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Title: I Reached You

Fandom: Sword Art Online

Pair: Kirito and Asuna

Word Length: 1.3k

Can also be found on AO3 here

The swirling, dancing whiteness mixed gracefully with the deep blue of the sky as it filtered gently through the windowpane. It was one, behemoth blur of light against dark, as the moon tried desperately to add a shine to the pitch-black world below it. No matter how hard she tried to focus her eyes, she could not do so, and, as the first specks of dust came into view, she remembered what happened, where she was, and what the pale gleam on her chestnut hair represented. As she took in the first voluntary breath of air she had done in the past two and a half years, her eyes filled with tears, and her lip trembled as she sobbed, her voice catching gently in her constricted throat. It was so overwhelming, she could not control the hot flow of tears that ran into the crevices of her neck, the shaking of her chest. For the first time in her life, she used her quiet voice to whisper out into the chilled air of that dimmed hospital room a name that she would never forget for the rest of her life,


On the 23rd of January at 1:27am, Asuna woke from her sleep, and called out to the person that had held her so tenderly in his comforting arms.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a breakdown on why SAO (the light novels, specifically) is awesome?

Oh my god you asked for this remember

Listen the light novels (specifically the progressive novels) are the best things in the entire world I can’t even stress this enough here’s why okay:

- Kirito has actually character development and you know him way better in the books he’s a complete nerd
- Asuna ASUNA!!!!! Asuna her character is completely and utterly badass and it goes deeper into her pov
- they had a tickle fight once
- Kirito wears a fucking bandana wtf
- Kirito and Asuna moments are 100 times better (see their honeymoon week)
- the amount of people crushing on Kirito is exaggerated and everybody likes to make fun of him
- Sinon and Asuna friendship is amazing (she calls her Sinonon)
- they have sleepovers
- it goes into greater depths of Aincrad and floor by floor
- we see Kirito struggle with depression
- the gross Arc of Sugou paints Asuna as a strong woman not a damsel (even tho she is captured she still kicks butt)
- Kiritos stupid fucking jokes
- how much he loves Asuna is completely and utterly apparent in the LN like he doesn’t even look at another girl
- no boob or panty shots
- Kirito saying romantic things to Asuna all day
- “Not all shooting stars burned up in the atmosphere. Some of them withstood the fires and made their way to earth.” (P.s he’s talking about Asuna)
- I can go on for days son