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happy halloween 🎃

Made with the comic sans font just to make you all hate me more

leave them be

Also today really sucks being ndn bc like why do yall expect latin and black ndns to spend all of our time teaching yall and explaining shit yall hate non ndns do ??? Or why do yall still gas yall self so much abt how ndns “proctect xy and z for future generations” when yall womt proctect the youth of today??? In fact why the fuck was the only people trying to procect the youth several years ago just fucking me and other minors at the time? Why the fuck was all yall fake ass acivistes just sit by when we were (and still are) talkimg about our experience and trying to break the assumlation within our own communities and yall still targert minnors and try to liken them to chirst as in a sacrifice???

Seventeen as things me and my friends have said

Scoups: Ur lucky I wasn’t there I would’ve beaten all ur ashes

Jeonghan: My beutafil hair

Joshua: R u even habla enhlishhh

Jun: I would but I’m ugly… lmao jk I’m just too beautiful whatchu thought

Hoshi: I swear its 10/10 very nice™

Wonwoo: Does no one get the joke aww… no we get it its just that ur lame

Woozi: Is that an insult? I’ll burn u in hell boy 

DK: Everyone’s prob allergic to my happiness

Mingyu: There’s nothing wrong with him he just tol 

The8: Oh sorry I just facepalmed in 35 languages

Vernon: Leave my fetus self in the past thanks

Seungkwan: My little fetus self rage quitted but not in front of my parents that would be rude 

Dino: any1 wanna pbs and chill

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Yugi and Kaiba in Kirgurumi suits? (Not sure if it's been done yet but just consider it like sleepwear or something like that)

interrupting ur fun tumblr scrolling to give u this

o well this is bad, kaiba’s sitting down btw so no yuugi didn’t magically grow to be 3 meters tall over night 👀💦

What a modern piece looks like on sheet music

so before i hit 2.5k i was like “its time for a follow forever tbh” but when i hit 2.5k i was like lmaooo so now im @ 2.9k but better late than never and all that.

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