wtf like why me he's cute and ugh

I  just want to show you some of my fave Tom Hiddleston gifs… They will maybe kill you… anyway, Enjoy :) 

Look at those eyes…

Oh and that smile…

What should I say…

Have you ever seen a person that blinks so beautiful??

He turns from hot/concentrated to cute/adorable

Ugh …

That sparkle in his eyes

Look at that guy

Can he just stop it please!!!

I literally die everytime I see this gif 


And why agian??


He is so cute and I just want to hold him and never let him go 

But I also want him to f*** me 

but then he’s so cute again and I am like: Wwhhaatt!!?!??

and then he’s hot again

and now look at that

That Man…

What should I say? I’m just speechless.


I’m going to start by saying this boy is sassy as hell.

(lolz chu see that)

This boy is no joke.

We could see him as a brat…..sure but you gotta hand it to him, Ciel can deal ok. He has that “Do you think I give a fuck?” face with that “Do it bitch” attitude. Gotta respect the level of sass this kid can work.

The way he sips that tea got me like “oh” cuz the aura he puts of is like “bow to me” and I respect that shit. Can we take a minute to observe the way this kid drinks his tea, not only has this kid got class he has that refreshing feel of proper tea drinking etiquette. I don’t know about you but if I gave a regular twelve year old boy nowadays some tea served in my finest china….. he’d give me the “wtf” face and go back to his xbox. 

I could go on and on about how cute this boy can be. Seriously, the kawaii level……is insane. He might be demanding but his stubborn nature and cute little mishaps make him just so adorable!! He’s so cute and grumpy. haha especially when you don’t give him cake when he asked for it

Now this. This is gold. He’s so cute with those pigtails!! OMG XD we need to talk about just how cute his hair cut is. It’s not quite a bowl cut but it does kinda fall that way, he has like this adorable scruffy kinda look sometimes and ugh kawaii levels have never been higher!

Look how tiny he is! He looks so composed….even though his been stuffed in a box….yeah well. I wish someone had told me his height…..he’s at 158cm tall……I just. This always happens. Like “oh omg he’s so freakn short and cute omg haha cute” and then I find out that their taller than me and I’m like “ok wtf why” IF THE ANIME CHARACTER IS A STANDARD SIZE WITHIN THE METRIC SYSTEM WHY IS HE PORTRAYED TO BE SO FREAKN KAWAII AND SHORT……quit fucking with me Ciel, you’re forever my lil bby who is sassy and kawaii and short 

My first time watching ninjago
  • (episode 8)
  • Me: ah so it's this kind of show where it shows what happened in the previous episode
  • Me: ...
  • Me: i have no idea what's going on why is that ice guy floating why is he in a laser beam what the heckie is a true potential
  • Me: (looking at title sequence) there is no way i'm gonna remember these guys' names
  • Me: hey a girl she looks kick ass
  • Me: hey you fucking dummies listen to the kick ass girl she's trying to teach a class you dummies
  • Me: wait wtf blue guy's hair looks different
  • Me: its pronounced nee-ah?????
  • Me: are they like dating or???
  • Me: aw they're such dorks and they're so cute together i hope nothing goes wron- goddammit blue guy i guess youre THAT kind of character
  • (later)
  • Me: oh shit is he a snakey snake
  • Me: nya's really cool WOW WRECK ME
  • Me: Blue guy has a lil tail aw
  • Me: wtf is going on
  • Me: Aw they kissed
  • Me: are spiky hair and nya siblings or???
  • Me: well shit I'm hooked on this show