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Logic would have it that if dc wanted more commercially popular and successful movies they should just make more red hood movies :)

Like honestly how did this direct to DVD, 2010, animated hour film about a B list antihero get better ratings than some of the biggest blockbuster films of the past couple years??????????


Right so, I don’t draw much but I was so inspired by all the other art that I just wanted to draw cute things too (I tried)

My personal Sherlolly fanfic bests so far...: Updated 2016

MizJoely has recently shared a list of her favourite fics. (Thanks Miz for providing the link!) Mine has been made from a slightly different angle. So I thought it might be a nice companion. I started making this list in 2014 and updated it in 2015. The one I’m sharing with you now is the one I had in my draft box, untouched since maybe April 2016. So anything published after that are not included, not because I don’t like them. I simply didn’t have time to follow them. 

There are some new additions and a couple of new categories. They are in bold. Please reblog if you like it! Many many thanks!


This list is based on my personal preferences. Also I haven’t read ALL Sherlolly stories. (Who can?) So the list is never intended to be authoritative or exhaustive.

The stories with an asterisk are not complete. (M) indicates respective author’s own rating, some for explicit sexual expression, others for some other reasons.

<Best of the bests>

   I Told You So by Writingwife83

<Best Sagas>

A saga here refers to a series of multi-chapter fics that traces the couple’s history.

By coloradoandcolorado1

The Lonely

Broken Pieces

The Distance

Innuendo (M)



Dark Reaches of the Night

By Gypsy Rose2014

Gabriel’s Wish

Of Small Boys and Sandwiches* (M)

Ginger Lollipops*

  Wishes (M)

A Summer Story (M)

Trimming the Tree

By thedragonaunt

Life After Death - A Post-Reichenbach Trilogy

  Part One - Aftermath (M)

  Part Two - Consequences

  Part Three - Unfinished Business

Demon (M)

Mother Love (M)

The Other Woman (M)

Loose Ends (M)

Gold (M)

Stolen (M)

Fatal Breath

Holmes for Christmas

Until Death* (M)

Quiet Sunday

<Best Romance>

   Benefits of Boredom by Writingwife83

   Blue Christmas (M) by MrsMCrieff

   Catching a Runaway Bride by TheSapphireSky

   Days May Not Be Fair by darthsydious

   Her Own Tale of Love by theheartofadetective

   So This is Love by onceinabluemoon0013

   The Professor and Mr Holmes by likingthistoomuch

   The Pulse Says It All (M) by SherlollyShock

<Best Adventure>

   Did You Miss Me, Molly Hooper?* by Sherlocked-Fangirl-x

   Landing on His Feet* by Vitawash

   Sorcerer’s Apprentice* by patemalah21

   The Ghost and Molly Hooper* by Doctor WTF

   The Honest Thief by hobbitsdoitbetter

   The Pirate and the Doctor (M) by Petra Todd

   When White Petals Fall* by Irisang

<Best Mystery>

  City of Dreams by MrsMCrieff 

  Double Cross by steffy2106

  Just Human by Lanceletta

  Monster by coloradoandcolorado1

  The Return by D. A. Smith

  The Detective and the Debutante* by EloiseAtThePlaza

  Tinderbox by Anne Louise 2000

<Best Drama>

  Blind Ambition by OpalSkyLoveDivine

  Dear Sherlock, by MudbloodPride

  Deconstructing Death by Emmyjean

  Demon (M) by thedragonaunt

  In the End (M) by Lono

  Long Way to You by Lanceletta

  Racing Daylight by Flaignhan

  Through the Looking Glass by SherlollyShock

<Best Humour>

   Down Under by cactusnell

   Message Received by Emmyjean

   The Accidental Boyfriend by lizzieBdarcy

   The Custody Agreement of an Adorable Calico Demon by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

   The Diary of a Small Angry Pathologist by lilsherlockian1975

   The Million Dollar Shot by milkforthesouffles

   Winds of Change by Writingwife83  

<Best Angst>

   Always and Never (M) by theheartofadetective

   Asylum (M) by Adi Who is Also Mou

   Far from the Tree by Petra Todd

   Our beginnings Never Know Our Ends by Elixir.BB

   Return to Me by MizJoely

   Schoolgirl Crush by Flaignhan

   Telling the Bees by satin_doll

   The Beekeeper by Ditsypersephone

<Best H/C>

   A Beautiful Mind by jankmusic

   As You Wish by Alydia Rackham

   Delicious by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

   I Will Try to Fix You by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

   Secrets by Fiji Dreamer

   Smoke Damage by cactusnell

   The Attribute of the Strong by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

<Best Sherlock>

   Holiday Romance (M) by MrsMCrieff

   More (M) by Liberi Ad Somnia

   Mother Love (M) by thedragonaunt

   Of Small Boys and Sandwiches* (M) by Gypsy Rose2014

   On Paper by MizJoely

   On the Side of the Angels by Supervillegirl

   The Family Detective by I 4 2 write

<Best Molly>

   Each in Its Own Fields* by dietplainlite

   Ginger Lollipops* by Gypsy Rose2014

   Mr Holmes and His Maid by Silencebeyondthestars

 (The author has deleted this story on major fan fiction sites and it is not available anywhere on the web now. I’m keeping this in my list, though, because Molly in this story is so powerful and convincing. Hope the author will put it back somewhere in the future.)

   Secrets by Fiji Dreamer

   The Diary of a Small Angry Pathologist by lilsherlockian1975

   Tinderbox by Anne Louise 2000

   Training Session by cactusnell

<Best Kids>

   Benjamin in I’m Out Here by Fayth3

   Gabriel in Ginger Lollipops* by Gypsy Rose2014

   Melisande in Daughters, Sherlolly Family by Maejones

   Penelope in Sherlock’s Near Death Experience by jankmusic

   Scarlet in Ginger Lollipops* by Gypsy Rose2014

   Scott in All We Have by writingwife83

   Will in Defining Family by GunterRae

   William in Life after Death Part Three: Unfinished Business by thedragonaunt

<Best Toby>

    Overdressed for the Occasion, in The Anthology by jankmusic

    Sherlock v Toby: Winner Take Molls by MizJoely

    The Cat Clause, in Negotiations by HeayPuckett

    The Diary of a Small Angry Pathologist by lilsherlockian1975

    The New Doctor by writingwife83 (Toby makes his appearance from Chapter 4 onwards.)

    Toby and His New Pet by Moonunit

    Whose Flat Is It Any Way? in A Window into Change by Writingwife83

<Best Dogs>

    Cat in Of Small Boys and Sandwiches* (M) by Gypsy Rose2014

    Molly Cocker in New Can at the Pack, Sherlolly Archives (M) by MoniMcCoy

    Redbeard in Benefits of Boredom by Writingwife83

    Redbeard in Epilogue of In the Quiet Places (M) by Kyerie

    Readbeard in Quiet Sunday by thedragonaunt

    Toby in Loss Restored by Amalia Kensington

<Best Smuts>

I don’t normally read many of this kind, but those listed here are so compelling as stories that I was unable to abandon them. I’m sure there are others that are as good. I just haven’t read them.

    dreams, like soap bubbles (M) by broomclosetkink

    Holiday Romance (M) by MrsMCrieff

    Love Stories and Tournaments of Lies (M) by Nocturnias

    Parva Victoriis (Little Victories) (M) by MizJoely

    The Boyfriend Experience (M) by hobbitsdoitbetter


finally finished with the ladies of criminal minds

The Vegas Wedding AU

Featuring: Faranda getting their shit together real quick, Brotzly getting their shit together slightly less quick, and the rowdy 3 matchmaking and smashing plates.

Copied and pasted from discord, so sorry for any mistakes.

  • dirk suddenly gets a hunch that they should go to vegas
  • and everyone’s a bit weary about it because it’s vegas and anything could happen
  • but idk they get a surprise visit from amanda and the rowdies
  • and amanda is like ‘yes vegas good’ and farah is pining so she agrees and todd wants make good with his sister so he agrees and suddenly they are on a road trip
  • they take two cars because todd is still hung up about that whole wrecking his apartment thing?
  • at fist dirk is all 'we gotta travel together’ but then he realises that if he can convince farah to stay in the van, he and todd can be alone is his carthat is a very appealing thought 
  • it went quite well when they were hunting down machine parts, after all
  • soo, todd is driving 'dirk’s car’ most of the time they are on the road
  • and dirk sort of fluctuates between the car and the van, he switches at rest stops
  • mostly they drive during the day, but when they drive at night dirk takes the time to hearteyes
  • todd doesn’t notice bc he’s todd and i’d like to think that at least someone in american keeps their eyes on the road (seriously, they never seem to in any tv shows ever. it concerns me.)
  • anyway i’m not american so i have no idea how long it takes to get from seattle to vegasbut they get there 
  • and they find this one fancy hotel and farah offers to pay but she’s only paying for 3 rooms bc they do need some of that 4 mill. for other stuff
  • so you’ve got 3 rooms and 8 people
  • the rowdies decide to take over one room, it is unknown if they sleep in it or not, and the other four decide to split boys and girls
  • but (surprise, surprise), double beds
  • farah and amanda jump at the idea and it is at that point that we can see that they’re gonna get their shit together
  • dirk also is like 'yeah cool lets do this’ but inside he is dying bc he gets to sleep in the same room as todd on the same bed as todd right next to todd holy shiiiiit
  • todd is sort of… frozen
  • (bc todd is not good at this sort of thing, and we all already knew that these two would take a while to sort their shit out)
  • but todd pulls himself together, sharing a bed with you best friend? not weird 

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Tim: (chatting on the phone with the Titans)
Long words are a turn on for me …

Jason: (Cocks eyebrow as he saunters past)

Tim: What the hell Jason?

Jason: Nutrition.

Tim: Seriously why are you here?

Jason: Medication.

Dick: (Walks up behind Jason and whispers into his ear)

… And that’s how Alfred ended up setting two broken bones and treating one concussion at three o'clock in the afternoon!

I never meant for you to fix yourself.”

WTF (Older!Damian Wayne x Drunk!Reader)


PROMPT?:  Drunk!reader + older!Damian? ❤️

A/N: Damian is such a daddy in this one, i love it also 

WARNINGS: alcohol poisoning probably, drinking, extreme parental figure fluff, EXTREME cursing, fluff, slight sexual implications and actions, lots of f-wording, sober Dami

“(y/n), what the fuck. Get home. Please, I am so worried about you. Call back when you can, please.” Damian sighed, finishing what had to be like, the seventeenth voicemail since about an hour ago. He was sure that he had paced a circle into the carpet by now and he wasn’t stopping anytime soon. Once again, you didn’t pick up. A unsettling feeling laid in the pit of his stomach and for once, Damian Wayne dreamed the worst. He had already called his father twice, wondering if he had seen you somewhere on his patrol. Both phonecalls ended with a hard ’no.’ “Father please- ah okay you’ve hung up again. Great-”  Dami sighs and throws his phone on the couch, ringer on high. So when the door opened, Damian hardly registered the sound. “Ahhh, Dami! You’re home!” you screamed, the ringing he had hoped to hear all night now settling in his ears. “Okay, what the fuck. Why do you, you’ve been drinking, haven’t you?” he squinted his eyes, inhaling the slightest bit. “Ding! Ding! Ding!” you grinned, twirling around your boyfriend with the biggest, most idiotic grin on your face. “Great.” Dami sighed, wishing that maybe you weren’t that drunk. 

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Okay I was trying that plot generator website for writing prompt ideas and they make you fill out a form and I was trying to make a sad Dirk and Todd Drabble and this is what it gave me I’m dying

“Two Fun Uncles Walking to the Beat
A Short Story
by LopsidedLollipop
Todd Brotzman was thinking about Dirk Gently again. Dirk was a hopeful hopeful soul with pale eyes and tall arms.

Todd walked over to the window and reflected on his cozy surroundings. He had always loved messy Todd’s apartment with its short, skinny sofas. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel torn.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the a hopeful figure of Dirk Gently.

Todd gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a bouncy, open, coffee drinker with lanky eyes and ginger arms. His friends saw him as an attractive, afraid angel of death. Once, he had even helped a delicious small squirrel cross the road.

But not even a bouncy person who had once helped a delicious small squirrel cross the road, was prepared for what Dirk had in store today.

The sun shone like gazing squirrels, making Todd sad. Todd grabbed a small chair that had been strewn nearby; he massaged it with his fingers.

As Todd stepped outside and Dirk came closer, he could see the high-pitched smile on his face.

Dirk gazed with the affection of 4670 trustworthy many mice. He said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want his love.”

Todd looked back, even more sad and still fingering the small chair. “Dirk, I can’t,” he replied.

They looked at each other with hopeful feelings, like two rapid, racid raccoons bounding at a very optomistic Christmas, which had indie music playing in the background and two fun uncles walking to the beat.

Todd studied Dirk’s pale eyes and tall arms. Eventually, he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry,” began Todd in apologetic tones, “but I don’t feel the same way, and I never will. I just don’t love you Dirk.”

Dirk looked earnest, his emotions raw like a mute, mashed mug.

Todd could actually hear Dirk’s emotions shatter into 4140 pieces. Then the hopeful hopeful soul hurried away into the distance.

Not even a cup of coffee would calm Todd’s nerves tonight.