wtf that's terrible


some more comics where reigens a magician


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lbr, red would never have any sort of social media, but if he did have an insta, it would 1000% be filled with pictures of just elizabeth keen.  

salty because at my school all of the lgbt books are marked and when you check them out the librarians tell you as such. as i am closeted as shit and there are often people i know checking my books out, i can’t check out books i’ve been wanting to read for years for fear of outing myself. a few books actually fly under the radar and don’t get marked, which is great, but i just feel like doing all of that isn’t really very great to closeted or questioning kids, like, at all.

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There was some guy at the beach (probably 14 or so) that was obsessed with FNAF and kept trying to jumpscare my parents. He just kept following us around, but I didn't want to be a dick so I didn't say anything. He also ripped a crab's legs off (it was alive). I was pretty mad and he called me a feminazi just cause I said "wtf that's terrible why would you do that"

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Yo, just a heads up Yura is a know xeno-phobic and racist. On a reality dating show Girl's Day did with UKiss she was straight up racist and xenophobic to the Korean American and Korean Chinese members of the band. She said since she was a full blooded Korean it would be burdernsome to be partnered with them. Therefore she was partnered with the only Korean Korean member. Idk if you knew and I'm not trying to tell u not to like her but you don't seem like you'd be chill with that

yeah oh my god thats terrible wtf wtf wtf