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Just woke up from a nightmare dream where the TiM Channel filmed a show entitled “Kissing Tumblrs.” Members of the crew were assigned different people from the fandom to kiss. My assigned crew member smelled like rotting fish, but ended up being a really good kisser. I kept trying to convince y'all that he was great, but it no one believed me. So, I started writing fics shipping myself with him… 😖 WTF??

Seventeen as things me and my friends have said

Scoups: Ur lucky I wasn’t there I would’ve beaten all ur ashes

Jeonghan: My beutafil hair

Joshua: R u even habla enhlishhh

Jun: I would but I’m ugly… lmao jk I’m just too beautiful whatchu thought

Hoshi: I swear its 10/10 very nice™

Wonwoo: Does no one get the joke aww… no we get it its just that ur lame

Woozi: Is that an insult? I’ll burn u in hell boy 

DK: Everyone’s prob allergic to my happiness

Mingyu: There’s nothing wrong with him he just tol 

The8: Oh sorry I just facepalmed in 35 languages

Vernon: Leave my fetus self in the past thanks

Seungkwan: My little fetus self rage quitted but not in front of my parents that would be rude 

Dino: any1 wanna pbs and chill

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Yugi and Kaiba in Kirgurumi suits? (Not sure if it's been done yet but just consider it like sleepwear or something like that)

interrupting ur fun tumblr scrolling to give u this

o well this is bad, kaiba’s sitting down btw so no yuugi didn’t magically grow to be 3 meters tall over night 👀💦

What a modern piece looks like on sheet music

so before i hit 2.5k i was like “its time for a follow forever tbh” but when i hit 2.5k i was like lmaooo so now im @ 2.9k but better late than never and all that.

(bold are fave faves basically!!!)


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