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Sewers (Reddie)

Helloooo! I’m working through request at the moment, and this is super short im sorrrrrrry! But please continue requesting things: HERE

Summary: Request: ure going to think this is such a shitty idea lmao, i was on maths class & this came to my mind for no reason. so what if the grey water thing happened, but only richie & eddie were there? like richie drags him there after school or something, they end up fighting & accidentally fall on top of each other, which leads to Eddie having multiple asthma attacks cuz he’s fucking laying on grey water under richie??? and they end up kissing & both freeze like wtf just happened & wtf did I love it

I changed this slightly, and it’s really short im sorry!! 

Word count: 972

“The sewers are full of diseases!” Eddie argued weakly. Honestly he didn’t really know why he was following Richie, as they rode their bikes away from RIchie’s house. They had spent the morning eating sandwiches that Eddie had brought over. The first full day of summer holidays. They were supposed to be hanging out with Stanley and Bill, because they couldn’t yesterday, but Bill had said he was sick, and Stan wouldn’t go if Bill wouldn’t go, because he didn’t want to deal with Richie.

Eddie couldn’t blame him. He had almost been sick when Richie proposed they go to the sewers, down by the barrens. They had been arguing about it since they left Richie’s house. Richie rolled his eyes, and ignored out of Eddie’s senseless babbling about diseases. Richie hopped off his bike, as they arrived at they arrived at the side of the Barrens. Eddie followed suit, and they both climbed down to the side of strong river that flowed down the barrens, defeating the purpose of the name.

They walked carefully along the sides, Richie leading the way to a large, circular, concrete opening. Eddie’s steps were more careful than Richie’s, as he made sure his feet wouldn’t slip. He sighed, watching Richie slip slightly, and cackle loudly. They finally made their way into the large sewer pipe, and Eddie looked around in disgust.

“This is disgusting.” He muttered, shaking his head. Richie rolled his eyes. He was getting bored of Eddie’s complaining. Richie continued walking through the tunnel, looking around at everything. He  turned back to look at Eddie, who hadn’t moved from his spot on the bank of the Barrens.

“Cmon, Ed’s!” Richie called, waving a hand to Eddie.

“Uh uh. It’s gray water.” Eddie stated, shaking his head.

“What the hell’s gray water?” Richie questioned, shaking his head in response.

“It’s basically piss and shit. So i’m just tellin’ you!” Eddie said, his voice echoed around the tunnel. “You’re splashing around in millions of gallons of Derry pee, so.” Eddie trailed off, watching Richie pick up a stick, and smell it. “What- are you serious, what are you-“

“Doesn’t smell like caca to me, Senõr!” Richie joked, putting on a stupid voice.

“Have you ever heard of a staph infection?!” Eddie snapped, waving his hands.

Richie pointed the stick at him. “Oh, I’ll show you a staph infection!” He said, loudly.

“This is so unsanitary!” Eddie argued again, muttering to himself.

“Just come in for a second. Just one!” Richie said, in pleading tone. Eddie felt himself moving forward slightly, his head swimming with thoughts of bacteria. Richie smirked at the smaller boy, watching him move forward.

“This is like swimming in a toilet bowl.” Eddie sighed, making his way towards Richie. Richie smiled wider.

“Aw, Eds! You’d swim through a toilet bowl for me?” He teased as his pinched Eddie’s cheeks. Eddie glared at him, moving his foot back to kick water at Richie. But he slipped instead, and grabbed Richie. He wasn’t going down alone.

He fell on top of Richie, and his breath hitched in his throat. He couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t because of the gray water, which was splashed all over him. It was because Richie was underneath him. His glasses made his eyes look bigger than usual. He had a sloppy grin on his face. His hair still looked good, even though there was specks of gray water stuck in it. Eddie couldn’t breathe because the boy underneath him was fucking perfect.

Richie’s grin slowly turned into concern, as he realised Eddie couldn’t breathe. He slowly, and carefully, moved Eddie into his lap, instead of his chest. Richie sat up, wrapping one of his arms around Eddie, and using his other to dig around in Eddie’s fanny pack. He quickly grabbed Eddie’s inhaler, and opened it. He put the small mouth piece up to Eddie’s mouth, and slotted it in. He quickly pushed down on the top, giving Eddie a burst of air, which he desperately needed.

Eddie’s eyes were wide, as he took his inhaler from Richie, and got a second puff of air from it. Richie bit his lip, feeling guilty for dragging Eddie into this sewer, and causing him a panic attack.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you t fall and have an asthma attack.” Richie said, looking down sightly. Eddie’s head was still spinning, from the moments which he had lacked oxygen.

“That wasn’t why I had an asthma attack.” Eddie splutters out, coughing into his hand. He slowly put his inhaler back into his fanny pack, ignoring Richie’s confused face.

“What happened then?” Richie questioned. He was oblivious to Eddie’s crush, and Eddie desperately wished he wasn’t, just so he wouldn’t have to spell it out for him. But he found a sudden confidence, as he looked at Richie.

“You.” He stated, quietly. Richie stared at him for a second, confusion slowly turning to realisation. Eddie felt self-conscious, but he didn’t break eye contact with Richie once. Maybe that was why he didn’t feel Richie leaning in, slowly.

His lips found Eddie’s and Eddie’s eye closed, instantly. The kiss was soft, and short, and before Eddie knew it, Richie had pulled away, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Let’s get out of this gray water.” He said casually. Eddie nodded quickly, getting up. He held a hand out for Richie to grab. Richie pulled himself up, and intertwined their fingers, leading Eddie out of the sewer.

They lay beside each other, on the grassy part of the bank, still holding hands. Richie began talking about an album he bought last week, and how great it was. And Eddie nodded along, smiling whenever Richie looked over at him.

He never thought he would like the sewers, but now they were his favourite place.

i was rewatching the homecoming trailer and can’t stop thinking about these unseen scenes like

why did my kid look so serious here?? what was he thinking in this scene??? was he making some tough decision?? was he feeling lost or doubting himself??? what was the content here??????

where was my kid even at????? he was still wearing the suit so clearly that was before tony took it away??? why did he look a bit scared and hurt???? wtf was happening there

where was may at??? did she come to the school office to pick up peter?? was that when peter was on the ferry?? what was she looking at here?? was she looking at the news of the incidence and getting real worried because she couldn’t find peter in the school?? did she happen to guess peter’s secret identity???

anyway here’s just me over analyzing these short clips but still…. i just want to Know™