wtf is wrong with america

YOI fandom, can you please stop being so america_centric? And please, at least open a dictionary. I’m so fucking done with all this stupidity.
Pedophilia is another thing altogether, and you really should stop policizing everything.
Also the US is not the centre of the world, i know it can upset you but you know, reality.
Like anyone is being arrested in the US if they have sex before 18. Maybe with someone who’s (HOW CAN IT BE, DONT YOU KNOW PEOPLE DATE JUST IF THEY ARE THE SAME AGE?????111ONEONEONE) 2/3 yers older.


WHY IS CECE STILL THERE??? like what the hell America, what is wrong with you?! CeCe is NOT good. SHE IS NOT GOOD. Do you understand?? She better be eliminated next week or this show is fake. Seriously, I cannot stand her no more. Like every other acts are really talented, but not CeCe. JUST NO. She needs to go home. 
Vino should have stay tonight. 
At least, Emblem3 are in third place and they really deserve that.

“Somehow, this has become routine,” Obama said. “The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine … we’ve become numb to this.”
We should all be distraught and in shock. This should be all over facebook, the news, everywhere. We should be talking about what happened and praying for the victims’ families and friends, but we’re not, because he’s right. America, we’ve become numb to young people and children being shot in a supposedly safe and academic setting. wake the fuck up