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“I don’t think Princess Tiana deserves to be in the same league as the rest of the Disney Princesses”

“T’challa was selfish in CACW”

“Finn isn’t a Jedi!”

“Iris West CAN”T be black!”

“Cyborg doesn’t deserve his own movie!”

“Why did they cast Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie?”

“Luke Cage doesn’t have any white people in it!”

“Why is everyone in the Wiz black?”


Sailor Moon meets Iron Man

The Sky Sisters Girlfriends.

So. I’m going to try and make this short sons and daughters; to celebrate my development/experimentation week for a new style (oh so demonstrated above), in the midst of my meme week or month or maybe even year , I’m holding my own personal LGBTQ week in which I’m going to try to post art of specific LGBTQ ships to raise awareness and also help the fandom accept more LGBTQ ships in general. Here’s mi schedule can you believe i made a schedule.

  • Fri 27th of Oct - Chendy
  • Sat 28th of Oct - I might have plans during this day but if you’re doing something, try having a go at any lgbtq rare pairs!
  • Sun 29th of Oct - Erlu + Luvia 
  • Mon 30th of Oct - Gratsu + Canajane
  • Tue 31st of Oct - Stingue + Yukinerva
  • Wed 1st of Nov - Luli 
  • Thurs 2nd of Nov - Fraxus

So I guess that’s it? I just felt like doing this for myself considering as we all know, it’s getting very gay in the anime world this season. 

If you’d like to tag along with me for this lgbtq ride then hell ye, sure go along! The tag I will be using for this and what you can use is #illulgbtqweek. Fics, art, coloured mangacaps; you’re all wonderfully creative amigos. You can message me for any questions or anything but like I said, this is a personal project so don’t feel obliged. I’ll be here listening nonstop to Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira Shakira and arting my ass off. 

Adios amigos. 

Anger Issues

“Can you do a Loki smut? After he gets mad cause he saw one of the guards flirt you?”


Sitting around watching Loki create his mischievous plans wasn’t your ideal date night. You sighed slouching onto the chair you sat on, taking a strand of your hair in between your fingers twirling it. What was worse that there was four inhumanly tall men shielding you. You would never get used to the royal treatment. You were just a girl from Y/H/T, never in your whole life you thought you’d be dating a god.

One of the guards shifted their heads towards you, seeing the word ‘Boredom’ written across your face; making them let out a chuckle. Which made you huff in response. Using both your hands and slapping them onto your thighs, creating all the guards that surrounded you; make their attention go towards you. You rolled your eyes on how responsive they word to every noise. “Well I’m gonna go get some water.” Grunting as you lifted yourself from the chair – that made your ass numb for sitting there for an hour. “You are in so position to walk around alone here my dear.” Said a low husky voice, shifted your head you saw it was one of the guards speaking to you. He had these dark chocolate eyes, dirty blond hair; skin having a sun kissed tan. “Well, alright, whatever. Your orders are orders.” You plainly replied. With your response a smirk appeared onto his lips. “Lead the way Ms. Y/L/N.” And you did so. As you walked out of the room, with the guard following behind; you felt a pair of eyes burning on the back of your head. Turning to see what was making feel uncomfortable, it was Loki. Jaw clenching, knuckles griping the table roughly; his knuckles where white. Oh no. You knew this wasn’t good. You kept your attention towards him till you disappeared from his view. Your heart was thumping fast, like a jackrabbits. Your palms were getting sweaty, knowing it wasn’t good to get onto Loki’s bad side. Not so fun seeing him mad.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: there is not a single mention, no picture in her bedroom, no zero nadda Pietro Maximoff in Civil War. NOT A THING??? Wanda and Pietro were extremely close. after their parents died, all they had were each other. they survived Strucker's experiments together. Wanda is trying out new powers and has a new family and probably thinks about her brother at least once a day if not more. but he's not even vaguely hinted at in Civil War. /// what. the. fuck.