wtf is wrong with america

I don’t know why, but for the last three times I’ve gone out to ice cream with my family (at three different ice cream parlors even, mind you) there’s always been a random ass white dude with a fuckin’ open carry pistol holstered to them, and I’m always like “Why the fuck you think you need that on you when you go to an ice cream shop? Are you honestly afraid someone’s gonna attack you or attack someone defenseless in a place like this? The worst thing that happens here is like, the crying two year old that’s upset they dropped their mint chocolate chip cone on the ground.”

(Also, if we’re gonna start normalizing carrying weapons into public places, I demand the rights to apply for a license to carry a sheathed bastard sword into public spaces. D: )

wtf is wrong with the world. someone not apart of your culture loves your culture so much they want to join in it and you all blast them for that? make fun of them cuz they don’t know perfect pronunciation or whatever. how is that  negativity supposed to make the world a better place? all it does is make people afraid to embrace your culture, therefore separating us all… it only adds to the hate we see in the world that’s derived from not embracing our differences.

 like what if kpop stars did that to non koreans singing their music? do you think these kpop stars care if non-koreans pronounce words not 100% perfectly or do you think they’re fucking happy that non-koreans are enjoying korean music/culture and want to be apart of it? that’s a legit fucking question. do you think luis fonsi or daddy yankee called jb a gringo when they ALLOWED him to remix the song in spanish? no, they were happy that a non spanish-speaking person was listening to their music (just like we are when non-english people love our music).

i’m seeing so many people shit on justin bieber because he tried to sing in spanish to respect the SPANISH roots, instead of hijacking a spanish song with shitty english verses and you’re all beating him up about it? 

this is a song in almost all spanish

and its #1 on the billboard hot 100. in the US.  it’s the first song in spanish to top the charts here since macarena from 1996  and instead of looking at this as an opportunity to broaden the embracement of spanish/hispanic/latin culture, people are making fun of “white girls” because they were introduced to reggaeton because jb sang in spanish on a remix of an already global hit. 

when people try to embrace different cultures they get shat on but then y’all complain about how people outside of your culture don’t understand you. 

music is supposed to be fun, the safe space away from bs like this but nope, people would rather be assholes. 


Pairings: Steve x Reader
Warnings: Fuckery
Word Count: 599
Note: I’m just going to apologise for this disaster piece. I had just tried out my new medication and it made me slightly loopy and I wrote this. It makes no sense and it’s really difficult to read as it’s basically just a jumble of words but it kind of made me laugh. Btw for some reason my character has telekinesis and can speak Elvish?????

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YOI fandom, can you please stop being so america_centric? And please, at least open a dictionary. I’m so fucking done with all this stupidity.
Pedophilia is another thing altogether, and you really should stop policizing everything.
Also the US is not the centre of the world, i know it can upset you but you know, reality.
Like anyone is being arrested in the US if they have sex before 18. Maybe with someone who’s (HOW CAN IT BE, DONT YOU KNOW PEOPLE DATE JUST IF THEY ARE THE SAME AGE?????111ONEONEONE) 2/3 yers older.

To all the Bonner haters...

You know who you are, on here, Twitter, IG, etc….

I am so very grateful 🙏 that Bonner has the fan support behind him and his journey to stay another week.

The fans showed how to love and support this man. 👏👍❤️🙏

And your girl Sharna? Well she is very supportive of Bonner.

He sang to her during the dance and she kissed him on his cheek after the dance and held his hand.

How he does on the show is a reflection of BOTH of them.

No, I don’t think they have anything going on, but I do think they respect and care about each other.

How about YOU show them some respect and stop the hate. It only makes you and your friends look bad.

No, Bonner isn’t the best dancer. But guess what?

America doesn’t want perfection. They want to see the journey. They want to see someone work hard and overcome obstacles.

I absolutely loved that all the guys were safe last night and all 4 ringer girls were like wtf just happened…..

America has spoken!! And I was wrong 😄👍!

I like being wrong 😄