wtf is wrong with my arm

just cute bpd things uwuwuwuw

-ur handwriting is never consistant wtf
-im not happy right now so i must have never been happy in my whole life
-all ur marks are either As or Fs
-literally throwing temper tantrums
-i want to go off the wall ballistic and rob a bank and chop my arm off
-i could just run away. i could just disappear. i could do it
-getting inspired to change your whole life at four in the morning
-deleting all traces of yourself off the internet
-knowing youre wrong in an argument and not letting go
-cant stop gossiping. cant stop talkin shit. cant stop being nasty
-apathy. empathy. apathy. empathy. apathy. e
-cant keep friendships for longer than a few months
-depersonalizimg so hard u think someone drugged you

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how much fucking LOVE there is in Star Wars and how fast it happens but how REAL it feels, how PRECIOUS it is

So I’m a very, very shippy person, and I ship a lot of stuff in Star Wars hard but I want to take a moment to appreciate how friendships form in these amazing movies. 

Let’s start with a New Hope. 

Here is Han Solo. 

All he wants is to be a grumpy smuggler with one trustworthy, hairy friend and no debts and no worries. 

Is that so much to ask?

Hahaha, yes, sir. Yes it is.

Because here is this goddamn FARM kid who is naive and idealistic and believes SO HARD in doing the right thing and is so disappointed in how jaded Han is

and also this sassy, rude, intelligent BRAT of a princess who has lost everything but still believe so much in their pointless rebellion and she’s also so very disappointed in how jaded he is

and he wants so much to just walk away, but he CAN’T because even though he’s known them for A DAY they are in his head and they’re in his heart, and fuck it, he comes back and helps them save the day (and so many days after) and they are SO HAPPY


Then there’s FORCE AWAKENS. 

Where we have this guy who about to get executed, but at the last minute he’s saved by a guy who desperately wants to escape, because he doesn’t want to be a weapon. He’s dressed like the enemy, but he says it’s a rescue.

And even though Poe has suffered so much torture at the hands of these people he’s just like OKAY I TRUST YOU LET’S FUCKING DO THIS

and then they’re escaping he realizes those bastards never even gave his savior a NAME and he’s like:


And Finn is like YES, YES IT IS. 

But then it’s NOT cool because things go wrong and he tries really hard to save Poe but there IS no Poe and all there is a jacket, but he takes it, because even though it was so brief, they had this CONNECTION , and he wants to remember this brave man who gave him a name and got him OUT of hell

But then, OMG.






HAVE MY JACKET AND MY HEART (oh fuck I did a shipping thing sorry I’ll stop now)



Let’s go back to that grumpy smuggler. 

Sadly because of reasons he has become a grumpy smuggler once again. 






And last but not least (THERE IS NO LEAST, EVERYTHING IS AMAZING) we’ve got Finn and Rey

They start off a little rocky because of misunderstandings 

And also, explosions

but 20 minutes later…

they are BFFs and SO FUCKING DELIGHTED with each other

And they kinda get pulled in different directions for a second because they’ve both got SOME SHIT going on, but the SECOND he realizes she’s in danger, it’s NOPE. I WILL GO TO THE LAST PLACE IN THE GALAXY I WANT TO BE FOR YOU. I WILL RISK EVERYTHING. 


I just love them all so much. I’m so happy they found each other. MY HEART. 

Truth or Dare ? Young!Sirius x Reader

Warnings : None

Words : 1770

Request : No, just a thing I thought about and kinda liked?? Hope you enjoy, and if you don’t.. meh, sorreh

Note : There might be some mistakes, tell me if you find some ! + GIF is not mine xx

Originally posted by dearremuslupin

It was nearly 10pm in the Gryffindor common room, the boys, Lily and you were sitting on the floor around the small table near the fireplace. The beautiful red headed girl was sitting on your left and Remus was on your right, facing Sirius and next to him, James. Peter had been really sick lately so he went to bed early, leaving the five of you alone for what was supposed to be a homework session which of course took quickly another turn, much to Remus and Lily’s disappointment. They always held the title of the « nerds » of the group, though they didn’t mind it and couldn’t even try to deny it.

« Let’s play a game ! »

James had said these words with way too much excitement, and the smirk that started to grow on his face was enough for you to know that he had a bad Potter idea, again.

The exaggerated eye-roll Moony gave him after that proved that he thought exactly the same thing, actually only Sirius seemed to be enjoying the idea because he knew that his best friend always had the best plans to have some fun.

« Which game do you wanna play, Prongs ? » asked the dark haired boy sitting next to him.

« Well I was thinking about Truth or dare, I know how much Y/N loves this game. »

He winked at you and you just sent him a death glare that only made him laugh harder. You didn’t like that game, in fact you hated it. The last time you played you had to ask a Slytherin guy out on a date, and he had had the great idea to say yes. It had been the worst date of your life and when you came back to explain it to the boys, they found it really hilarious and teased you for days. Well, all of them except for Sirius who strangely never said a single word about it.

« Do I really have a choice ? »

« Nope Y/N, I’m really scared you don’t.» answered Lily between two giggles, as you just laid your head on Remus’ shoulder as a sign of resignation.


You had been playing for almost an hour, and right now you were watching Remus and Lily coming back from their respective rooms, wearing each other’s clothes. Lily looked more cute than ridiculous, but the black skirt that was barely covering Moony’s thighs made you all cry from laughter -except him, of course-. His cheeks were red and he mumbled something incomprehensible before sitting down next to you again, waiting for the four of you to calm down and get back at the game.

« Well it’s my turn and since you laughed at my face so bad, I’m choosing you my dear Sirius : truth or dare ? »

« You are evil. Truth. »

On the opposite side of the table, Sirius and James were looking at you, both smiling slightly and waiting for the question. Your eyes met Potter’s first and he winked at you in a childish way, before meeting Sirius’ gaze. Merlin, those eyes made you weak. To say you liked him was an understatement, you always had, since day one. Well how could you not ? He was charming, nice, funny but yet, you never had the courage to tell him about how you felt. He was so popular with the girls of the school and even though he only talked about it with his « mates », you knew he had a lot of hook ups and assumed he just wasn’t into stable relationships. You got back to reality when Remus cleared his throat, before he spoke again.

« Are you in love ? »

The question was simple, but everybody in the room froze, staring at Sirius. If his eyes had been knives, Remus would have died ten times already. Lily gently hit Lupin’s shoulder, saying something about how it wasn’t nice to ask such personal things. You took a sip of your tea, acting as if everything was normal but deep inside you, you could feel your heart beating fast and you weren’t even sure you wanted to hear his answer. Your Y/E/C eyes met his again, before he looked back at Remus and answered with the most calm and clear voice you had ever heard.

« No, I’m not. »

You instantly felt dumb about thinking he could have given the opposite answer, and finished your tea, avoiding him for the rest of the night.


It had been five days since you played the childish game, and five days since you last spoke to Sirius. You were avoiding him and everyone could tell that, but only Lily knew why. She always knew about your feelings towards him and she tried to talk about it with you but you didn’t want to. Right now, you just needed to move on and concentrate about the essay you were working on. The library was almost empty and you were alone, now that your best friend had left you to go to one of her classes. You jumped when a hand found your shoulder, turning around quickly to meet a certain dark haired boy you knew too well. But for once, he didn’t smile at you nor did he seem happy at all.

« For Gordic’s sake Sirius, I nearly had a heart attack. »

Completely ignoring what you just said, he took a sit next to you, frowning and letting a loud sigh escape from his lips.

« What did I do to you ? » He didn’t let a single sound escape from your mouth and continued. « You haven’t even looked at me for days, don’t tell me you just need some time alone or one of those silly excuses, because you’ve been acting normally with everyone. Everyone except me. »

He spoke louder with every word, clearly mad at you and not giving a damn about the fact that you were in a place supposed to be quiet. You sighed, looking at him right in the eyes, something you didn’t think you were capable of right now.

« I didn’t think you would notice it, why does it matter to you? »

He gave you a confused look, while you were just praying that somehow he would just shrug his shoulders and leave, but you knew him well and Sirius was not gonna leave until he had a clear answer to his questions.

« Maybe because you’re my friend, maybe that’s why I fucking care about it ! »

This time he was shouting, half angry, half frustrated. You let out an ironic laugh, closing your book quickly before standing up, knowking that if he kept on yelling you would get just as angry as him and you didn’t want to fight. Not with him, not now, not here.

« Yes, I’m your friend. But you’re not mine. »

He stood up with a speed you didn’t think was possible, and your heart broke when you saw the deeply hurt expression on his face. His dark eyes were staring right into yours, and you could feel his body tense in front of you.

« If I’m not your friend, then tell me, what am I ? »

You opened your mouth several times, but words didn’t come out. You knew you couldn’t escape, you knew you had to tell him, here and now. You took a deep breath, staring at the ground because you didn’t have the courage to look at him.

« I can’t believe you never saw it. Maybe you didn’t want to after all but here we go. I like you Sirius. More than a friend does, more than Remus likes James. I always did and now I feel so stupid for thinking even for a second that you could feel the same. I feel stupid for thinking you, Sirius Black the great women magnet, could feel anything at all. »

In a strange way you felt released, but now all you wanted to do was get out of this place and that’s why you didn’t let him a chance to say anything and started to walk towards the great Hall as fast as you could. Before you could reach the exit, a large hand grabbed your foreharm and made you turn around, bumping in the tall chest of the boy you left just seconds ago. He didn’t let go of your arm, holding it even more strongly while you slowly looked up at him. There was a look on his eyes that you had never seen before, and you couldn’t tell if it was grief or anger.

« That’s the way you see me ? Like I’m some kind of monster that can’t feel a damn thing? Well I’m sorry to tell you that you’re wrong Y/N, just plainly wrong. I knew I shouldn’t have lied the other night during that stupid game, but I thought you knew me enough to know I was lying. I do feel things, and yes, I’m.. » He looked down for a second, closing his eyes while inhaling, before staring right back at you again « … I’m fucking in love with you. »

His words were rough, and his lips even more. He crashed them on yours as soon as he finished speaking, cupping your face between his hands. The book you still held fell to the ground and it took you a few seconds to realise what whas happening. You moved your hands to his hair, pulling him closer, as you felt him smile through the kiss, moving his lips against yours while gently brushing your cheek with his thumb. You slowly broke your embrace, your foreheads still touching and couldn’t help but smile, giving him a peck on the lips.

« I feel like an idiot. »

He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you before whispering in your ear.

« Well now you’re my idiot. »


Hidden behind a book shelf, a brown haired boy smiled childishly to his lover, holding his hand out to her.

« Sorry Lils, but it looks like you owe me ten galleons. »

that time Caitriona Balfe is the nicest human ever

I need to preface this by saying: I think ECCC was a bit under-prepared and overwhelmed by how many Outlander fans were there today. The lines were INSANE. I waited, each time I met Sam and Cait, no less than 45 minutes and over an hour for the autographing. and by the time we had made it to the hotel after the panel, to attempt the first autograph session, it was already filled up. at like 12:15. the panel ended at noon so like….HARDCORE. I am not so hardcore. I left and came back hahahaha


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don’t listen to something while you draw it bc then u find out u drew something wrong and u just gotta shrug and say fuck it

anonymous asked:

More of a fuck coworkers... so I work in a children's mental hospital and I've been working there for about 2 months. I know what I'm doing and most of the kids respect and listen to me. But there's this one guy who likes to tell me how to do my job (which he thinks includes yelling at the kids whenever they do something wrong). But I've noticed when he does that, the kids shut down and are unresponsive to his directions. Also, he tries to correct me IN FRONT of the kids. Like what the fuck.

Omg wtf. That twat stain deserves to be tied up, thrown into a used port a potty, then shaken with a giant robot arm until he’s covered enough to feather as well. -Abby

our last goodbye

yeah i am Very emotional about the thought of robert thinking this is his last night with aaron, join me (if you dare and ooo bring tissues!)

It’s late, there’s boxes everywhere and Robert watches Aaron as he brushes his teeth in the bathroom, toothbrushes are basically the only thing they haven’t boxed away yet. It’s nothing really, in the grand schemes of Amazing Things Aaron Has Done but just the way he delicately strokes his hands across this stupid cape Robert used to parade around in is just … enough. Robert’s heart practically leaps out of his chest and won’t stop aching as he feels the foam of toothpaste become too acidic for his mouth to bare. So he spits out, takes his eyes off away from Aaron just for a second and he chastises himself for doing so. 

Not long now you idiot, don’t turn away from him.

He knows he can’t, he knows he has to hold onto every second of this, every single second because, it’s not like he’s getting to have another with Aaron is it? 

Aaron finally looks up and Robert feels something settle in his chest, it’s maddening, how dizzy just one look from Aaron makes him. 

“Ya want to go bed now?” Aaron says, itches the side of his face and then looks at Robert standing awkwardly in the doorway. “Ya alright, ya seem a bit … off.” He can’t place it, hasn’t been able to since Robert suggested they sacked getting hammered in their new home for a chat

Robert knew he wasn’t good at feelings and talking, didn’t understand the urgency, didn’t want to more importantly.

Robert nods his head, pulls a face which is meant to tell Aaron he’s tired and just that. Aaron stands, pats at his jeans and then rubs a hand down his thigh, flickers of dust circle the air and then he smiles. “Well good looking at all that of yours.” He says, head towards the boxes Diane showed him. “Didn’t realise you had always been a geek.“ 

Robert tries to laugh, so desperately but he just can’t do it right. It comes out forced, like the laugh he gives to the snobby client who he just wants a deal from. It’s hollow, filled with nothing and he hates how Aaron seems to notice just a little, the flicker in his eyes gives the game away. Why is it so easy for Aaron to buckle, to let his feeling show? Sometimes Robert wants to hate him for it, wants to really hate him but of course he fails at that too. He can’t blame Aaron for his own ability to lie and lie and lie and become numb to his own actions, and their consequences. 

"Right well uh, mind the boxes yeah?” Aaron says as he passes, hands firmly gripping Robert’s upper arms and squeezing as if he’s trying to find balance in Robert as he goes by him. How ironic, Robert thinks, considering he’s about to throw everything Aaron knows completely off balance, he’s going to ruin it all.

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Lance as things that I've said/done

Lance: listen I’d kill myself but my mom would be pissed and I don’t need that

Someone: *turns on Yonce*
Lance, sprinting away from the person he was talking to: ONE SEC I NEED TO GO DANCE

Person: what are those scars on your arm from????
Lance: these are obviously from when I was a toddler and my cousin threw me through a window and it shattered
Person: really???
Lance: jesus chri-NO, I’M DEPRESSED

Hunk: Lance are you okay
Lance: if you actually knew me you’d know the answer to that??? Wtf I’m offended

Pidge: name your best quality
Lance: is nothing a possible answer

Teacher: that’s the wrong size bag. I could literally shove your head in that bag.
Lance: please do
Teacher: :|
Lance: …please don’t call guidance on me

Someone: I love your shirt!
Lance, externally: thanks!
Lance, internally: wait, this is my pride shirt…it seems there’s a gay in my midst

Lance: I think I broke my foot, I heard a crack
Mom and dad: you’re fine
*3 days later*
Doctor: yeah it’s broken, i don’t know how you’re walking on it without crying
Lance, looking at his mom: I TOLD YOU GUYS, BUT NOOOOOOO

Pidge: how did you break your foot again?
Lance: …I was dancing in my room and I tripped-OKAY STOP LAUGHING ASSHOLE

Pidge: fuck!
Lance: Pidge wtf stop cursing you’re like twelve
Pidge: I’m fourteen
Lance: like I said, twelve

Lance: *is slightly inconvenienced*
Lance: this is because I’m queer, isn’t it

Lance: *trips*

Lance, after stubbing his toe: well this is it, I’m dying, goodbye world
Lance, after getting seriously hurt: nah it’s chill guys I’ve had worse lol

(I’m probably projecting but whatever lmaoo)

New arm & New chapters

Bucky x Reader

A/N I’ve been reading a lot or all of @buckyandfubar / @yawpkatsi ‘s comics so FUBAR will be included

Word count: almost 4,700+ (wtf is wrong with me)

Warnigs: sexual assault, panic attacks, racists 

It gets super boring being a receptionist for Avengers tower, I sit around messing with the things on my desk, or talking to F.R.I.D.A.Y because it did all my work for me. I think he only has me around for pity, I mean I can find a job anywhere else so why not fire me? It gets pretty lonely, no one knows about me. Something finally happened Mr.Stark himself came up to my desk,”(Y/n), right, what are you doing sitting here,”he was drumming his hand on the white marble. “Great, I’m getting fired, I knew this day would come,” I thought to myself. “Sir, F.R.I.D.A.Y. does all my work, so I sit here,” I spoke. He opened up a file,”says here you have a mechanical engineering degree; that include welding?” I nodded my head,”yes sir, why do you ask?” He closed the file and looked at me,”because I need help in my lab and instead of hiring new people just promote older people, you in?” I frantically nodded my head. He smiled,”great, you start Monday. Wear casual clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.”

I did as Mr.Stark asked and wore leggings,converse, and a shirt so long it touched my knees that I bunched up and tied with a rubber band. I put no effort into my hair and stuck it into a high ponytail l put on only foundation and left. ,”This job is better already,” I thought to myself.

It was super weird walking into the tower dressed as casual as possible,”sixth floor, got it,”I stepped in to the elevator.I felt out of place, all these people dressed in business clothes and well built. I was in basically pajamas and had a little extra weight, everyone was trying to fix themselves in the reflection but i couldn’t see anything but a clothed brown blob in a sea of pale sticks. I don’t care it makes me stand out. One man asked if I was the janitor. when the sixth floor approached I replied with no and stepped out apparently not many people are allowed on this floor because the look of shock on his face was priceless. I was walking towards his lab but then i realized that I don’t know where that is. I walked up to the first person I saw and asked where his lab was,”why do you need to know? are you taking out the trash in there or something,” they sneered. Why does everyone think I’m the maid! “Look I’m just trying to find his lab, I don’t need to find a fucking idiot too,” I held the bridge of my nose and let out a huff. They just looked at me,”what would Tony Stark want to do with you.” Suddenly the man in question appeared behind them,”Try and figure out why she’s late, but i see why.” they just walked away. most of the day was spent looking at and updating/fixing old Iron Man suits, but it was the best first day I’ve had.      

About a week in Mr. Stark walked in with the winter solider, minus the arm. “(Y/N), Bucky, Bucky,(Y/N),” he introduced. I had heard things about him like how he could kill you with his pinky, either one. Him intensely staring at me didn’t help my nerves. Tony finally broke the silence,”since this guy is finally himself again I thought I’d give him a welcome back present,” he gestured to the soldier,”sadly, I cant make all of it right now because I have a huge project. So you get to design, assemble, and bond his new arm, I’ll take care of the tech aspect. I suggest that you two start talking so you get the design how he wants,” and with that he left.

“So…Bucky, do you want to get down to business or get to know each other,” this was really weird. He just stayed silent. “Okay…. I’ll take that as a work, so I was thinking of a design that looks like your other arm or slightly smaller but realistic, also I could get rid of that star for you,” still nothing. I grabbed the measuring tape from the table and he flinched,”hey, it’s just measuring tape, If I can’t get you to talk can you let me get the dimensions of your arm,”I slowly approached him and he nodded. After I got the measurements I told him he could leave, but he stayed. I just went back to the sketch and payed him no mind. That was until he said,”are you going to make it look like my old arm,” I looked at him,”if that’s what you want.” He shook his head quickly,”I don’t want any part of my body to be marked or resemble what HYDRA did to me.” I leaned forward in my chair,”then tell me what you want,” I was looking him in the eyes. He leaned back, “Stark makes amazing things with minimal user input, why can’t you.” I looked back down at my sketch book,”I’m not Stark, and he knows those people. I don’t know you,” I ripped off my sketch and handed it to him. I got up from my seat,”if you want lunch let me know now,” he said nothing so I left.

When I came back I didn’t find Bucky but I did find a note that said “just don’t give me a Iron Man arm and we’re good- Bucky.”

Since he wouldn’t tell me anything I looked through files Tony gave me and asked Steve about him whenever he came in with his shield after missions. I got all the plans from tony and made the final sketch. I know he didn’t care but I asked Steve to give him the sketch anyway.  

Bucky’s P.O.V

“Hey Buck, special delivery from the 6th floor,”Steve walked in with a piece of paper and handed it to me. “Tony send you a love letter or something,” Sam joked. I rolled my eyes at him, and I opened up the paper to see a complete diagram and sketch of an arm which I assume would be mine followed by a note that said,”I know you said you don’t care but here’s the sketch anyway. What do you think?- (Y/N).” My stupid grin made both Sam and Steve worried,”It’s a love letter I knew it,” Sam shouted. “It’s not a love letter, it’s a sketch from (Y/N)’“ Steve answered for me. Sam looked very confused,”who the fuck is (Y/N).” I answered this one,”dude, she’s worked here for almost 2 years now. She’s the one that used to sit in that desk downstairs. Now she’s helping Tony make my new arm and repair Steve’s shield.” Sam just nodded his head, “wait is  she the one that shows up in long t-shirts and jeans all the time. I’m surprised she still works here.” I looked at him,”why, she seems fine here.” I really hoped he was gonna say she’s way to talented but I got this instead,”everyone says that she is the ugliest girl here and call her all these mean things, if I were her I’d had slapped every last one of em’.” I clenched my jaw, what about her is ugly? She’s amazing, if I weren’t a scared little punk I would have asked her out.

Your P.O.V

Today was the start of the actual project at least 2 months of melting, molding, and a whole lot of metal. I was struggling to move some sheets of scrap metal when Bucky stopped by. Between him, Steve, and Tony I have approximately 3 people I trust and talk to here, so it’s nice when he stops by.”Hey Bucky, I see you got my sketch,”immediately after I said that I lost my balance. He tried to catch me but I had already dropped the metal and was falling into it. I braced myself for the impact but it never came,”I take it that was the metal for my arm,”he pulled me up and brushed me off. “actually it’s some scrap metal I’m sending to the manufacturer of all the pieces. They only have so much,”I crouched down to pick up the pieces. Suddenly a white service dog walked in and sat down next to Bucky . He rubbed the back of his neck,”that’s FUBAR he’s my new roommate in a way.” “Well normally I would pet a dog the second I get the chance but I don’t think that you want to give him a bath,” I held out my pitch black hands. He understood and asked,”well what can I do to help,” I couldn’t turn him away he looked like a child asking their older sibling is they could play with them. “Can you take the rest of the scrap metal to those boxes by the door. Then we can start on moving the sheets of titanium.” He nodded his head and told FUBAR to sit outside the workshop.

By the time we were done both of us were covered in black smudges and had gone through two bags of chips, an extra large pizza, and 500 pounds of metal,”that took a while I need to go home and sleep for 20 hours,” I laughed. He smiled,”yeah, FUBAR  is probably starving.” The poor dog was asleep right where Bucky had left him. “See you tomorrow I got a lot of things to upgrade,” I locked up the workshop and we went our separate ways.

Bucky’s P.O.V

When I got home I fed FUBAR and went into my room to take off my smudged clothes and take a shower when I was walking through the  living room Sam and Steve shot up from the couch,”where have you been it’s 12 AM!,” Steve shouted. “Relax, I was with (Y/N),” I pushed past him. I poked my head from around the door frame of my room “you didn’t notice my clothes.” I thought I herd Sam yell,”get it Bucky,” but I shrugged it off. I made my way to the shower and turned on the water. it felt really nice to wash off all the sweat from today. I let FUBAR into my room after I got into pajamas and let him lie down next to me and fell asleep. All I could think about was (Y/N), and I didn’t care.

Your P.O.V

Today started as a pretty crappy one. While I was in the elevator some random guy just kept staring at me and when we were alone he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall,”never thought Stark would hire a fat bitch,” he whispered against my ear. “get off of me creep,” I writhed against his wrist. He started kissing against my neck and I could feel his crotch rubbing against me. Then like the heavens opened up, the door opened and he pulled away and I quickly walked out the door. I was so on edge I walked past Bucky and straight to the workshop. I grabbed my laptop to see what I had to do while Mr. Stark was away at a conference, but FUBAR rested his head on me and licked my face. “okay you have my attention,” I laughed while running my hand through his fur. Bucky walked up next to me, “You wanna come with me to walk FUBAR,” he asked. I checked my email and I had nothing to do so I agreed.

Bucky’s P.O.V

I knew something was wrong with (Y/N) when she walked past me like I didn’t exist. FUBAR noticed too because he did to her what he does to me when I wake up from a nightmare or had a flashback. When that happens I usually go outside and try to forget about it.

It was nice to have someone to talk to while walking FUBAR, and I think he liked seeing me happy. we just walked around the city and made jokes and even though I wasn’t the one upset I felt better. We sat down on a bench and my stomach started to growl that’s when I realized I hadn’t eaten breakfast and it was almost one in the afternoon,”man, I’m hungry,”I said while throwing my head back. Her eyes lit up,”I know this really good italian place a few blocks away from here and I haven’t had time to go, come on,” she pushed me off the bench and we walked to the restaurant.

When we walked in a bell rang at the top of the door and the smell of pasta and pastries filled my nose. It was a small restaurant but it had a homely feeling. An old woman walked out of the kitchen and smiled,”(Y/N)! I haven’t seen you in months,” she looked over at me and FUBAR,”and who is this.” (Y/N) just laughed,”hello to you too Mrs.Torelli this is Bucky, and the walking snowball is FUBAR.” Mrs.Torelli went for a handshake,”it’s nice to meet you Bucky,” she crouched down,”and you too FUBAR.” We walked towards a table and talked, and ate, and talked some more. When I checked the time on my phone I was supersized with how late it had gotten. FUBAR was asleep under the table he was probably dying of hunger being surrounded by all this food. (Y/N) noticed too, she quickly got up,”bye Mrs.Torelli, money’s on the table.” “You two lovebirds take care now,” Mrs.Torelli joked. (Y/N) froze and started stuttering,” hes not…we’re not,” she just bowed her head. Mrs.Torelli just waved us out.

On the way back (Y/N) finally opened up. She let out a sigh,”you know, I thought this day was going to be really bad after what happened in the elevator, but it turned out to be one of the best days I’ve had in a while.” I looked at her confused,”what happened in the elevator,” she didn’t say anything. I tried again,”what happened (Y/N).” She breathed in.”this man kept staring at me like a piece of meat and looking me up and down. When we were the only ones left he pinned me against the wall and called me a fat bitch. If it weren’t for those doors opening he would’ve….he would’ve,” she was crying now. “Shhh, it’s okay I got you,” I whispered as I held her. We arrived back at the tower. “I’m gonna sleep in the workshop tonight, I don’t feel like walking home.” I gave a sympathetic look,”you could sleep on the couch upstairs if you want,” I understood why she didn’t want to walk home alone. “no thanks, I don’t want to invade your space besides, I have a pull out couch in there,” she smiled at me. I was a little disappointed that she said no but I can’t blame her.

The only sound you could hear in the elevator was the gears turning and FUBAR panting. She had waved goodbye and left the elevator. I fed FUBAR and got into my pajamas but I thought about (Y/N) downstairs alone so I checked on her. She was on the pull out couch with no blanket using her arm as a pillow. So, I went upstairs grabbed a couple pillows and a blanket and went back downstairs. I put the blanket over her and left the pillows off to the side. I was about to leave when I felt her grab my arm and groan,”don’t leave,” I slid next to her and wrapped my arm around her waist. In a few minutes I drifted off to sleep.

Two months. that’s how long it was after that day. Me and FUBAR have been sitting on the couch in her workshop. Tony trusted her more now she was working on as many projects as him. Which meant I had less time to spend with her. One day she told me I couldn’t show up for a while and I was upset. I loved watching her work, the way she forgets that anyone’s around and how she even begins to understand all those tools is beyond me. All the jokes and the way she mumbles to herself make my day. Now I couldn’t be near her. What did I do wrong?

Your .P.O.V.

I felt really bad about kicking Bucky out, but the parts for his arm came in and I want it to be a surprise. Since I couldn’t let him into the workshop I stopped by his place upstairs. I was about knock on the door to his room when Steve walked by,”(Y/N) what are you doing here,”he asked. I leaned in,”I don’t want Bucky to see his new arm so I said he couldn’t come to the workshop, but that doesn’t mean that I cant have lunch with him right,” I was whispering so Bucky couldn’t hear. “oh, okay, go on in. Be warned he hasn’t come out of his room all day,” then Steve walked off.

When I opened the door I saw Bucky lying face first on his bed with FUBAR on top of him.  FUBAR jumped off of Bucky and started pawing at my legs,”good to see you too,” I scratched behind his ear. As soon as Bucky heard my voice he shot up and looked at me,”what are you doing here,” he ran to grab the bags from Mrs.Torelli out of my hands. “I felt bad about not letting you in, so until you’re allowed back I thought I’d eat lunch with you,” I held up the lunch I packed. He smiled and moved over on his bed,“I’d like that.”

And I kept my word. I ate lunch with Bucky everyday for 3 months. One day I burst into Bucky’s room, he wasn’t there, so I ran into the kitchen. Steve, Bucky, and anyone watching looked really confused. I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him towards the elevator FUBAR close behind. “woah, (Y/N), slow down,” he almost tripped over the steps to the elevator. “sorry, I’m just excited,” and with that the doors close. When the doors opened I led him to the doors out side the shop door,”close your eyes,” I was smiling like an idiot. he rolled his eyes, but closed them. “Now open them,” his eyes grew wide. In front of him was a black arm made of titanium (mixed with the smallest bit of vibrainum because that shit is expensive),”Tony did all the tech work but don’t worry I made sure he didn’t go overboard. and the final product was a NIGHTMARE to weld, but it’s worth it.” He just stood there,”It’s….it’s, amazing, you made this,” he was walking closer and I was getting nervous. I admit I have feelings for Bucky but, I don’t want to rush him, he’s been through so much, he should be ready. “yeah, now lets get this baby on you, and don’t worry, you can actually take this one off if you want,” I moved away because it was getting a little too much for me. I pulled out a seat,”come on,” I patted the chair. He sat down and I put the sleeve on him. Once the arm was on I took a step back,”I’m good,” I said while nodding my head slowly. He tried moving it but it barely budged. My smile faltered,”don’t worry, it takes some getting used to, I’ll help you.” he looked a little happier after I’d said that. He crouched down and let FUBAR sniff his arm,”what do you think buddy,” he then scratched under his collar. FUBAR just barked happily, I guess we were both happy to see Bucky smiling .

Bucky’s P.O.V

Trying to get my new arm to cooperate with the rest of my body was difficult, frustrating even. It’s been 7 months and I can barely hold a knife let alone use it. “THIS IS POINTLESS,” I yelled. “relax, how about we walk FUBAR huh,”(Y/N) suggested. I’m surprised she still believes in me It’s been a year, how is she not sick of me? I reluctantly agreed and kept the arm on for once.

One thing I like about (Y/N) is that she always has a joke or comeback, which came in handy today. “Hey buddy what are you doing,” some man yelled at me. I raised my eyebrow,”what are you talking about,” my head tilted to the side slightly. “ The girl,” he replied like it was obvious. “What are you talking about,” I was still confused. “Why are you near her, she’s black and you’re white,” he had the most punch-able face in that moment. I was about to say something but (Y/N) beat me to it,”it’s not the 1960′s or earlier he can hang out with me if he wants,” She grabbed me by the arm and we started to leave. He yelled,”yeah, walk away, all of you do. All of you are fucking disgusting. I bet your mom is a fucking broke slut like everyone else. I hope the KKK hangs all of you,” I knew what he was doing. (Y/N) stopped in her tracks. I was about to say something but she turned around and stalked over to him. If people thought my ‘murder strut’ was bad they should see hers. She grabbed him by the shirt,”say one more thing, I dare you,” Her teeth were gritted and she was staring holes into his eyes. I think this guy had a death wish because he kept on talking,”what, you’re gonna sit on me? I know you’re soft, won’t even hurt a fly. Bet a bitch like you is probably used to being the one under a man,” He smirked. That did it, especially with what happened to (Y/N) a while a go. Me and anyone watching knew he was screwed and no one stopped (Y/N). She brought her face closer,”everyone has a dark side,” I swear her eyes turned pitch black. I’m going to spare you the details but that guy’s gonna look like a walking mummy. I just stood there mouth open, this girl won’t even kill a roach but has no problem putting a guy in the hospital. She walked up next to me,”no one talks about my mom like that,” I got that message loud and clear.

I got more control over my arm, even to the point where I decided to wear it around everyone else. Tony’s birthday was coming up soon and we all know how Tony gets about celebrations especially if it’s about him. I would go if (Y/N) went, of course, I’m not gonna tell Tony that.

Your P.O.V

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” I shouted and placed a small cake in front of Mr. Stark. “Thanks, (Y/N). I assume you’ll be at the party after work,” he laughed. “sure, but don’t expect anything too fancy out of me,” I smiled.

Mr. Stark is known to have crazy party’s and this one is no acceptation. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Bucky in a black leather jacket and jeans. “hey (Y/N), some party huh,” he ran his hand through his hair. “Yeah, it’s pretty-,”I cut myself off because I recognized a certain face. Bucky looked where I was ,”(Y/N), Is someone bothering you,” he asked. I snapped out of my trance,”no, hey where’s FUBAR,” I quickly changed the subject. He pointed towards an empty corner. I smiled “I know what that means and I don’t think you’re talking about the dog,” I moved closer. He looked at me,”no, it’s more about the one he’s assigned to, it’s pretty true,” He was getting closer. “I think he needs a more accurate name then,” we were millimeters away from each other now. We just stood there, all one of us had to do was close the gap and that year of unknown affection would end. But we were interrupted.

Him. I froze. “(Y/N), long time no see,” he had a cocky grin that I wanted to punch repeatedly. Bucky noticed how I was acting,”(Y/N), do you know this guy,” he looked concerned. He budded in,”of course she does, now I need to talk to her alone.” I moved closer to the corner FUBAR was in. I felt my body tense up but I refused to let any one see me cry.

So I ran.

I was in an empty hallway and I broke down. I started sobbing. Hy breath was getting caught in my throat. I was shaking like crazy. With every second going by it was getting harder to breathe. I hate this. I hate that one man can make me break down to points I’ve never experienced. I felt so helpless. Bucky found me and pulled me into his arms,”you’re okay, you’re okay,” he pulled me closer to his chest. After my breathing got back to normal he wiped my tears. He looked at me, “(Y/N), is he the guy,” he asked. I just nodded. His jaw clenched,”wait here,” he spoke through gritted teeth. I was sitting in the corner with FUBAR’s head in my lap when he came back. Except he wasn’t alone,”what the hell Buck,” Steve yelled. I poked my head around the corner, Steve, Mr. Stark, Black Widow, and Falcon were all staring at Bucky. He just rolled his eyes,”you didn’t let me get a good punch in,” He looked over to where I was. Mr. Stark noticed,”what are you looking at.” Bucky got defensive,”nothing.” Mr. Stark turned the corner to see my tear stained faced sat in the corner with a giant service dog in my lap. He looked extremely confused,”(Y/N), happened,” he had a look of pity on his face. Before I could answer Bucky said,”he happened,” and explained. Next thing I know, he is being pinned against the wall by an Iron man hand and they all take a swing at him, Bucky puts a little extra power in his though. He offered his hand to pull me up and I took it. He puts his arm around my waist,“no one does that to you,” He smirked, I laughed at the obvious reference to the incident a couple of weeks ago. He rubbed the back of his neck,”you can leave if you want, it’s understandable.” he looked a little upset. “I think I’ll stay, Why pass up a Stark party right,”I smiled. His eyes lit up and we walked back into the party.

It was actually fun when I went back in. I got to meet the rest of the Avengers and I think they liked me especially when most of the guest left and it was just us. I let out a yawn and rested my head on Bucky’s shoulder as Thor told one of his Asguardan battle stories. When all was said and done I said my goodbyes and left.

Bucky’s P.O.V

“Tell her how you feel Buck,” Steve said after (Y/N) left. “I will when the time is right,” I replied. He rolled his eyes,”it’s been a year, since you met her.” Of course everyone started getting involved. “If you don’t tell her I will,” Tony budded in. Steve joined the conversation again,”just, don’t wait too long,” Natasha comes in,”it’s obvious she likes you, what’s holding you back.” I sighed,”I’m scared and clueless okay. I don’t know what will happen when or if I ask her out and I’m worried that she’ll be a target to anyone trying to kill me,” that was valid right. Natasha spoke,”fate will be the judge of that, just go with it.” I knew I had to tell her eventually, “okay.”

A couple of days later I walked into her workshop. She stopped working and smiled at me,”Hey, this is a surprise,” she gave me a hug. I rubbed the back of my neck nervously,”can I talk to you for a second,” I stared at the floor. Her smile fell,”sure, I got time,” she said. I was so nervous I started talking really fast,”Ireallylikeyouand-,” she cut me off. “I can’t understand what you’re saying, slow down,”she laughed. I took a deep breath,”I really like you and I have for about as long as we’ve known each other. It’s okay if you don’t like me back or if you’re not ready.” She put her arms around my neck and I stopped talking. We paused for a second but I closed the gap. The kiss had a year of built up emotions poured into it and was better than anything I had imagined. When we pulled away she said,”what happens now.” I pulled her into my hip and kissed her on the cheek,“lets find out, doll,” I smirked. Tony and Steve walked in,”finally,”Tony yelled. “took you long enough,”Steve patted me on the back. Me and (Y/N) just laughed.

This was going to be good, I know it.

  • INTP : *arrives hair in a mess, exhausted, having a asthma crisis and coffee stains all over her tights, carrying the content of her bag in her arms*
  • INTJ : what the fuck has happent to you. It's nkt even 8am for god's sake.
  • INTP : Oh well. I didn't wake up.
  • INTP : Left home late.
  • INTP : sprinted to the bus stop.
  • INTP : I arrived at the station at buso'clock.
  • INTP : but I wasn't much awake.
  • INTP : so guess what ? Wrong bus.
  • INTJ : wtf how can this even happend.
  • INTP : I went out of the bus as soon as I could.
  • INTP : i had to sprint till the next bus stop which could take me there.
  • INTP : so I put my tumblr in my bag.
  • INTP : the tumblr spilled on the way.
  • INTP : I managed to save the artwork I've been working on and my computer.
  • INTP : but it HAD to be cotton bag of course.
  • INTP : The fabric did not absorbed shit, everything ended up on my tights
  • INTP : when I arrived to the right street the bus was leaving the bus stop.
  • INTP : Still managed to get in running faster than ever.
  • INTJ :
  • INTJ :
  • INTJ : And you're still on time. Amazing.
  • INTP : My life is a mess but nothing will ever take me away from learning stuff. This is where I learn stuff.

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HC in the top 10 when Yuuri broke the iinternet. He always had trouble looking at official shots of him skating coz he would always find fault 'What am I doing there the line is all wrong' ' WTF am I doing with my arm' etc but with the shirtless shots with Victor when he's happy & relaxed & then he sees the pics and he's all 'omg is that ME!?! He cant believe the smoking hot guy is actually him^^

I don’t think Yuuri would ever think of himself as hot but he’d definitely like the pictures more than his skating ones. On the other side, Viktor would probably blow up hundreds of copies and plaster them all over the walls

I was watching the buono festa 2016 concert and my mom sat down and watched it w me, knowing nothing about jpop or idols and:

- god, she has a nasally voice (momoko)
- are their arms not tired
- [me explaining lightsticks, members colors, towels, and fan chants]
- her having a ‘wtf’ face
- god they must feel awful (the majority audience being green w only a few pink/red)
- these lyrics make no sense
- why is her dress short and the others long it’s wrong
- [grabs a sock and swings it like a towel]
- why does that man have so many lightsticks in his hand
- she looks like a doll (momoko)
- WHAT (at them being 23-25 yrs old)

still, she sat and watched the entire thing w/o me even forcing her lmao

so y’all remember how in atla there was an episode where the gaang saw a play about their adventures and hated it because of the various ways they were portrayed? imagine an episode of voltron where that happens. allura can’t believe they’re portraying her to be some kind of hard ass, general-esque princess, lance is appalled that he’s being shown as anyone but a guy who can get date that is also funny, “i don’t get it, they’re making me seem like a guy with no sense of humour” says keith, pidge’s actor looks like a fucking gremlin, shiro’s actor has the fake prosthetic on the wrong side and the scar across his nose is over his eye, hunk is apparently bossy af and wants to fight every alien they don’t trust, and coran is the only one that’s satisfied. “i get it must hurt to see what they’re showing on the stage, but its the truth.”

like just think about it:

  • “wtf, keith and i have never kissed! i thought you said you only cradled me in your arms! and is there a way for me to get backstage and give actor!me some jokes that i’d probably say?”
  • “i like your black paladin costume, but you have the arm and scar on the wrong places”
  • “*offended gasp* i’m not that short!”
  • “why are they making it look like i have no fun and do nothing but charge into situations without thinking?!” “yeah keith, that’s not you at all”
  • “shay is not my girlfriend! i literally said that she is just a rock i admire very much!”
  • “why am i being portrayed as a ruthless princess with a harsh training regimen?!”
  • “i’m coranic! it rhymes with mechanic!” “*delighted gasp* oh my snarflak, they did me right!!”
Percussion Problems


“Tune that drum.”

“Wow so you’re a drummer?”

“Basses play in CENTER.”


“Busted a head?Oh too bad…they’re really expensive so just rewrite your part around it.”

“Tenors slow down.What do you mean you have 16th notes?Not on my watch you don’t.”

“Mallets and flutes have the same part except mallets are wrong even when they’re right.”

*cymbal pinches arm* “Oh poor baby gotta bruise?TOO FUCKIN BAD LET’S RUN IT AGAIN.

"Tune that drum.Again.”

“Broken stick bag.”

“Broken sticks.”

“Missed a rimshot?You suck.”

“Hit your finger doing a cross shot?KEEP MARCHING YOU PANSY.”

#1 reason I wanna get back into archery: sick ass bruises on my arm due to bad form that I might have gotten a couple of times on purpose

#2 reason I wanna get back into archery: archery is rly cool wtf and I miss it

Might have these priorities wrong