Jared was trying not to have a damn stroke on the spot. One thing Jared did hear was the bell ringing from the front of the store, Connor walking in with a shit eating smirk as he walked in with his hair in one messy ass bun and went over to Alana and they fist bumped.


What the fuck? Did they plan this shit? Suddenly Jared was brought back to reality by Evan waving his hand in front of his face. “H-Hello? Earth to J-Jared? Are you l-listening?” Jared just shook his head, cleared his throat, and fixed his glasses. “S-Sorry bout that Hansen, I kinda dazed out.” Jared tried to save himself. ‘I was totally thinking about how gay I am for someone as perfect as you. no not at all.’ Evan chuckled softly, placing a Jonquil flower behind Jared’s ear. Jared was about to die. Someone as perfect as Evan was being so precious and being so delicate right before his eyes. Being a Jewish man this makes him question God if he sent him and Angel. . “D-Did I even make a sound? Am i truly t-that boring?” Evan nervously chuckled. Jared just tried to stand as straight as a gay man can, and just tried to keep his cool. “Honestly I wasn’t listening because you’re such an adorable dork that rambles about the stupidest things. Not that I don’t mind, I just don’t care as much as you may think.” It was physically painful to say that but if you don’t be vulnerable you can’t be hurt- wait. Evan’s blushing and Alana n Connor are giggling. Wait-  "Y-You think I’m a-adorable?“ Evan teases a slight, he was mostly flustered but he wanted to hide it. Vulnerability. Jared going to respond but was cut off by a finger pressing his lips. "As much as I l-love talking to you, I should really get going.” Evan walking over to Alana and Connor, leaving Jared a blushing dork.

 "Oh my god Al I’m so gay what the fuck he’s so cute and precious and just perfect god is real because he obviously sent me a fucking angel what the fuck he’s just too great I’m so out of his league. did you see his fucking make up?? that was so fucking adorable and perfect too?? what ?? the hell?? he was being so cute and i zoned out while he was talking because i was shot in the heart by his beauty and how soft and red his lips look and how much i wanna kiss him oh my god you have no clue he put a flower in my hair d he touched my lips but i want him to kiss my lips not just touch them oh my god the flower smells so nice and it makes me think of him have i mentioned how nice he smells??? i love hugging him because he’s a great hugger and he smells so nice and is just so soft i can’t handle it Alana oh my god I’m so gay what the hell i wanna marry him i wanna kisses his face i want him to be mine i want to be with him but i feel like it can’t happen ever were just friends to him and i-“ Alana pressed his nose, making Jared stop rambling, and give a weird reaction expression. "Okay Mr. pretend you’re not gay when he’s there but spill your heart out to your coworker about how gay you are for a boy that works in a flower shop.” She teased, Jared rolling his eyes and crossing his arms. “Okay, Kleinman. If you love him so much, why don’t you go for him?” She asks, Jared scoffing and pinching his nose. “ Because Al, he’s too angelic and out of my league. Or at least I’m out of his league, jeez.” Jared retorts, raising his brows and looking at Alana.

“How about this, you go and buy some flowers like you’re getting them for our shop and then ask him if he wants to hangout and, hopefully, if he says yes you two can go hangout, you’ll give him the flowers, he’ll probably ask why or something but then just answer by kissing him.” She suggests, Jared giving a thoughtful look. “Sounds not to shabby, but what if he doesn’t like me back and I kiss him? Won’t that be fucking weird? Ruin our friendship?” Jared worries, Alana face palming. “You two are both so clueless of how helplessly in love you both are for each other. Look, were getting customers so grow a pair and ask the boy out already. ” Jared snorts, waking out of their office with a grin “Okay Mrs. Murphy.” Jared teases, getting a flick on the nose from Alana. “So w-who are these for again?” Evan asked, delicately taking some white carnations, jonquils, and a few roses of sorts.“Like I told you, they’re just a few for the shop and for my mother.” God he hates lying to Evan but he needs to be as slick as possible for this to work. “Is her birthday coming up or..?” Evan questioned, Jared nodding and winking. “That and I have somebody I wanna give some flowers to.” Evan was brought back. Did Jared have a girlfriend- no no he came out why would he have a girlfriend? Then does he have a boyfriend??


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