wtf piercing

Pierce the Veil

30 Day Song ChallengeDay Three - A song that brings back memories
    ↳ Caraphernelia - Pierce the Veil - Selfish Machines

what if i can't forget you? i'll burn your name into my throat, i'll be the fire that'll catch you. what's so good about picking up the pieces? what if i don't even want to?

No damn offense but the ending could have been much better. Sure it was nice seeing so many characters back for one final show, but honestly the ending even felt like a slap in the face…

While Bonnie doesnt need a man to make her happy, she deserved better than what she got. I honestly don’t get why Enzo had to die…

While it makes sense to Stefan’s character, Stefan also deserved better than to just die the way he did.

It anything, Damon should have been the one to die for all his bad deeds.

Katherine’s appearance should have been way more epic than what was given.

The only things I liked were Klaus’ letter, which was so adorable and sweet. The DEFAN endgame, and the BEAUTIFUL Stelena scene, which both Paul and Nina broke my heart with…

I still wonder till this day what’s so wonderful about Dullena when Stelena is life…

Whoever sent me the last anon telling me that since they’ve seen Logan they’ve been looking for Donald Pierce Imagines-and when they found my account, ever since then their life has been complete, thank you so much. 

I do it for you guys, and I’m so fucking honored that you actually read my stuff.

(I accidentally deleted the message. I’m such a clutch omg pls if you see this resend it so I can respond correctly)

anonymous asked:

OK SO I'm getting into Seventeen so hard core now that I've watched all of their MV's I need to know anything and everything about them!!!!!!! LIKE NOW!!! I BEG! ANYTHING! THAT CAN GET ME A HEADSTART! Like If they had a concert in the US next year I WILL GO SO FAST! What have u done to me? thank you though!!!


Lol! I got a similar message like this, so I’ll give you the run down!

Bias ruiner Mingyu (Hip Hop/rap team): Amazing rapper | Tallest | Smiles a lot | Great! cook | SEXY AF!

Don’t fuck with The8 (performance team) (Chinese): This little nigga can turn flips and shit | has piercings in his ear | Loves his members a lot | the cutest singing tone to his voice.

Wonwoo (Hip Hop/rap team) : Handsome as fuck! | Deep/Sexy voice | Rapper & damn good at it | Seem like he doesn’t talk much but has a lot of personality!

Jun (performance team) (Chinese) sexy and shady as hell | boy can D A N C E! | full of charisma 24/7.

He literally sat there and watched Vernon choke.

Vernon (Hip Hop/rap team): Mixed w/ Korean (dad) and White (mom) | funny af | voice is even more attractive when he raps | nice lit flow to his transition from Korean to English in his raps| handsome af! | hood | likes trap | dresses urban/Hip Hop style| has a woke mom that supports Black people.

S.Coups(Hip Hop/rap team) : The leader | The way he raps is sexy!! |  Dimples!! | wants to be with Nicki Minaj | So nice and caring! | “Dad” of the group.

Jeonghan (vocal team): Soft voice | Singer | Use to have long ass gorgeous hair | One minute he’s cute! the next he’s being sexy af | bites lips a lot| “Mom” of the group.

Naega Hosh aka 10:10 aka Hoshi (performance team) : Creates Seventeen dances | smart and creative | amazing dancer | so funny | getting sexy year by year wtf!! | Has ear piercings

Joshua Hong (vocal team) : from the USA (Los Angeles) | Church going man | so sweet | smooth/sexy speaking voice| big cat eyes | Said would date ANY race | King of bad rapping | King of  funny rhymes | plays guitar | also has ear piercings.

Woozi: (vocal team) Suga’s long lost brother | Producer | Hates doing aeygo | not a touchy person | Raps and sings | shortest member. | He’s cute af, but don’t say that to his face!

DK (vocal team) SIDE PROFILE ON FLEEK! | Sexy nose | boy can SANG! | Love his laugh | smiles and laughs a lot | loves compliments on his singing | funny!

Seungkwan(vocal team) : The personality of the group | so so very funny | this boy can S A N G| HE HITS THOSE HIGH NOTES! | Sassy diva | likes to spin like a ballerina | Cries every time Seventeen wins an award | Known for his cute chubby cheeks but he’s losing them slowly :(

DINO(performance team): Maknae | great dancer!!! | great at freestyle dancing! | boy can rap! | cutest brightest smile | laughs and smiles a lot |  it’s like he has a permanent smile and it’s so cute!! | “Jeonghan’s baby”

They kill album sales every time they have a comeback and their albums stay on the charts for months and months. They are known as “Monster Rookies” since they have so much success and only debuted  last year in 2015. It would take me awhile to list their accomplishments, but I’m proud and their so humble and love their fans.

Welcome to the fandom of ‘CARATS’ (💎we use the diamond emoji a lot)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Katherine killed Edna and pretended to be her (so like in that preview instead of Elise it was Katherine) and then at the wedding Katherine kinda just announced that she killed Ellen and that’s it.

Cause like honestly they’re not going to find out oh Katherine is kinda alive and running hell and expect for her not to pop up on them, wtf??


please consider

  • them just being really really sweet to each other
  • it makes the team wanna throw up

  • Tsukishima smiling  when Yamaguchi told him because like who wouldn’t

  • both drinking bitter, dark black coffee every morning together

  • suga being totally obsessed with yama’s freckles, kissing all of them

  • yama totally loving suga’s beauty marks

  • just their favorite physical feature of the other is the other’s source of insecurity but over time they learn to love them because POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT

  • this relationship would be hella positive

  • hella gentle teasing

  • suga standing on his tip toes because when he hugs yama 

  • Punk!Yama and Pastel!Suga


  • yama giving suga his first tattoo and it’s huge and in color and look at this small dainty adorable man he will probably cry but that’s okay ill be here and suga is totally unfased and yama’s like WTF please go out with me

  • dinner dates at american restaurants

  • yamaguchi almost getting arrested for trying to do the breadstick meme as a joke in real life 

  • suga laughing so hard he cries but ends up never being allowed back in that restaurant ever again