wtf luhan

the signs as exos great qualities
  • aries: baeks silliness
  • taurus: junmyeons sassiness
  • gemini: yixings dedication
  • cancer: chanyeols talent
  • leo: kyungsoos boldness
  • virgo: luhans charm
  • libra: jongins resilience
  • scorpio: minseoks commitment
  • sagittarius: jongdaes joyfulness
  • capricorn: taos idgaf attitude
  • aquarius: sehuns compassion
  • pisces: kris' clumsiness

Is it just me

That kinda gets really anxious every time someone in EXO mentions when they debuted or when they were trainees? I’m kinda preparing myself for the time when they will by mistake mention Kris, Luhan or Tao. And you can see their confused and hurt faces as they apologize for mentioning something they shouldn’t have. And it just breaks my heart because Kris, Tao and Luhan aren’t a mistake and it shouldn’t be something they should be apologizing for. They were a part of eachothers lives for 7+ hard years and SM made the them into something worth forgetting about and apologizing for.