wtf like why me he's cute and ugh

I  just want to show you some of my fave Tom Hiddleston gifs… They will maybe kill you… anyway, Enjoy :) 

Look at those eyes…

Oh and that smile…

What should I say…

Have you ever seen a person that blinks so beautiful??

He turns from hot/concentrated to cute/adorable

Ugh …

That sparkle in his eyes

Look at that guy

Can he just stop it please!!!

I literally die everytime I see this gif 


And why agian??


He is so cute and I just want to hold him and never let him go 

But I also want him to f*** me 

but then he’s so cute again and I am like: Wwhhaatt!!?!??

and then he’s hot again

and now look at that

That Man…

What should I say? I’m just speechless.