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That one bad apple (for Nier: Automata)

Weeks ago, I went through the wikipedia page for the game and saw that it was “critically acclaimed”. Then this week, it went down to “generally favorable reviews”. Apparently, one reviewer gave it a 50/100, which affected the overall Metacritic score. And what’s galling is that the reviewer just finished Route A, not the other ones. WTF. I could’ve accepted it if the reviewer finished the whole story, but nooooo. He just finished the prologue!

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im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa

gdi just to make things worse, hwayoung from boys24 just got into a scandal from someone apparently recording hearing him talking shit about fans w his friends….like wtf dude. you guys haven’t even officially debut yet and none of y’all are safe from being eliminated but u decide to ruin the group’s image like this????? man, i’m happy he’s not my bias. if ur gonna treat your fans like shit (unless they’re sasaengs but that’s another story) u don’t deserve any of their love nor you deserve to become an idol.

In honor of my boyfriend, Michael, and Michael Dorn sharing a birthday today, I would like us all to remember the time Dorn yelled at my boyfriend during a photo op

welp I’ve fallen back into nexo hell officially so here’s a soft boi + his soft girl bc for SOME reason a few days ago I woke up and was like omg I love Lance??? idek why I like lance it just happened but I’m love him…

featuring a snuggly Hamletta and Lance dressed like guys on pinterest

I really need to practice my facial expressions more, since I’ve never really done it before ;-;