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Ironically enough, for all his zeal in combat and terrifying efficiency and flair thereof, most of Ferelden knew Mordred Surana as “the Pardoner”.

His most remarkable debut in Fereldan history, after all, was his duel with Loghain Mac Tir and his recruitment of the traitorous teyrn thereof. The king-making was mostly Alistair’s and Eamon’s doing. Mordred ARGUED with the to-be king in front of the entire court to spare Loghain – and won.

Then he recruited Anders. Didn’t revoke the “apostate who started the war’s” status as a Grey Warden either, though they didn’t get along. Then he recruited Blackwall. He might have conscripted Cullen had he thought the dude wouldn’t’ve been driven even crazier by the ritual.

It wasn’t the best mercy. Mordred never saw the Oath as a way out, rather just a tepid attempt at making more out of a criminal’s life than simply a just, poetic death or, in the worse case, buy an unlucky good man a few more years of agonizing life. But it was the best he could offer and he was rarely stingy in offering it.

does anyone other than me watch the kids version of chopped like they have these 11 year olds cooking fancy ass meals but at the same time they’re still kids? like one of the ingredients was a giant ass chocolate shake and the host was like “who doesnt want a chocolate shake”  and this 12 year old says “vegans probably dont want a chocolate shake” and the host is like “wtf jake dont sass me u r 12?″


“How the hell do you expect us to believe you’re a Winchester too?”

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Fitz’s “Baby, no.” face (middle right) though + Uneasy!FitzMack