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Take Your Gatekeeping and Shove It.

So, this past weekend, I took my 11-year-old daughter to SuperCon to meet her favorite actor (and favorite Doctor), Peter Capaldi.

She wore a little blue TARDIS-decorated dress and some Doctor Who pins, and she nearly cried with joy when Capaldi greeted her for the photo op. He was a consummate gentleman and such a sweet and enthusiastic person.

An hour or so after the wonderful photo op experience, she and I were sitting at a table in the food court area.

A burly, older man plopped down nearby.  He looked at my little girl’s outfit, smiled, and said, “Do you even KNOW anything about Doctor Who?”

WTF, dude?

I was too stunned for a second to even respond, so he started right in with the ‘quizzing.’

“Who are the Doctor’s biggest enemies, and what planet does he come from?” this stranger asked.

Now I had moved past shocked and right into indignant/angry/protective mode.

“I don’t want her to be quizzed on something she loves, because I don’t want her thinking she has to prove ANYthing in order to be a fan,“ I told him.

Looking at my daughter, I said “You don’t owe strangers explanations or information, ok?“  She said OK and looked relieved.

Still he pressed on, patronizing grin and all: “Oh, I just want to be sure parents are raising their kids right.” Then he turned to my daughter again and asked “Who was the first Doctor, then?”

I cut him off right there. “No. I don’t want her quizzed. At all.”

Dude blinked in disbelief, sighed, and left about a minute later.

“Thanks,” my daughter said. “He was making me feel awkward.”

I held her hand and looked into her eyes. “Some men think they can have power over you by making you prove yourself. You never have to do it. They’re just insecure and pitiful, so they want to make you feel like it, too.  It’s not only about fan stuff, and it’s not always just men, but be careful not to fall into that trap, ok?”

That crap isn’t harmless fun. It sets up a pattern of approval-seeking, self-justification, self-doubt, and fear of exclusion that is very dangerous for children (particularly girls).

Fuck that.

TL;DR:  Do NOT come at me, my little girl, or anyone in my vicinity with your condescending, gatekeeping bullshit.

The next time, I won’t make the mistake of even TRYING to be polite.

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  • Yuu: oh man I love my beautiful blond
  • Shinoa: back off, cherry boy! That beautiful blonde is mine!
  • Yuu: excuse me?! Clearly that blond is mine!
  • Shinoa: I thought you were gay!
  • Yuu: I am wtf
  • Shinoa: so why are you trying to steal my girl?!
  • Yuu: excuse me?! I think we've already had this conversation but Mika is no girl!
  • Shinoa: Mika?- oh!
  • Yuu: yeah so back off, midget!
  • Shinoa: whAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!
  • Yuu: M-I-D-G-E-T
  • Meanwhile...
  • Mika: what are they fighting for this time?
  • Mitsuba: no idea, but by the look on Shinoa's face I'd say he made a comment about her height, so this won't end well
  • Mika: *sighing* why does Yuu-chan always ends up getting in these situations?
What I think after every episode

• wtf Jeff

• why you do me wrong like this

• I thought we were 🤞🏻man

I meeeeean imma still watch the show cause I’m an obsessed piece of trash but still…why jeff…why

author’s note// this makes me so happY!! this one is so cute and i like it cause i relate and AHHH happi!!!!


  • OKAY so like, i know dating a girl who is bisexual is just about the same as dating a girl who is straight, pan, whATever!
  • so we gonna talk abt something a titty tad bit differenT!
  • okay so, obviously shawn is rather big in the public eye, so when you become public about the fact that you are dating, you also become rather?? well known??
  • and you are bisexual, and people find out simply because you were previously dating a girl, and you still had the photos up on instagram
  • and everyone like freaked the fuck out, because shawn has a rather young fanbase and there’s literally like ten photos of you being all lovey dovey with a female???
  • they think it’s weird
  • they always comment saying like “wtf you’re a lesbian?”
  • you aren’t a lesbian
  • shawn literally does not FUCKING CARE
  • you told him early on when you are bisexual, and open about it, and you have dated a girl
  • he was like “ok cool, wanna go get sushi?” 
  • the man does not care what your sexual preference is as long as it involves him because it’d be awkward if you were dating but you weren’t attracted to him?
  • a lot of the times at the question and answer people would ask him like, “hey shawn, did you know your girlfriend has a photo kissing a girl deep in her instagram?” or “shawn, your girlfriend had a girlfriend?” 
  • and he’s just like “yup” and moves on
  • he doesn’t waste time on shit like that
  • he doesn’t even respond to rude questions
  • cause like who fucking cares if you like girls and boys?
  • shawn is just glad you like him
  • he doesn’t care who you previously liked, or even who you may like in the future
  • he loves you, for you
  • honestly this is hard bc dating a bi girl is the same as dating every other girl like idk how its so different BUT YEAH
  • he also calls you “my bi goddess” 
  • that’s what my boyfriend called me once 
  • goodnight

author’s note// YIKES!

Texts Between Bros- Brocode Edition

Elias: Yo

Yousef: hey man. what’s up?

It actually took me half a second to realize that this wasn’t the gc

Elias: yeah sorry just didn’t think they needed to be a part of this convo and it’s kinda awkward in person

Yousef: well now I’m nervous lol

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Elias: nah man don’t be. its nothing bad

just like


Yousef: …is she okay?

Elias: shes fine. literally watching her sing in the kitchen with chocolate smeared on her mouth. 

she looks ridiculous

Yousef: :’D she singing ed sheeran?

Elias: wtf? idk

is there anything going on with you and Sana

Yousef: i don’t get what you mean

Elias: idk i just think that she’s really young and you know… she’s my sister. It’d be weird if you and her were to… idk get together or whatever.

Yousef: i mean, she’s 17. and smart. and her own person

Elias: dude that’s not the point

Yousef: ….are you warning me off Sana?

Elias: do I need to?


The boys discussing TV spoilers (Rajigaze 3/31)

Reita (reading mail): “Please evaluate my Dark Side. I’m the type to read some spoilers before watching a series or reading a novel, but the other day my friend was like, “that’s unbelievable! you won’t [watch/read] if something you don’t like happens? That’s so self-centred!” I thought reading spoilers was a thing so that people could avoid [seeing/reading] something they didn’t like, but do people not actually do that? Is this my Dark Side? Are you guys the type who don’t tolerate spoilers?”

Aoi: A while ago I was talking to someone about Taiga (this historical drama that’s been on TV for like 50 years) like, “oh so-and-so died…” and they got so mad at me, like, “stop spoiling!”

Uruha: (laughing) But it’s Taiga………..

Aoi: Right? Like, it actually happened, what u want me to do…it’s Taiga…

(*the drama is based off of real ppl/events in history so i guess it was no secret this person died) 

Reita and Kai catching on finally: AHH cause it’s historical ahh yeah ok!! Ahh yes (laughing)

Kai: Totally!

Reita: I mean, it’s historical!

Aoi: Yeah.

(Uruha chucklin)

Aoi: Like am I not even allowed to talk about that? 

Reita: Right, like, ur literally just stating a fact?

Aoi: Right right right

Ruki: The “type to read spoilers before watching a series or reading a drama”….what?

Reita: That’s totally not a thing

Kai: That’s not a “type”


Ruki: Hmmm…..they’re not thinking about the writer’s intention at all.

Reita: There’s no surprises!

Aoi: But don’t you sometimes watch a movie even after you’ve read the novel? 

Reita: Ahh yeah if it was good!

Aoi: So it’s kinda like that no?

Ruki: But like, they must go online first and read something that says like “spoiler alert”

Aoi and Reita: Ahhhhh

Reita: Yeah that’s weird…

Ruki: Well yeah that’s why it’s a “Dark Side.” 

Reita: Ah.

Aoi: Right.

Ruki: Like manga, for example, when there’s an original work…like Ushijima and stuff (It’s this manga that they made into a movie???) it’s not like you read a spoiler, it’s like…you know the original work, and you’re seeing how well they were able to reproduce it. 

Aoi: Mmm

Ruki: But this person….they’re just reading spoilers…….this……….IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

(everyone especially reita dying) 

Reita: It’s scary, like, some of us are watching the same foreign dramas, and we’re all at different parts, right?

Ruki: Yeah but like even if someone spoils it we just forget about it and watch anyway

(everyone laughing) 

Uruha: Yeah like if we’re talking about 24, and you’re talking about something that happened around season 2 idk shit

Reita: Cause you literally don’t remember anything? 

Uruha: Yep.

Ruki: Well that would have happened so long ago, it was season 2

Uruha: And if someone’s [talking about it] like, “that was crazy eh!?” I’m just like .. ……. :-)

Kai: (laughing) Even tho u were telling everyone to watch it

Reita: But man I’m so scared of spoilers like, I’m like “stop talking about it stop talking about it” u know?

Aoi: Yeah totally……

Reita: Yeah…espECIALLY to KAI. 

Kai: Me!?

Reita: It’s always you!!!

Kai: It’s YOU!!!

Reita: No the fuck it;S NOT !!!!

Ruki: Also you lie.

Reita: What?

Ruki: You lie about the ending.

Reita: W-what are you talking about (laughing) 

(Idk wtf happens in this movie but it’s some shit called “Blown Away”?? and Reita told Ruki some shit explodes in the end but I guess it didn’t?????) 

Ruki: I was like, “man even though I know how it ends now that’s gonna be so good!” But that’s not what happened at all! Shit did not explode!

Uruha: What were u watching?

Reita: Blown, away, I think. ….Pls watch it.

(everyone giggling) 

Reita: So, anyone watching dramas lately?


Reita: Foreign dramas…Anything….


Kai: I know one of y’all is watching something………

Uruha: Dramas? Well…Walking Dead got boring –

Ruki: Oh good!!!!!!! Then let’s watch [idk what he said but I guess he been tryna get ppl to watch it cause he JUMPED on this opportunity]

Reita: There’s no way we’re watching that

Ruki: No I actually watched a bit during recording recently! About an hour.

Reita: Oh yeah?

Ruki: Yeh…but it’s kinda awkward to show people…cause you can’t tell if they’re enjoying it

So after listening to the interview three times, I’m left thinking about how it’s no wonder they were so surprised Sherlock did as well as it did. From their perspective, it’s basically a reboot with younger men used, new tech thrown in, and stripping out “the trappings”.

“We should do that, again.” (So what was the thing you were trying to correct?)

“We gave him the hat by accident…He’s wearing it, because people expect him to.” (Ummm…ok. Wtf would Sherlock Holmes do that?)

“It’s about still preserving him as being the cleverist man in the world.” (Which is why we didn’t really get cases to follow, unlike in the Rathbone/Bruce pieces, and then he wasn’t the cleverist in S4??)

It almost seems like Gatiss is more an ACD fan than he is of Sherlock Holmes. His favorite part is the intro about ACD, not the stories.

“It wasn’t really a pilot. We had the idea, and they had a little bit of money left, so we made episode one.”

I am a huge Dumbledore fan, I have loved him ever since the start of the series and I love him even more at the end. And I get furious when people blame him for things that aren’t his fault and hate him for things that he didn’t do. I especially hate bashing of any kind especially when they try to make Dumbledore be evil. He has his flaws but I’ll defend him to the death most of the time, out of all the HP characters he’s my baby.

However, the one thing I keep thinking about is the whole Willow/Werewolf prank. As much as I love Dumbledore, I can’t get over this. Every time I think about it I feel bad for Snape and find myself going “Albus…WTF?!” I can defend Dumbledore from a lot of accusations using canon, but I CANNOT defend this. Albus, what the hell? Snape isn’t my favorite but he’s still a kid who almost died! Merlin’s beard, man, what were you thinking?! Now I love Sirius to pieces, but his little ass needed to get expelled or locked up for that crap. JK Rowling, I keep thinking about this scene and I need you to come up with an explanation for this, something so I can get it out of my head. Unfortunately, this confession may attract Dumbledore bashers (I pray not), I will always love him. But gods dammit if this scene doesn’t make me want to throttle him. What was his reason? I really need a canon reason why this happened, and a good one. The whole “he favored Gryffindor” deal that haters use isn’t good enough for me. Nobody favors a house to that extent, it’d be bad business.


Alright folks, he admits he’s a body shamer. From the beginning he shamed bodies and until the end of his cursed fucking channel he’ll still keep shamin. Bananas legit can’t say shit about him being body postive (they never should have said anything in the first place tho)

Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhh lmaooooo sometimes I wonder if he even knows what he’s saying anymore. “Facts” bitch go outside. Being tall doesn’t automatically make you masculine. Tall women aren’t gross, especially if they’re masculine. The damn truth is they’re more beautiful than you on the inside and out. AND important of all im sure they dont want you either :3c But. …Are you sure you don’t like tall women though?? Cause idk…how excited you were when Jaclyn Glenn was entering the chat makes me think otherwise. Oh and the look of jealously when you saw Richie with her definitely makes me think otherwise. Idk man..I’m just saying

Also lmao wtf liking a masculine lady doesn’t like elude u to being gay (??? I think he was saying that.. Wtf was he saying here tbh I’m trying my best to word my response) . You know what makes you gay?? LIKING THE SAME GENDER R U DUMB LMAOOO

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I love Quinn, but do we seriously want to see any "mourning," remembering, flashbacks, or callbacks relating to him? They already do that with Brody to an extent. They featured Quinn's anguish over losing Astrid. Before long, if not already, this show is going to feel like a never-ending in memorium reel. It's obvious that the writers never give us what we want or need, so they might as well just move on and tell the "riveting" story they've been dying (and killing characters) to tell.

I’m on the fence on this issue too. But, in the wake of 6.12, in abject upset I admit to googling the trope of ‘the haunting lover’ and decided this: I want him to come back as his bad ass, acerbic self. Like, every night, telling Carrie in her imagination, shit like:

“Bad fuckin’ move, Carrie. WTF are you doing?” (Cue funny banter.)


“JFC, Carrie. What has Saul EVER really done for you?”


“You had your chance, Mathison. I hung around for five fucking years.”

I know it’s a #notcanonbutfic kind of thing, how cool would that be given the alternative?

And, for the romantics out there, the end of this ‘talk to the dead man I loved as if he were here’ thing could be like the movie Ghost (I know, I know… but it was kinda beautiful) when they finally acknowledge their love and he leaves - both knowing that they’ll meet again one day.

Fuck. I think I have to write this fic.

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WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT SEASON 3 AHHH WTF?? I personally think that "Shiro" is a clone. Klance was woke this season (*cough* the scene where lance talks to keith in his room *cough*) the Galra generals were INCREDIBLE, I love every single one of them, and Lotor is an amazing villain. I feel lied to because we didn't get any Kaltenecker, but it's okay because we got a Sven redemption arc. Sorry for spamming you, I'm just !! (i hope you're doing well)

I loved season 3 so much man don’t even get me started ok…..I said months ago that season 3 would be my best friend and I was right


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Some of these poses are actually hilarious. xD I don't know which one to chose but I honestly wanna see Reboot Vergil and Hollow Vergil in the most ridiculous pose. I'm sorry for asking you earlier on when you were in a bad slump/depression. I didn't know. ;-; But I'm glad you decided to start sketching again. Your art is amazing. Oh! Why not draw Dante as Sombra? I remember you saying he reminds you of her. Sorry if this is all so overwhelming.

Man it’s not that ridiculous but pfftt. In my mine I was thinking of hollow vergil with this pose and goes ‘kill yo family boi’ and Vergil’s like ‘sighs wtf how can I get rid of you for f sake.’

My tablet/laptop/I don’t even know what refused to behave midway and I was too stubborn to stop so sorry if things are kind of feel rush


Hacking takes time and effort. So to the person who got Katie’s brothers phone number you knew exactly what you were doing and that’s fucked up. Like honestly how can anyone in their right mind think to do something like that. The fact that this man who was so nice to this fandom no longer feels comfortable is not okay. Like honestly CHILL THE FUCK OUT. We all love Katie and her character but you guys need to separate real life and fiction.

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So, I'm black. With white parents. Seeing that biracial anon talking made me wanna share... So, I was in an online highschool where we had a school building we could go to. All chill with nerds right? Wrong. Apparently a lot of the kids are Tumblr radfems/sjws. So, my parents had to come in at some point... And, upon leaving, a radfem thought I was being kidnapped and sold into slavery..... Like what???? I was smiling and chill with them bc, yknow, MY PARENTS. We explainer, but she continued 1/2

2/2 to go on about how its extremely racist to adopt a black child because they were fetishizing my skin color… And then she got to slavery. We really had no idea wtf was going on… My mom (thank god, she might have called my dad a pedo or something) got her name… And then we just left her mid-sentence. I looked back and she was fuming man… So, we report her actions and from then on, I didn’t see her at our building?? So idfk what happened to her in the end.

What the fuck dude that’s wild. I almost don’t believe you but also can’t think of a reason you’d be lying. How old was this girl anyway? But still, to think someone is like that in high school… yikes.

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Do you think either of the boys had serious thoughts about not going through w it around the time of the shooting?

I think they had fleeting thoughts of not going through with it but the fact that they were relying on one another reinforced the fact that they couldn’t seriously think about flaking and backing out.

They might have moments were they thought to themselves ‘Man, WTF. This is crazy. I’m going to be dead in two weeks. My poor fucking family. What am I going to put them through? (!) They don’t deserve the misery I’m gonna inflict..’ but then 10 minutes later it was like “I’m going to miss doing X, Y and Z..Nah, wait a minute, I’m not. Not really all that much.. Besides, this is important. We need to prove ourselves; we’re going to be the ones to settle the score and do it right. Besides, I hate this fucking place. I don’t want a so-called future offered here. This system is shit. I’m not going to grow up to be another just another mindless robot. Fuck the system!’

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I never read angsty kaisoo fics and i just read one and omg..... its infidelity and soo is just like so strong I'm actually still crying lmao I finished it 10 minutes ago and I'm still in tears...... fuuuuuuck I'm crying so bad wtf this is a fanfic but do kyungsoo mY MAN u so beautiful u deserve the best. That's why I never read angst. It takes me days to get over it. I'm probably gonna think about it again in a few hours and start weeping

Aw anon :’( 

I understand your pain, I hardly ever read angst, I just can’t deal with it. Even worse with infidelity fics!!!! Whenever I do read one it feels like someone is ripping my heart in two T__T I just want to shield Soo away from all the hurt even tho it’s only fanfiction *sobs*

Hope you’ll be ok anon.. *sends you hugs*

more got watching
  • Missandei’s smile after she told them to leave their weapons was everything!
  • but wtf was that Davos “where are you from” bit? and then “this place has changed”? were they implying that he’s racist or smthing? 
  • Tyrion: “I didn’t fuck your sister, btw”. John: “I didn’t ask” - LOL
  • That was seriously creepy from Mel!
  • Euron says he will give Cersei what no other man can give and looks directly at Jaime. STOP! I’m LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF!
  • Boy, Ellaria does spit a lot!
  • “A finger in the bum” OMG! JAIME’S FACE!!
  • I’ve learned to just stop worrying and enjoy this shit like I would Monty Python. I don’t think that’s what d&d intended though…
  • Cersei and Jaime in bed together and I AM LIVING!! I honestly don’t even care how OOC it is, can’t wait to vid these scenes! I need a song!
  • “I’m a prisoner on this island” - well who the fuck could have seen that coming? 
  • You took my ship LMAOOOO!!! 
  • Ughhh Dany can figure this stuff out for herself, we don’t need Tyrion to mansplain to her! 
  • Poor Sansa with these weird, weird dull male siblings. 
  • Oooh! More Jorah flesh porn!
  • I can see what they were going for with the whole moving moment of Jorah taking Sam’s hand, but didn’t he also touch Dany before lol
  • And now we’re back to accusing Cersei of manipulating Jamie with her evil vagina and the poor lamb just can’t control it. None of it is his fault. 
  • Olenna :(((((( I do hope some of the Tyrells survive the books!
When EXO & BTS Hang Out

*EXO and BTS in a room together*

Suho: hello fellow idols, nice to see you again


Suho: so…you know… we are doing a bad boy concept soon. we’re gonna be so cool

Rapmon: oh, really? that’s cool. what are you guys doing?

Baekhyun: you know, wearing a lot of eyeliner

Rapmon: is that it

Chen: and a lot of glaring

Rapmon: um

Kris: also a lot of talking to *leans in* ladies

Jin: wow ok sounds great

*D.O is staring intensely at everyone*

Suga: is he ok

Chanyeol: oh, Kyungsoo? *big laugh* he’s just being friendly. This is how he makes friends. Right Kyungsoo?

D.O: *growls*

J-Hope: um

Jimin: so Kai and Lay i hear you are the dancing line

Lay: *high as fuck lost in space* yEp

Kai: yes we are 

Jimin: let’s duel

Kai: what

Jimin: two to one. let’s duel

Kai: ok but you can’t lift up your shirt

Jimin: well then you can’t steal a dance from shinee

Kai: do u wanna go

Jimin: go where ? to the land of sexy chocolate abs because then youre not invited

Sehun: *rolls his eyes* psst ayo maknae

Jungkook: *looks around room* me?

Sehun: yes you. what do you say we sneak out, ditch these bitches and have some maknae bonding time where we smack talk our hyungs

Jungkook: i dont think we should leave, managers said we’re not allowed to 

Sehun: *laughs* wowww maknaes are so innocent. does anyone else want to sneak out

Suga: do you have any soju

Sehun: *eyes widen* you mean…alcohol?

Suga: what else bitch

Sehun: um…um…

Suga: i thought you were hardcore. guess i was wrong

Kris: im hardcore

Suga: really

Kris: yes. it’s because of how i was raised. 

Kris: you know

Kris: in canada

Rapmon: then why is my english better than yours 

Kris: uM i dont think it is

Tao: shut up kris. also you too taehyung. shut up

V: i didnt say anything

Tao: no, but you were thinking it. thinking “ahahah wow im sooo much prettier than tao” well you know what ill wushu you

V: i wasnt thinking that

Tao: liar

V: i was thinking about mommy

Xiumin: wtf

V: mommy baekhyun

Baekhyun: yes son

V: i love you 

Baekhyun: i love you too 

Chanyeol: oh i see is this kid more important than me

Baekhyun: ohhh man all you talk about is jongin this jongin that and now you’re jealous

Chanyeol: is it his eyeliner. is it his orange hair . i can do all of that for you

Baekhyun: too late 

Jin: hey Luhan. 

Luhan: ….yes?

Jin: we have a lot in common you know

Luhan: like what

Jin: our perfect faces . our endless charm

Luhan: haha…

Lay: waOW i just realizeD that bOth of our grOup nameS have thRee letTers woWW sciencCe is coOl


Chanyeol: hey suga im a rapper too . a hardcore rapper . we should collab. 

Kris: oh, im one of the rappers too. im sick at freestyle . rap monster i will kick your ass. they call ME rap jesus 

Rap Monster: im so done bye

Thoughts on Quinn

So it’s taken me a while to mull over Quinn’s canon Quinncident KotFE and KotET have been absorbing the bulk of my WTF rage but I think I have some ideas about it now, to explain the whole thing. 

First off, divorcing myself from issue plus Jaesa being a literal traitor detector and looking at the whole arc, is that Quinn’s path through the SW’s story really reminds me of Zevran from DA:O in that their growth is contingent on someone being decent to them and believing in their capabilities. If you are kind to Quinn and beneficial to the Empire, the man warms up to you, and if you’re cruel and destructive he grows distant and fearful.

So what I think they were initially trying to do was copy how Zevran either betrays you due to low loyalty/cruelty or defies his old masters for you if you’re at least decent to him.

There’s a lot of interesting meta stuff that comes between these two being so closely linked in their paths, since Zevran was canonically trying to commit suicide by Warden with whether or not he succeeds is up to your interactions with him.

Of course, when they decided they couldn’t allow companions to be killed (back when companions had strictly one roll,) that meant that copying Zevran’s path to a T was no longer on the table. So, they did what they do for insta-60 and insta-65 token alts. They made an assumption that you’d be “darkside,” aka cruel in the SW’s classline and also probably male, leaving us with the Quinncident even if it makes absolutely no sense why Quinn would go through with it.

And finally, if we toss out the above Zevran parallels, we need a explanation why Quinn would go through with it. I’ve seen some people speculate on it being Quinn stupidly loyal to Baras for saving him, emphasis on the stupid since Quinn witnesses what happens to Baras’ loyal and long serving minions and spies. But Quinn is shown to hate wastes of Imperial life/interests/assets in his personal quest with Broysc, and that is undoubtedly what Baras is doing. He is criminally wasting incredibly valuable spies/agents/Imperials.

So the only explanation I can honestly understand as to why Quinn would carry out the Quinncident as is, is that Baras flat out used Force Persuade on him. And if the man can strangle someone on Hoth while on Dromund Kaas, I’d say him being able to fuck with Quinn’s mind at a distance is within his capabilities. It’d also explain why his “flawless plan” for the Quinncident is…stupidly weak. The man might not be able to outright subvert Baras’ command, but rigging the betrayal in the SW’s favor is well within his capabilities if he structures his thoughts carefully. 

And as for why he doesn’t simply tell them what’s going on, again, Force Persuasion commands to tell no one, to not betray Baras himself, or even to forget that Baras ordered this and to think that this is his own thoughts. Getting rid of these activated commands also expands upon Quinn’s personal quest, and takes us back to Voss, where we were warned something was up and where they can help Quinn get rid of the mental tampering.

Of course, this is me speculating and headcanoning the fuck out of a poorly executed scene. Me making sense of it and duct-tapping it’s brokenness into something functional doesn’t change or excuse that it was a extremely poorly handled scene for any character, let alone the only full female Love Interest for the SW.