wtf sora

I want Max Goof to be in Kingdom Hearts 3 so bad for some reason. I’m not sure which age tho.

With Goof Troop Max you’ve got an eleven year old doing Goof Troop things and cheering Goofy on and Sora can be like ‘wtf Goofy we’ve been friends for like three years why didn’t you tell me you had a kid’

And on the other hand you’ve got Kickflip McGee and an entirely Goof party would be neat.

Also! Throw in P.J. Add some nice Family Drama™


さあ、ゲームを始めよう 〜
Ok third times the charm. Swear I’ve been trying to post this photoset for over an hour.

Hanna @yumidun and I tested makeup for Sora and Shiro that we’ll wear at NCS opening ceremony this summer! Many years late to the party but I’m so happy to finally FINALLY able able to do NGNL!
Don’t think I’ll ever do my best girl the justice she deserves but this anime deserves a lot of love so I’ll do my best to be the most moe gamer I can!