wtf plec

The ‘I deserved better’ squad
TVD is a shit show

Like yea sure lets RUIN everything their is about the Salvatore Brothers.

Lets make sure that Bonnie suffers every single time.

Lets demote one ship to promote the other.

Lets make Caroline a love interest every single FUCKING time.

Lets randomly kill characters for shock value.

Lets forget all of our previous plot lines

Basically, just swing it.

Bamily, I want this to end in a bang.

Now days have passed, I’m salty but better.

I want to do a video of tribute for our otp.


Reblog this post and add one or two reasons why you love Bamon.

Quotes. Moments.

Why you SHIP them.

I will put it on all the video.

And I swear to god we will send it again and again to JP. Because damn I want an explanation.

It was storytelling gold. WTF PLEC?

So, from what I hear, being a witch and a vampire at the same time is possible now

Is it me or Julie Plec is competing with herself to see which of her shows destroys most of their own mythology? 

Does she just wake up in the morning and be like

And it gets to a point when fans are like

While the characters on TVD and TO are like

And the ratings are like

And while all this mess keeps going on and on and on, JP is like 

anonymous asked:

all your de stuff are on point and its funny because some of it is even acknowledged on the show so why elena choose damon? just because you acknowledge some of the bad stuff about de doesnt mean you have to put in under the rug and continue with them wtf? does plec not see all that is wrong with de why are they the endgame

OK so here’s the thing about Delena and Stelena. Stefan is supposed to be the better choice, even the best choice, always, that’s partially why the show keeps going back to Stefan throughout the seasons; why everyone thought when Elena got her humanity back in season 4 she’d choose Stefan; why Katherine and Tessa were adamant that Elena would choose Stefan in season 5, why Kai brings up how Elena changed to be with Damon in season 6, it’s always supposed to be Stefan. What she and Damon have is supposed to be exhausting and complicated and messy and problematic and it’s supposed to ruin everything but it’s not supposed to matter. Elena is supposed to love Damon so much that the problems don’t matter, Stefan doesn’t matter, what everyone says doesn’t matter because her love for him is this overpowering force that wipes everything from her mind but Damon. That’s what they’re trying to go for, which is why sometimes the problems are in the text because they’re both aware of what’s wrong with them but it doesn’t matter in the face of their consuming love that keeps drawing them back into this toxic mess.

But the issue with that is the show gives no real reasons for why Elena would love Damon this way like what do you guys do? And frankly they don’t have the chemistry to pull it off, loves like that are also supposed to be angsty and tortured and there’s a cosmic nature to it. I’ll even use examples from dynamics that I don’t even ship. With Olivia and Fitz, Kerry and Tony have amazing chemistry and them together it comes through and a character tells Olivia, “I’ve seen you two together, you breathe in sync”; with Chuck and Blair, Dan tells Blair that they’re magnetic and the costume designer spoke of how when dressing those two they would make sure that Chair would echo each other with their colour schemes because that’s how tethered they are. You don’t get any of that with Delena, even their sex looks medicore, so Elena just comes across as stupid.

Not to mention that she and Stefan share an intimacy that she never reaches with Damon, she trusts Stefan more, listens to Stefan more especially when it comes to her relationship with Damon; if Stefan doesn’t tell her to fight for Damon then she won’t do it but she’ll take a leave of absence from school after just starting to find Stefan, spend the entire day trying to get Stefan to remember their relationship, run over to a woman’s house to make sure Stefan isn’t sleeping with her, blow herself up with Damon to save Stefan, pretend marry Stefan and then continuously try to fashion Damon into Stefan so she can get that intimacy that Damon simply can’t provide her? WHAT? So you just sit there like:

okay but seriously what the actual fuck just happened tonight

jeremy’s for real dead, yes? 

because… once he became a hunter/1 of the 5 = supernatural being = ring is useless

and has elena just lost her damn mind because her brother is dead? 

because the hunter’s curse wouldn’t apply to her here, since silas technically killed jeremy and katherine allegedly perpetuated it. 

I’m not sure if I’m drunk, or if plec is. 

maybe I just need to rewatch… idfk… 

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