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Okay I'm thinking about who really hit Isak but I won't say cause noone would agree and I hope I'm wrong but there are clues in songs and action because I've studied a bit about it and it's not what people expect and I've been thinking it since the fight but I hope I'm wrong about it. It would make sense why certain characters behaved in a way and would fit some of the theories you've posted and reactions from another character. But like I've said I hope I'm wrong because it would cause chaos...


maybe this is just me and my constant background level of bitterness, but can you imagine how demoralizing it could be to be tony’s best friend all through mit? like, imagine rhodey balancing school work and ro and probably other orgs and just dying before every exam, agonizing over every tutorial and pset and here comes tony fucking stark whos so ahead of the curve its ridiculous, who is so good at what he does but you cant even begrudge him for it because its obviously a passion and he just loves it and his entire being lights up when he gets something or discovers a different way to make something work or figures out something new

and rhodeys realistic, and i have a feeling terrence will give him the same sage advice my father gave me: “they have problems too” and by god is it true for tony stark. its almost perverse to be jealous because oh my god his life is also not all its cracked up to be.

idk im just bitter about a fictional supergenius move along

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Dudebro your humor is so funny like it doesn't make sense but it's still good, the one time you were takin about how you and your girlfriend has been together a while and the tag was "dab on em boi" and I think about that every day like how was that tag so perfectly accurate I don't understand it but I love your humor and your art also congrats on having a girlfriend I wish I had one okay love ya bye💞💞

what the fuck this is actually the sweetest thing im mcdying