wtf is wrong with my arm

just cute bpd things uwuwuwuw

-ur handwriting is never consistant wtf
-im not happy right now so i must have never been happy in my whole life
-all ur marks are either As or Fs
-literally throwing temper tantrums
-i want to go off the wall ballistic and rob a bank and chop my arm off
-i could just run away. i could just disappear. i could do it
-getting inspired to change your whole life at four in the morning
-deleting all traces of yourself off the internet
-knowing youre wrong in an argument and not letting go
-cant stop gossiping. cant stop talkin shit. cant stop being nasty
-apathy. empathy. apathy. empathy. apathy. e
-cant keep friendships for longer than a few months
-depersonalizimg so hard u think someone drugged you

Lance as things that I've said/done

Lance: listen I’d kill myself but my mom would be pissed and I don’t need that

Someone: *turns on Yonce*
Lance, sprinting away from the person he was talking to: ONE SEC I NEED TO GO DANCE

Person: what are those scars on your arm from????
Lance: these are obviously from when I was a toddler and my cousin threw me through a window and it shattered
Person: really???
Lance: jesus chri-NO, I’M DEPRESSED

Hunk: Lance are you okay
Lance: if you actually knew me you’d know the answer to that??? Wtf I’m offended

Pidge: name your best quality
Lance: is nothing a possible answer

Teacher: that’s the wrong size bag. I could literally shove your head in that bag.
Lance: please do
Teacher: :|
Lance: …please don’t call guidance on me

Someone: I love your shirt!
Lance, externally: thanks!
Lance, internally: wait, this is my pride shirt…it seems there’s a gay in my midst

Lance: I think I broke my foot, I heard a crack
Mom and dad: you’re fine
*3 days later*
Doctor: yeah it’s broken, i don’t know how you’re walking on it without crying
Lance, looking at his mom: I TOLD YOU GUYS, BUT NOOOOOOO

Pidge: how did you break your foot again?
Lance: …I was dancing in my room and I tripped-OKAY STOP LAUGHING ASSHOLE

Pidge: fuck!
Lance: Pidge wtf stop cursing you’re like twelve
Pidge: I’m fourteen
Lance: like I said, twelve

Lance: *is slightly inconvenienced*
Lance: this is because I’m queer, isn’t it

Lance: *trips*

Lance, after stubbing his toe: well this is it, I’m dying, goodbye world
Lance, after getting seriously hurt: nah it’s chill guys I’ve had worse lol

(I’m probably projecting but whatever lmaoo)

My weird dreams....ugh...

I had a dream where BTS’ music was blasting inside a grocery store? And I was casually shopping with my child????!!! (I have no baby but I was shook after seeing I had an 8 month old baby in my arms)? And I was “friends” with the actor Jisoo ?????? #wtf is wrong with my dreams #Idk where that baby came from but I definitely wasn’t ready to raise a kid whether it was in the dream or in reality lmaoo 😂

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Ok Listen...ATLA/VLD: Ember Island AU

My friend @princessalluraofthestars had this idea—the paladins of Voltron (current) watch a play about themselves a la Ember Island Players in The Last Airbender, but the plot line is that of the 80’s show.
Allura: Why am I human?? And white??
Keith: wtf I’m gay tho
Lance: My jokes are way funnier…
Pidge: I don’t sound like that…
Hunk: Am I really that obsessed with food?
They all agree that the mullets are terrible…except for Keith who doesn’t notice.
Shiro’s robot arm is on the wrong side.
Some Kid: Nice Shiro costume, but the arm’s on the wrong side.
Shiro: IT IS NOT!
Lance Actor: Wow these jokes are pretty funny! Who are you?
Lance: Just a fan of comedy.
Keith and Allura are together in the play and Shiro has an Aang moment. “Am I really like a brother to you?”

pyonshi  asked:

Who do the children hang out with most often?

Shin & Ayame:

*both looking at each other*


*clings to his arm*


Please excuse her, she’s very shy around people she doesn’t know well.

Aya will only go outside if I take her with me. She’d never leave my side, but that’s good since I can keep an eye on her and protect her better like that. 

So, Aya is most of the time alone or together with me and I hope it stays like that.


(Why should I need anyone beside onii-sama.. and I have Papa.. that’s enough for me..)


Heheh, and I really like hanging out with Silas. He’s fun! *smirks* 

And my cousin Emilia is pretty cool as well. 


*pinches his arm*


Oh, yes. Aya likes her cousins too. *smiles*

Silas belongs to @@rinna-diabolik 

Emilia belongs to @@therosemaiden


sakura, the true healer

this was actually some scans of stuff I did a year ago in my sketchbook as soon as I read the final chapter ;v; buuut since i never had the chance to share them, I’m just gonna pretend it was for canonversary lololol
omg but thinking of how much they grew up and evolved makes me sooo sooooo happy <3

While Rey Was Unconscious...
  • *Kylo watches her sleep*
  • Kylo: I had some pretty sweet moves
  • Kylo: I #nailedit when I carried her
  • Kylo: She sleeps pretty
  • Kylo: Wtf is wrong with me, I can't like the scavenger girl
  • Kylo: I mean, I could like her but she can't ever know
  • Kylo: She's really pretty
  • Kylo: The only other woman on the base is Captain Phasma but she scares me
  • Kylo: I should make a good impression on Rey then
  • Kylo: I probably scared her earlier, I don't want her to hate me
  • Kylo: I could carry her somewhere again
  • Kylo: But damn my arms are starting to hurt
  • Kylo: I could take my helmet off
  • Kylo: And do a crazy good hair flip
  • Kylo: Or wink
  • Kylo: Nah, that'd be weird, I'll stick with the hair flip
  • Kylo: That will be fabulous
  • Kylo: I've got the moves like Jagger, baby

Three main things have my concerned attention in the Civil War trailer:

  • why is Rhodey lying inert, his armour shattered, in Tony’s arms?
  • what did Bucky do to get on the wrong side of Black Panther?
  • what did Tony do to get on the wrong side of Angry Bucky?

That aside, my main question is wtf is Ross doing there when his daughter has been strategically deleted from the MCU?

(I want to believe that Bruce, after he jumped ship in AoU, showed up at Betty’s door, and she just wrapped him in a blanket, gave him tea and promised to keep him out of sight until he wanted to be seen again)