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‘what was that all about?’ ['it’s because of you.’’] | RaS Escape

What i really love about this shot here, aside from all its Taiorato goodness, is Sora’s expression.

Taichi looks like he kind of doesn’t know what’s going on, lol. Yamato’s face is hard to see since for some reason he is upside down, wtf, but look at Sora. Her face is all business. Look at that scowl and those determined eyebrows. Isn’t that awesome? She’s so done with whatever’s going on and about to kick some ass.

These visuals have so far meant very little in terms of what actually happens in the movies, and yet I can’t help thinking (or at least hoping) that Sora’s bitch face here is intentional. We ended Kokuhaku on very shaky ground. There’s a lot of room for the angst and turmoil to continue at a fever pitch. I want Sora to rattle a few skulls around until certain people see how flaky they’re being, and I want her to accept no failure. She’s always the one who protects her family until the last second and that makes her the team backbone.

Exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Amiibo

Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that one of the special functionalities for this brand new accessory is that the figure can talk itself and will briefly explain to the player what he can do to add special content to Kingdom Hearts 3. Out of the many possibilities, they have given us one sample of what Sora has to say!

I’m back bitches! 

Well, I’m actually going to sleep, so meanwhile Taiora.

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“The brave man is not the one without fear but the one who does what he must despite being afraid. to succeed, you must be willing to risk total failure; you must learn this.”