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i can’t stop thinking about jesper reading to wylan headcanons. not even just him reading the important, work related documents. 

  • but late night when the work is done, jesper reading the stories wylan always wanted to read growing up, the stories his peers raved about but he would lie about being too swamped by his music lessons to read them too. 
  • jesper’s soothing tone replacing the bad memories of jan van eck reading to wylan in that same impatient tone he used when he called wylan a useless disappointment
  • i’m picturing wylan sleepily smiling, laughing softly every time jesper changes his voice for the female character. 
  • wylan’s relief when he realizes where certain popular references have come from. 
  • wylan closing his eyes bc jesper’s voice makes the words come to life and wylan can see the scenes like a movie. 
  • wylan hogging the blanket they’ve been sharing as he gets more and more sleepy
  • jesper finding a smile on wylan’s sleeping face and feeling so pleased with himself
  • and sometimes jesper falling asleep sometimes with the book on his face and wylan uncontrollably laughing when he finds him that way in the morning
Why I keep logging onto Tumblr to see what’s happening with One Direction

Hrm. Anyone remember how half a year ago I said I was planning to start up C’est la Mort again? I mean…it…okay. Lots of stuff happened. Health stuff. But now? <_>

Wellllll… For now here’s a doodle pile of past n’ future characters, teasing upcoming story arcs and such. I still don’t know where I want to post it when I finally resurrect this ancient comic. *shrug???*

  • Emhyr: I am the emperor of Nilfgaard, I rule the largest empire the world has ever known, command men in tens of thousands. I do not take commands from anyone.
  • False Ciri: Take off you socks in bed.
  • Emhyr: Ok. :3

I looked up androgynous girls and I found this picture and I mean -she’s hot- And I caught myself whispering: “ I really need to get myself an androgynous girlfrie.. WAIT NO NO I’M STRAIGHT, I AM, I THINK, I AM 87% SURE I AM STRAIGHT..but i would rather have her than a boy..JEESUS WTF IS GOING ON WITH ME?! DO I NEED TO TELL MYSELF SOMETHING

Another MM self-insert doodle. I’m actually the type to bully the person they like. But when they’re 2D, for whatever reason, my shy side just dominates ugh Anyway… WHY AM I EVEN DOING THIS???


hello hi ana here :)) sooooo I’m less than 100 away from 5 t h o u s a n d followers and :))) if y'all could help me get there like before september ends I would be so grateful💕💕 I will try my bestestestestest to do like blogrates or something like that, something fun for y'all in the meantime (probably on a friday or smth) but yes if y'all could signal boost and bless your followers with my presence 🐛🐛 I will love you forever (I probably already do tho)

It’s been a long time since I last posted so uhh…

Here’s some things

Also Tsumugi without her coat

One more thing. 

-Mod Saihara

“welcome to ourFHDJNGFRDIUHGJDN”

(lmao hope the intro suffices! hopefully this is the last change we make to our blog!

anyway im mod ichi, or just mod dusty, listen idk man i’m the one who answers as ichi on this blog since he’s my favorite matsuno brother and iromatsu is my jam. most of my answers will be done digitally (for example, this comic which was illustrated by me) but i have huge problems with procrastination but i’ll stop rambling here, check the mod page or hmu if you wanna kno more!)

Mod kara here. I’ll be answering questions for kara naturally. I’ll try to mine digitally but I’m honestly used to plain paper and pencil. Hopefully I can play the blue BOI right XD You can find me at @dubbyscribs where it’s mostly karabita stuff or @mcscribbles-n-doodles which is basically for shitposting.

I made a fusion and I love her

She’s a big nerd and the perma-fusion of two cuties. I wanted to do another Sapphire fusion gem because I thought it would look pretty cute and ohmygod she does. I love her design to death.

Aventurine: Fusion of Sapphire and Sphene!
(story and more art coming soon, might give away or do adoptables like these)