wtf my rp blog's in there

               me right now : wtf are you all doing here ?? i mean this blog isn’t even a week old and boom !! i got more than 150 followers. you have made my whole rp experience ( whichever blog it was ) the best. thank you. now, let’s get to the lovin’.


                   first of all i wanna start with jessie  /  @wildhearted. you’re mia to my hue. thank you. so freaking much for letting me play this amazing muse. i have always been fascinated by you, damn i was even a little bit intimidated bu you. for real, you are such a sweet person who deserves all the love tbh. you yourself are such a kind person, and i know we haven’t talked much, but i already see you as one of my few friends !! and you know what ?? i am pretty amazed that i am able to keep two muses at once, but it’s probably the fact that hue is such a important muse for me. i hope our squad’s gonna grow lmao !! 
                then, i wanna say something to my natrito  /  @onyovrleft, @promcss, @tragicfate & @carryburdens. my love, do you like remember these days where we would talk every single day ?? well, i seriously miss them, and i would really wanna do this again, but life is taking over tbh. and even though we don’t talk so much anymore, you’re still an amazing person and you are 4ever in my heart. whenever you are on the dash, i just get so happy and just knowing that ur okay, makes me feel ultimately good.
           amaye  /  @onlymyown. amaye. my heart, my soul, my life. whenever i feel sad, you freaking make me laugh when i don’t even wanna smile. we have had pain on cassie, and i am pretty sure we will have in on here. but, you omg. you are a light to my life. talking to you makes all those bad days become better !! whatever you will do, i will always be with you. you are like one of y few real friends, here and outside tumblr. so, thank you for all this kindness that i really don’t deserve. 
        pls no i did not forget the amazing jesse   /  @tragicloss. screams. you are an amazing flower. and tbh dimi is too i can’t deny that. we haven’t realy talked for a while, but i can’t even keep up with myself ok. nad i am really sorry ok. you have always brightened my dash with you ic and ooc posts. and tbh dimi is one of my fave ocs, it’s unimagnible that i would actually not write something about him. i have always loved those muses that have been so much, but still are so kind. you play him so well, sometimes i forget he’s not canon tbh. well, i really wanna tell you, that you have a special place in my heart xxx
       my vivi  /  @weiirdwitch. i miss talking to you more than ever tbh. but you know i really can’t find the time anymore but when i do, i really try to talk to you as much as i can. you are my sunshine tbh. if you ever think that you are not amazing, then you’re lying to yourself. you are. you’re a bright star that always brights my days. thank you vi. thank you for making me feel loved. thank you for never making me feel that i am annoying. and i hope i am making you feel the same way. 
      trevor   /   @lifefcrdeath , @backinaflcsh. you are an amazing person and a talented writer. pls, repeat it ok. seriously, we do not talk that much anymore. college and your work isn’t helping and those time zones aren’t helping either. but i still keep thinking about you every day. i still keep looking at you blogs and hope you are doing fine and just looking at anything you do makes me so happy ! i wanna thank you for being such an amazing friend. thank you. 
    ma moon  /  @viiduus. your my moon tbh. that pun will never get old. listen, we don’t talk anymore like we used to, but i always freaking scream when i see you on the dash and hope you are doing fine. sometimes i look at the moon, and think : nah, you’re not as bright as my moon. because it’s true, tho. you’re one really kind person and i couldn’t stop following you on every single blog. i heart you bae.
    harley  /  @lunarwclf. how are you my bae ? i hope you are fine. and now i gotta make a stupid thing. HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE. well, we are probably not far away, but i had to xD. ok but for real, alex is the best. and you bright my day everyday. that’s not it, no. i wish that you would never feel that you are not needed here, because you are. and it’s not just me and i am sure of that. you are amazing and deserve the world !!

           MY LIGHTS. people who i rp with and am to lazy to write up there and love and tbh stalk. 

      @atroversiaamo, @sorcr, @exubiytsa, @searedrebirth@whitespiider, @speediings@araphorostiic, @bibliophiliism, @fatherofmachine@americabrand, @empathyeatings, @agenths, @gunkanjiima, @butscrewmefirst, @brokcnlegacies, @agonyborn, @bronzemaned, @dokkstjarna, @bitchculebra, @fragilcminds, @fortcvolontc, @killchained@shotgunaxecombo, @honeyburnt, @absumpsi@bloodintolerant, @fallencomrade, @culebral, @iinvincible  / @deadllyshot , @redheadarcher, @neverparted, @horrorempathy  / @thedestrcyer, @rizhii, @moonjeweled, @garmrr, @maximofflegacy, @likethcrns, @tcrightnow, @starksprincess, @winterscn, @rougescion, @britishnation, @ircnmama, @firstnayezdnik@enigmatie, @ofbanncr, @humblefarmcr, @shrinemade, @outlawiism, @vxpergreen, @strxnzo, @playsvulgar, @strangledmulan, @starkwithsarcasm, @olivercharlcs, @antagxnized, @notimminent, @shesaidrun, @stupidarrows, @afewmistakes, @astralord / @coldbattle, @loudmiinds, @hclywcrs, @danversiism, @alinamaximoffrogers, @clairebxrton, @futurecrest,  @femmekill, @reclaimedasset, @islanddeath, @amongwclves, @natstxrk, @blackironed, @runebrush, @hcndler, @hydraserpent, @classiqve, @kncwnmisery, @nymphomaniia, @showmaxter, @americanasitgets, @astcriiia, @hasnerve, @xgamora, @awakesforce, @ordinaryswan, @tcthefuture, @iviaw, @foundingavenger, @batgirlbatarangs, @esorbitanza, @topazgaze, @fallcnsoldier, @seiismic, @gammamade, @sunnytoothed, @ledivdova, @bullshitreigned, @punchit@moranument@radiasi, @baywindowed.

Hanamaki Takahiro
Season 2, episode 20
Hanamaki Takahiro

Someone asked me to make another audio post with Hanamaki’s voice from the last episode and since I’m such a hoe for his voice, I decided to do it.

Hey here’s a thought. Tell me why you started following me. Was it because of my shitposts? RPs in the past (I would know this one lol)? Dragons Pokeymanz? My plants? The amount of gay I am? Shitposts?

♚♚ Can I just say how much I love the Disney RP community? You’re all so nice, like wtf. It’s so nice to log onto a blog and feel like people genuinely want me to be here? And then I receive little nice comments on my Belle and I just can’t stop smiling? Because I’m getting to RP one of my favourite characters of all time and actually getting complimented on my portrayal?

I’m just. Thank you all so much. I don’t think I can tell you how much this actually means to me without sounding too sappy

     I came back from my mini vacation only to find over 100 of you precious beings. I don’t know how or why but my heart is so warm from all the feels. This is my first big milestone on any indie rp blog I’ve had, and it means the absolute world to me (no matter how cheesy that sounds). Thank you, seriously I don’t think I can ever say that enough. Leia means so much to me, and it’s so nice to come on here and have not only people to write with, but people who are so delightful as well as brilliant. You bring all these amazing characters to life, and not many people can say they’ve done that, you know :).

🚀🌙 Ride or Die ~ the people who put up with me the most & whom I’ve had the privilege of writing/plotting with, and/or just vibed with IC & OOC. Sorry peeps, but you’re going to be putting up with me for a long time :P {aka forever you have no choice}

@molliatenebris @neverxtellxmexthexodds @captainiissm @rejuvenatiion @knightiisms @solumagus @empireworthy @equitem-princeps @jakkuiisms @shotfcrst @indarkncss @supcrnovasolo

🌌 🌠 Gimme More ~ the people I’ve just began writing with, have spoken to OOC, have plans to write with, admire from afar, or some random mix of all those things <3.

@undcne @thesonofsolo @sniiperisms @snipiisms @manichaeisms @saggitariisms @unalignedforce @afraidtcleave @obscuritex @rcguecne @wingedfighter @beautifulkindbutsad @maskedterror

     But once again, a huge thank you to everyone. You all are too good to me, and I seriously want to rp and chat with you all. There are many of you that I admire from afar, I just didn’t want the above list to be like ten pages long xD. I also want to reiterate that if anyone wants/needs to talk, whether it’s about our babies or just things you’re dealing with, I’m always there for you guys. We’re a family, and I’m your space mom ™ whether you like it or not :P.

     So, as I always say, bless you all <3 <3 <3.