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  • Beauty standars issues/ body insecurities
  • personality disorders  
  • mental illness
  • schyzophrenia/hallucinations
  • suicidal thoughts
  • eating disorders
  • social issues/political issues
  • emotionless crowd and word.

I was really touched by the mv, and I was in tears quick maybe because I consider myself touched by one (or three) of these issues. Plus the fact they used an all non-korean cast impressed me.

I’m glad Youngguk is back and the fact that he has problems too just make it deeper… It amazes me how far they’ve come from and how grown up men they are now (will Junhong ever stop growing, don’t think so).

I don’t think I’ll survive the concert

So glad to be a fan of this group

What I concluded after the Atlanta concert

Yongguk: had little energy but managed to make every single person in the venue scream. god like voice. didn’t really talk much which is worrying. 

Himchan: so unDER APPRECIATED. live vocal skills are through the roof. couldn’t stop smiling. went to the left side of the venue and almost got dragged in the crowd cause he got too close LMAO

Daehyun: acted like the leader cause yongguk was in his own world. hit every high notes plus some more. never stopped screaming. he interacted with the fans A LOT. his mic was turned up or something cause he was loud

Youngjae: also hit many high notes. he is an angel sent from heaven. during the dress code thing, he picked a fan boy and omg it was so cute. great dancer like wtf 

Jongup: during the BABY LOUNGE he waited so patiently for his solo stage which was right after. his live vocals are literally so intense it’s amazing. one of the best dancers I have ever witnessed jdhdksgls

Zelo: his singing skills like where did they come from. is now better than Beyoncé. his english is fcking amazing too he sounded like he was from America. really liked Atlanta.



gosh i just remembered the lead up to b.a.p’s noir comeback…. after months of people complaining about how b.a.p wasn’t making “their original style of music”, out of nowhere no warning nothing BAM their facebook profile picture and cover photo were black…. who the fuck is x??????? one shot 2.0 theories…..noir films, moral ambiguity…… ok but in this teaser the gun target is aiming at his hand but in this one it’s not even at him at all???? are they all dying again wtf???? WHY IS JONGUP THE ONLY ONE LOOKING IN THE CAMERA IN THE GROUP PHOTO


i mean…just look at them:

they are cool even in the airport:




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Of course I totally understand! Could you do Zelo,Jongup,and daehyun?

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Hi~ I’m so sorry it took some time to do! This scenario turned out to be way longer than I originally thought, not to mention that my teachers were trying to kill me with tons of homework… Anyways, I don’t know if this is what you wanted, but I hope you’ll enjoy it either way 😁


***Just to get into the character… Basically, when he came back from work late at night, you started complaining (with reason), saddened, frustrated and angered about how distanced you two have become over the past few weeks, and you suddenly started asking him things like “why don’t you talk to me anymore?”, “Did I do something wrong?”, “Do you not love me anymore?”, “Do you want to break up with me?”. He quickly understands why you were acting that way and…

Daehyun: “What the hell are you on about, y/n?”, he interrupted your crazy mumbling. His eyes softened when he saw your teary eyes and he let out a loud sigh, rubbing his temples. Silence filled the room and you simply stared at him, waiting for him to speak up again. However, he didn’t. Instead of that, he did the last thing you had expected him to do: he suddenly dropped down and got on his knee, taking out a small box as he looked at you with the most loving stare you have ever seen. You brought your hand to your mouth in disbelief when you finally processed what was going on and you just kept staring at him, confused about how exactly this could happen when you were fighting not even a minute ago. “I’m sorry for everything, baby. I didn’t know you were feeling that way… I was just tired from all the work I’ve been doing. I am so sorry, y/n, I really am…”, he said, regretful of his actions, “But do you even know how expensive this thing was? I had to work my ass off for this, so you better be grateful for thus!” He tried to shake his nervousness off by joking a little bit and let out an awkward chuckle, which caused you, who has been emotional about his sudden proposal, to laugh as well. You couldn’t control your smile at all and, honestly, it didn’t matter that much. He grinned and opened the small box, revealing a breathtakingly beautiful diamond ring. “Okay, just to let you know, my proposal was supposed to go way smoother than this, but fuck it… Y/n, the love of my life, would you marry me?” You couldn’t trust your voice, so you simply nodded, still dumfounded. As soon as you did so, he carefully took your hand and slipped the ring on your finger, smiling like crazy. Your whole body was shaking, and you were so mesmerized by the huge diamond on your finger that you didn’t notice your fiancé standing up and coming closer to you. Well that was until his soft lips came in contact with yours… Your heart was frantically beating as you kissed him back, smiling to yourself as you slightly tugged on his brown locks. “I hope you’ll like the ceremony I prepared, wifey” he jokingly said after you two had shared the sweet kiss. “You bet I will, hubby” you replied, giggling like a little girl. Everything happened way too quickly and it all seemed so unreal, but, if someone were to ask you, this was hands down the best day of your entire life.

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Jongup: “Hum, I think you misunderstood something here, y/n” he said with a confused expression once you finished rambling about your situation for the past few weeks. You could only let out a weak “huh?” before he continued on. “I never tried to ignore you or something… I’ve just been tired because of all my work.” He stepped closer to you and gently took both of your hands. “I didn’t know that’s how you felt… I’m sorry for everything, y/n…  I just wanted to-” “Okay, but why do you always have to work? It’s not like you’re saving money for something important or whatever” you cut him off, looking at him strangely as he sighed and put his hands in his coat’s pockets. “Well, if you had let me finish, I would have told you that I did actually save money for something very, very, very important…”, he sassily replied as he took out a small white box. You didn’t even need to see its content to know what was inside of it. Your eyes widened in surprise and you couldn’t close your mouth. You sure as hell weren’t expecting that… However, this explained everything, including why he acted that way, and you suddenly felt so stupid for thinking like you previously did. “Y/n, my one and only, would you marry m-”  "Yes! Yes, I do!“ You exclaimed, not even letting him finish his sentence. You always wondered what it would be like to marry him and you immediately came to the conclusion that it would be fucking amazing. He always treated you more than right and you never ever, not even once, thought about breaking up with him. Although, others might think your decision was too rushed, your mind was made up and there was no need for you to think about it any further because the answer would have been the same anyways. Snapping out of it, you suddenly jumped into his arms and, fortunately for both of you, he caught you, letting you wrap your legs around him. He passionately kissed you, arms tight around your body, and made his way to a wall in order to keep you up without having to stop the intense kiss. 

“Well, that went better than expected” he whispered, panting from the long kiss you two had shared. You both laughed at his comment and casually started talking about the ceremony that your now soon-to-be husband had been preparing for the past few weeks. No doubts, this was the happiest you’ve ever been.

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Zelo:“What? What are you talking about?” he asked, looking offended for some reason. You couldn’t even place a single word before he went on with the questions. “What’s with the ‘do you not love me anymore’ bullshit? What kind of nonsense are you saying right now, y/n?” You would have probably scolded him for swearing if he weren’t looking so mad. He looked truly pissed about your perception on this situation that it made you question if your way of thinking was right. However, his eyes immediately softened when he saw you flinch at his sudden outburst of anger. “Listen, y/n, I’m sorry, but I really don’t know what you’re talking about… I don’t want to break up with you and I sure as hell didn’t stop loving you, so I don’t get why you’re acting like th- Oh… Oh.” He seemed to have realized something as he avoided your eyes, cursing under his breath. He looked inexplicably nervous when he glanced back to you, which made you oh so confused once again. You barely had the time to ask yourself what was happening before he suddenly hugged you tightly, taking you by surprise. He gently caressed your hair as you embraced him back, hands gripping on his t-shirt as if your life depended on it. Yeah, you didn’t know why he was hugging you out of nowhere, but you honestly couldn’t care less. Just to know that he had no plan of breaking up with you relieved you so much, and that’s all you cared about. “Oh god, this isn’t how it was supposed to happen…” he whispered to himself in a low voice. He gently pushed you back which made you scoff. ‘Well, that cute little moment ended fast’, you thought, angrily putting your hands on your hips. However, he didn’t say anything and took out a small box. You could see him nervously biting his bottom lip as he opened the box, revealing a beautiful (and expensive looking) diamond ring. “Y/n, I love you so much… You’re the one with whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. I promise I will treat you right and be the man you deserve, so… Would you marry me?” Your mouth almost dropped to the ground when you processed that he was in fact proposing to you. You were at lost of words and you couldn’t think straight. Only 3 words existed for you at that moment…       “Y-Yes, I do” you stuttered before throwing yourself in his arms, staining his shirt with tears that had been unwillingly streaming down your face. He kissed the top of your head and started to soothingly rub circles on your back. “I love you so much”, you hiccuped. He laughed. “Yeah, I know you do, y/n. And I love you too.”

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