wtf merchandise


I also made shuyuu charms because I’m predictable :’D In all honesty though I see all the popular ships with their ship charms and so I was like ME TOO. I WANT THIS TOO.

The heart is transparent pink! This is also a 2″ clear acrylic charm, double-sided. Comes with that strawberry charm and clip-on metal keyring! I’m selling this for $8 USD + shipping (from Canada, so shipping will thankfully not kill anyone too badly)

The store link is the source link at the bottom of this post (or top green buy button at the top on PC dashboard) otherwise if you don’t see the links click here for the store link (only works for PC people)! I have to do all this odd linking because tumblr is an idiot and will hide posts with external links :’) 

【6/1~6/30開催】「ヘタリアTWT×カラオケアドアーズ秋葉原店」 コラボ描き下ろしイラストが初公開☆イベントではフロアまるごと「ヘタリア」♪ノベルティや限定グッズはこのミニキャラを使用予定です。どうぞお楽しみに!

illustrations for the limited edition merchandise in the Hetalia: TWT x Adores Akihabara Karaoke collaboration